Saturday, October 29, 2011

Preparation so far

The other day I asked fellow Noonies, Katja on her preparation to SK, and she told me it's in full force! :O meanwhile,here i am, yet to finalize even my routes! omona.

For the accommodations,I've asked around and been emailing back and forth with few GHs. Honestly, I'd love to go on and experience Couch surfing for the trip. Not only because I'm on a very tight budget, but I want to meet the local or the people who's been living there, well, they might know few tips and secrets for travelling around the country,right?! :D I guest I'll try requesting some couches(by some i mean LOADS) maybe about a month before the date.

This is like our own 1N2D in the making!
We're big fan of the show and been dreaming to visit SK ever since we started watching the show back in 2007.
Me and my sister were both excited and anticipating the trip.
We've read loads of reviews as well as blog, related to trip to Korea.
Actually, thinking about the weather,it's a bit scary to be honest.
However, I do hope the winter will do us good.
and speaking of winter, we didn't buy any parka yet. gonna check out UT this year-end.
I think we'll just buy a parka each and will put on few layers for the winter.
already bought pair of shoes,water proof of course!
backpack,not yet..thinking of getting 40L for me.i wanna pack light.
We'll survive this! Gonna treat it as winter camp like 1n2d :D

from what i read,most people prefers travel SK starting from
but i believed there'll be so much more places that are underrated,
however as i said earlier,
i've yet to finalise the routes,
1. because i don't hv a clue
2. bcuz i wanna go to as many places as possible
aigooo, dream big aight..hahaha
i'll update more as I'm preparing myself for the trip!
mentally and physically

Friday, October 28, 2011

10 000 views!

*Daeseung pic just bcuz i miss him so much*

whoah, i've reached 10 000 all time views (2009-2011)!hooray! Though i bet my visits also counted in,but still, i want to celebrate this! :P

I notice my blog is not a bombastic ones,a bit on boring side plus my writing never be on awesome notes,but still thank you for stopping by at my blog! :D *appreciates*

as for the achievement what shall i do? should i giveaway some posters? i had loads of them! because i used to buy hella loads of magazines :) hmmm,or,any idea *thinking*

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Yes, Tablo of Epik High is now part of YG Family. He's the maknae in YGE for now as he's the latest addition to the company and he's back again with a new album after all the whirlwind in his life. This album pretty much about the pain and suffering he'd been through these past 2 years. There'll be part 1 & part 2. For Epik High fans,don't worry, though he's with YGE now, his music,his style,his lyric,still speaks the same old genius Tablo that we all love! Well, you know how YGE is,total freedom for his artists when it comes to music :)

Here's Part 1 of Tablo
- Fever's End Part 1-
1. "Home" (feat. Lee Sora) (Awesome! Shivers)
2. "It's bad" (feat. Jinsil) (That Jinsil sounds tad bit like Yuna! :O )
3. "Airbag" (feat. Naul) (Ouch,)
4. "Tide" (Scratch by JD Friz)
5. "From the Bottom" (feat. Bumkey) (Dedicated to his wifey)


Support him by purchasing his album on
and don't forget to 'Like' his official facebook page:

however need no worries, Epik High is not breaking up,
they're just focusing on solo career for the moment,
with Mithra still serving the army
and DJ Tukutz spending quality times with his family.

Lee Seung Gi- You're My Friend

worth waiting for!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

Good old days

Tengah syok2 layan fb,tiba2 Ain share video Samson and dia ada tulis tringt zaman muda2 remaja time diploma dulu..oo yeah, maka minda pun termelayang balik ke era itu. Oh sungguh girang,tubuh cergas je,sbb msih muda belia, hati senang, kawan sekeliling pinggang, join segala macam pesta-fesko,feskem, hiya-hiyak maen taekwondo, joging aka jalan laju skit dr siput keliling campus, lepak kt food court sbb byk free time, pinjam basikal wktu ptg/weekend kt unit sukan, exams kat dewan pro dan apa segala teknik nk tiru di applied, penat nk tcbut kepala lutut pnjat tangga 'batu caves' , bantai nasi kukus Sigai xhengat donia, berebut2 kain semayang kt PI, even makan kt cafe hostel pun bajet free lagi,sbb UiTM dah tanggung..ohohoi! sebak jugak rasanya kan,kan,kan,kan.. and accordingly lah kan,tiba2 jugak terimbau last day zaman diploma itu.

I remembered I shed bucketful of goodbye tears. Nangis sebab sedih nk tinggal kan satu zaman yg sgt seronok. Bukan hanya seronok bodo je,tp blaja byk bnda tntg kehidupan jugak. I even dream of growing old and wiser together with my friends.Zaman itu kita berkawan sbb kita nk kawan .Bukan sbb cantik ke hodoh,bukan sbb minat, bkn sbb ada kereta,bukan sbb CG tp maybe jugak kot sbb CG zaman itu mmg lah hensem xhengat donia! lg lah bukan sbb duit,bukan atas apa2 sbb,well, maybe sbb kita roomates, lecturemates, Ko-mates,etc-mates lg, tp tu la, because at that time, kita2 still pure and innocent kot.. *me not included kot*

Segar lagi dlm kepala nie, last day, dh ciap kemas2, hati berdebar2 nk jumpa kwn2,jmpa for the last time before break utk smbg degree. Walhal dh taw ttp dpt smbg skali,tp still ttp nangis,sob-sob blkg bilik dorg sorg2,sbb dah xtertahan sebak,sbb dlm hati ada satu rasa sedih yg amat sgt,rasa2 mungkin itu kali t'akhir kita kawan?last time kita jumpa? Firasat hati mmg tepat,kan.mmg la..agak2 yg t'akhir jgk la. Rindu giler kt Macik aka Diana, wlau rmai yg anti dia,tp dialah antara besties sy. That indeed the last time we met.I miss u Macik! :'( and don't even mention Abip, sgt di rindui jugak, kwan susah senang dr awal2 sem 1 lagi, partner yg ajar account smpai terkena dgn Madam Faezah,ciap kena sound dgn Kak Bi lg sbb rapat sgt..and now dia dh selesai degree lgi awal dah,jelesnya!

Sekarang... tgok kiri,jeling kanan..hmmmph,xde sape2 daaa.. ye laa,sbb duk rumah,org len sewa bersama2 dpt la spend masa2 terakhir yg mahal ni sama,tp sy.... nasib baek ada roommates and hosuemates jugak. Anyhow, zaman2 diploma ialah zaman yg sgt2 di rindui! :') *sobs*

*Kenang zaman silam skit! *

rindu zaman riang ria ini

korg dh sombong dgn ak,
mntg2 la dh xperlu lg dtg basuh keta kt umah ak,
and dh xperlu lg tompang letak moto kt umah ak wktu cuti sem..
and sbb CG ak dh xmcm dlu kan..
smpai ati kan.

Gumbira hati muda remaja

Bila lg nk trip cmni,maybe ni last kot.

Macik yg dirindui selalu! My macik!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Due to the driving under scorching hot weather and the bright sunny sun, I'm now officially 'hangus'!!!! haiz, everyday my class started at noon and the earliest is only at 10 am, so I'll be under the sun mostly on my way to campus. Same goes to my driving back home, still under hot sun and plus the extra time on the road because of the traffic jam, and with the weather 39C,it's absolutely no joke. Help me,if you know any solution/ anything that I could apply/take/eat to 'un-hangus' me,then tell me! Even more worst my right arm also facing the same fate,hangus too. Help,Help!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lee Seung Gi is BACK into music scene!

Lee Seung Gi the singer is BACK!!
After taking quite a long break from his pro-singing career to focus on acting and MC-ing.
With Shining Inheritance and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, under his belt,
he is now an established actor!

Same goes to his talent in MC-ing.
Be it on 1N2D or Strong Heart, he handles it like a pro.

And now Lee Seung Gi the all-around entertainer is back to what he does BEST,singing!

with his new album,titled 'Tonight'
(same as BIGBANG's comeback album, also titled TONIGHT).
With the single ' Alone In Love' he's killing almost every charts available in Korea.
Don't forget to check out my friend's blog;
dedicated for Lee Seung Gi and his airens! (me included),click HERE.
as well as follow her on twitter at @LsgAirenInt
Also, here's the official page for Lee Seung Gi by HOOK
So for everyone that wanted to buy Lee Seung Gi's fifth album,
here's the link to YESASIA where the album comes with poster in-tube!
only RM 74.78 ! pre-order now airens! :D
But since Yesasia doesn't contribute to chart in Korea, you can click here,
for your purchase to be counted and contributed into charts rankings.

Hold on!
before you leave,
just want to let you know that
Lee Seung Gi now
has his official Youtube page!

Friday, October 21, 2011

It'll not be RAIN-ing for a while..years maybe?

Annyeong! Bye-bye Rain/Bi aka my ultimate bias,my idol of all idols!! Loved by many for his humble and funny-witty personalities yet respected for his strong will. If only you knew how much I adores you! Remember back the old days when I'd spent my 8-11pm everyday at CC just to keep up with you. Bittersweet! Too bad I didn't get any chance to attend your concert. I love you Rain! Serves your South Korea army well and come back soon!! 2 years is nothing! I've sent Gong Yoo years back,and now he's back. So it'll be easy on you too,I hope! Annyeong!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

What went wrong? :O

So today(yesterday) as I'm having my breakfast with my sister, we had this good-ol-silly-stupid's about the problem that I kept facing with friends. Yeah,so we discussed on what went wrong??? What is actually wrong about me that friend come,stayed for a while (says years) then left me?!!! :O

She suggested that maybe I'm a little bit unconcerned about my friends feelings when I'm paying too much. I mean like when we're eating out, because they're my friend, when I have this extra money, I wouldn't mind to pay extra for them too.Sister said not everyone could think the same way as I do,maybe other people think that I'm underestimating them for not able to pay on their own. I was like, wait,WHAT? :O Seriously,friends for me are very dear to my heart, spending some extra penny on them doesn't mean I belittle them.It's my way to show my appreciation (?). well,whatever.


Sister also suggested that people might be feeling there's a gap/ line between me and my friend since I'm not the type that would spill every little secret to my friends. I do shares secret,but it's nothing special secret. People didn't know that I've had too many bad experiences with another people growing up. I've learned that no matter how close you are to someone, as long as she/he is not family, your secret will never be safe! NEVER!! (I'm raised in a quite of sheltered family where my parents knew about my friends background and their family and I even often tells them my activities and all,furthermore, my siblings are like my closest friends. I grew up in a household that the wall separating us and our neighbours are like way higher than us. We knew about outside world,but under strict observation by our parents.)

This then bring us to another factor, which is maybe people hates that I didn't believe in them 100%? Hell no! I never believe in anyone 100%,are you crazy? As long as we're dealing with human beings,it's best to not to believe in them way too much.


Maybe because I'm too independent? Is that even possible?

A former friend used to tell me that she couldn't be my friend any longer because she couldn't keep up with my lifestyle. She said it involves too much money according to her book. For your information, I've never had anything that is too expensive to buy, or neither I eat lobster everyday nor I spent my weekends at hotels. Oh please,my parents got the money but I'm just like you,suffers from poverty too :P They ain't giving their money so easily. So for me, I think it's a shame that issue even came up. Because she's really a great friend that I really love! What a waste.

Or maybe you have any ideas on why people hating on you so easily?Like judging you even before they know you..

Monday, October 17, 2011

~Iggumiyeyo JJ~Interesting blog!!

I'm still searching and considering many options for my accommodation in Seoul,
and being budget traveller,
Budget Travel Guide South Korea is my favourite place to be :D
Tonight however,was a little bit different!
I stumbled upon a quite interesting blog!
Belongs to also fellow Malaysian, her name is Jalilah.
She's a creative soul and her blogging is so laid back and fun.
You might wanna check out her blog!
p/s: she also sells some of her creative stuff.
enjoy! (^__^)

Saturday, October 15, 2011


The first time I heard/ read about it was from 'Budget Travel Guide South Korea' when I was doing my research for my South Korean trip. Couchsurfing of CS for short is practically free where ones could stay for a few days (or any agreed days) with the host and exchange cultures and travel. This is so interesting when cultures would be shared at ones living room. After reading it from Miss Zarina's blog, I decided to make an account at the site. So here's my profile! I've yet to experience this, but I'd like to try it out when I'm in South Korea soon! Oh,on the other notes, I might be staying at Namsan Guest House when I'm in Seoul :D

Thursday, October 13, 2011


It may seem like a simple question, but the answer can be trickier to figure out than an advanced Sudoku puzzle.

Few days ago, I bought a CLEO magazine and I'm really interested in this certain section. I realised how much I'm not as happy as i used to be,this tips really help me feeling better and I'm going to share some of the happiest tips so that we can start living our best life! (^__^)v

It's about happiness and choices in life. According to it, happiness is an overall state of mind that is not altered by our environment. As well as how research shown that happiness has less to do with circumstances and more to do with genetics-and, most importantly the way we choose to think about the world and ourselves.
Happy Mind!
C: CLARITY- Of goals,direction and life purpose. Set clear targets and make specific plans to ensure that they become reality.
H: HEALTHY LIVING- Activity and exercise,diet,nutrition and sleep. Stay healthy and you'll crack a smile a lot easier! :D
O: OPTIMISM-Positive,but realistic thinking.Happy people see things differently: they search for more positives.
O: OTHERS-Key relationships in your life. Happy people have more and better relationships than those who are negative. Devote time to developing and fostering your key connections.
S: STRENGTHS- Your qualities and attributes. Rather than trying to fix the 'weaknesses' , happy people use more time identifying and utilising their strengths. Find out what you're good at and do it as much as possible.
E: ENJOY- Things and live in and appreciate the present. By taking in the moment rather than looking back at the past,you'll love life a lot more!!


It's quite normal to feel down from time to time. Here's some of the tips when we're feeling little low.
Eat something! Our blood-sugar levels maybe low. Eat something to perk up the mood!
Help someone! You will feel whole lot better after being helpful to someone.
Get small goals! Ridiculously small it is! Just to boost up the energy after completing it.
Surround yourself with positive people! Emotion is contagious!

Sadness is normal but depression is another story! Seek help if you're feeling depressed.

For some addition of smile,visit: : This girl takes gratitudes to a whole new level. : For when you just can't face another bad-news story. : An uplifting blog about 'being the environment'. : hand-drawn musings on life and love. : Gretchen Rubin's daily pursuit of happiness.
or just turn to any other blogs or websites that could uplift your spirit!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Unaware or Plain Ignorance?

That is the question that running through my mind every single day as I'm driving to and from my campus,which now located at Kota Bharu. Not trying to bitching around,but i do wonder, do they realised what is the main purpose of the double lanes or maybe triple lanes? In Kelantan,no offence,rather than unaware, people seems to be plain ignorance about the usage of the multiple lanes. The slower cars usually 'cruising' at slower than 50kmh at the most right lane,not to mention and also at the left lane! and the other cars that NEED to go faster will have to do some dangerous move, zig-zag around,cilok here and there just to avoid them! :( All this wasn't supposed to happen since the multiple lanes road/highway were made to facilitate people travelling around. This unawareness and ignorance giving me plain-major headache every single day!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Long time no see!

Public transportation today baby! yeah!
hahaha, as far as i could remember,it's been ages since the last time i hop onto public transportation to go anywhere.
But today,all the memories comes flying to me back as i step onto bus today! yay!
I remember i smiled all day because it reminded me of my younger years.
Yep, growing up to career parents meaning that ones has to become independent as early as one could possibly be,and buses used to be my main ride to everywhere!
Yay to the public transportation!
Though i missed a bus on my way back home,
i still smile and wait for another one patiently,
really, the priceless.
one may ride the bus,but the heart was so happy back then..
*oh,how i miss those times*