Saturday, October 29, 2011

Preparation so far

The other day I asked fellow Noonies, Katja on her preparation to SK, and she told me it's in full force! :O meanwhile,here i am, yet to finalize even my routes! omona.

For the accommodations,I've asked around and been emailing back and forth with few GHs. Honestly, I'd love to go on and experience Couch surfing for the trip. Not only because I'm on a very tight budget, but I want to meet the local or the people who's been living there, well, they might know few tips and secrets for travelling around the country,right?! :D I guest I'll try requesting some couches(by some i mean LOADS) maybe about a month before the date.

This is like our own 1N2D in the making!
We're big fan of the show and been dreaming to visit SK ever since we started watching the show back in 2007.
Me and my sister were both excited and anticipating the trip.
We've read loads of reviews as well as blog, related to trip to Korea.
Actually, thinking about the weather,it's a bit scary to be honest.
However, I do hope the winter will do us good.
and speaking of winter, we didn't buy any parka yet. gonna check out UT this year-end.
I think we'll just buy a parka each and will put on few layers for the winter.
already bought pair of shoes,water proof of course!
backpack,not yet..thinking of getting 40L for me.i wanna pack light.
We'll survive this! Gonna treat it as winter camp like 1n2d :D

from what i read,most people prefers travel SK starting from
but i believed there'll be so much more places that are underrated,
however as i said earlier,
i've yet to finalise the routes,
1. because i don't hv a clue
2. bcuz i wanna go to as many places as possible
aigooo, dream big aight..hahaha
i'll update more as I'm preparing myself for the trip!
mentally and physically


  1. So glad you get to fulfill your dreams of visiting Korea! I'm also going in spring (need to save more money to go). I wish you all the best with the preparations and your trip!!! hopefully you'll be blogging from there (^_^)

  2. Oh,thank u Maya for the best wishes. Yeah,hopefully i got to blog from there too. And good luck for your trip as well. :D


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