Monday, August 2, 2010

In The Loving Memory of My Grandma...

31/7/2010 was the date..
my grandma left me...
grandma that i love dearly..
grandma that i spent most of my childhood with,
the one that i spent most of my weekends with,
grandma that taught me to never disobey my mum,
the one that has the most beautiful smile,
grandma that has the most easy-going personality,
grandma that always told me to cherish my youth,
the one that always reminds me to live my live to the fullest,
never short of hopes & encouragements towards me,
grandma that i return to whenever i'm down,
grandma that favors me the most,
grandma that i always took out to town,
grandma that i love to kiss her so much,
grandma that always told me to live my life as i wish,
grandma that call me Sulong,
grandma that always spare her money on me,
grandma that shower me with love,
grandma that said i'm her best grand-daughter,
grandma that i love to hug,
grandma that loves joking around with me,
grandma that taught me to be patient,
grandma that i really LOVE,
i love her more than anything in this world,
but now...
she left me.......
i never ever thought she'd left me this soon,
she's doing all great & went out for shopping with me 3 weeks ago,
glad that i spent most of my time to be with her,
glad that i accompanied her in the hospital,
i'm the one that still joking around with her when she's in hospital,
glad that she got everything that she asked that day,
it's just me that wasn't with her during her last moment,
however, she left us peacefully..
she left with a beautiful smile on her face,
that made me confused, whether she's passed away or she's just sleeping,
even now,i just hope that was a dream,bad dream....
i wanna wake up & still have my grandma to me.........
it's too hard for me,this is all way too hard...
i love her so much..
my grandma.

~in the loving memory of my lovely grandmother that i called MOK~