Thursday, October 20, 2011

What went wrong? :O

So today(yesterday) as I'm having my breakfast with my sister, we had this good-ol-silly-stupid's about the problem that I kept facing with friends. Yeah,so we discussed on what went wrong??? What is actually wrong about me that friend come,stayed for a while (says years) then left me?!!! :O

She suggested that maybe I'm a little bit unconcerned about my friends feelings when I'm paying too much. I mean like when we're eating out, because they're my friend, when I have this extra money, I wouldn't mind to pay extra for them too.Sister said not everyone could think the same way as I do,maybe other people think that I'm underestimating them for not able to pay on their own. I was like, wait,WHAT? :O Seriously,friends for me are very dear to my heart, spending some extra penny on them doesn't mean I belittle them.It's my way to show my appreciation (?). well,whatever.


Sister also suggested that people might be feeling there's a gap/ line between me and my friend since I'm not the type that would spill every little secret to my friends. I do shares secret,but it's nothing special secret. People didn't know that I've had too many bad experiences with another people growing up. I've learned that no matter how close you are to someone, as long as she/he is not family, your secret will never be safe! NEVER!! (I'm raised in a quite of sheltered family where my parents knew about my friends background and their family and I even often tells them my activities and all,furthermore, my siblings are like my closest friends. I grew up in a household that the wall separating us and our neighbours are like way higher than us. We knew about outside world,but under strict observation by our parents.)

This then bring us to another factor, which is maybe people hates that I didn't believe in them 100%? Hell no! I never believe in anyone 100%,are you crazy? As long as we're dealing with human beings,it's best to not to believe in them way too much.


Maybe because I'm too independent? Is that even possible?

A former friend used to tell me that she couldn't be my friend any longer because she couldn't keep up with my lifestyle. She said it involves too much money according to her book. For your information, I've never had anything that is too expensive to buy, or neither I eat lobster everyday nor I spent my weekends at hotels. Oh please,my parents got the money but I'm just like you,suffers from poverty too :P They ain't giving their money so easily. So for me, I think it's a shame that issue even came up. Because she's really a great friend that I really love! What a waste.

Or maybe you have any ideas on why people hating on you so easily?Like judging you even before they know you..

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