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GDTOPRI @Korean Music Wave Malaysia 2011!

so i found this fancams,yes,i'm still searching for fancams after few days! i'm still hangover!!!!! and so,this cameraman, he's really managed to capture the sea of VIPs and recorded the VIPs singalong that even impressed GD! Yeahh!! Enjoy!! credit to the cameraman!

BIGBANG,PLEASE COME TO MALAYSIA!! VIPs are still having BIGBANG HANGOVER!!! Beautiful hangover indeed!! :D

Korean Music Wave Malaysia 2011~ D A E B A K !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Part ii)

VIPs are JJANG!!!! I'm all set for the boys!

The line-up artists were FT Island, Teen Top,UKISS,4Minute,Park Jung Min,Seungri and GD TOP from BIGBANG! The MCs for the night was UKISS members Kevin and Dongho as guest emcees alongside with MC Jeff(My Fm) and DJ Young(Arirang). Please be noted that THE CROWD were crazy that night! BEST CROWD EVER!!! They were so high,cheering,screaming and singing along to EVERY SINGLE songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And as i'm seated at the free seating,i had quite a great view of the crowd! I'll never forget the sea of crownsticks!!!!! I dare to say more than half of the attendees were VIPs,about 70% loads of them.
*please note the fancams wasn't mine (^_^) FT ISLAND kick start the concert and performed total of 5songs ; Hello Hello,Love Love Love,Bad Woman,Bing Bing Bing and I Hope. Here's one the fancams of Hello Hello. I even managed to record all of the FT Island performances too! Come and see me if u want! :P

As it's still early and the …

Korean Music Wave Malaysia 2011~ D A E B A K !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Part i)

(crazy trip,stalking,meeting VIPs,GDTOPRI)

Just how crazy fans could go for their favorite artist? Bwahahaha, I now knew i could go quite crazy and rather quite far if it's for BIGBANG!!
Our close to 1000km or maybe more journey for them BIGBANG's boys begin on the Friday morning when me and my sister took off from our home. Yeah,we did lied a little,as we didn't want any other people knew about this concert,kiki,some sort of white lies. Though we only purchased the free seating tickets,we're so excited to go and see some Bigbang in action! Thanks to Mimie Asyirah for helping us bought the tickets!!
After much deliberation with fellow VIPs,we decided to join them stalking them boys at the airport. Words been saying that they're coming in that Saturday morning from Singapore via SG Airlines. Saturday morning,we're rushing to the KLIA, Mimie texted us that boys will arrived around 9.30-12,not sure. I looked to my watch it's 9 already!!! With all my might, I st…

JYJ's In Heaven

No,they're not dying or just that their song 'In Heaven' MV is out! i love the song!though some piano parts reminds me of BigBang's Haru-haru piano parts.The MV..T_T it's so sad,it shows that life-death matter are beyond our reach in anyway...i saw a fan said this and many agreed with him/her: *me included.i want to believe it that way too.*
"I agree that the story is cliche, but jyj made this story for a reason. this is actually similar to what happened to jaejoong and his friend Park Yonghwa who committed suicide. He called jaejoong to go and have a drink with him, but jaejoong was in LA recording music so he told PYH he would go the next day. then the next day PYH committed suicide. So i guess jaejoong regrets it and feels like if he had one more chance he would have done things differently.~ cre:heavenskiss5"

Anyway,enjoy the MV! I searched the already romanized & english subbed video for u all,thanks to LoveKpopSubs7!!

sing-along *Geoj…


Tsk..Tsk... T_T i saw a friend posted pictures from their outing today,and am really sad that i couldn't join them.. I miss my time with my friends aka lecture mates/course mates..i had to sacrifice time being with them for my family..i think it's been about 3 years since i last joined any....omo, looking through the pictures,i realized how sad i am, how pathetic my life has been, how i've been ignoring myself too much, and how i miss being around my friends... tsk,tsk...even more i saw familiar face that i've been missing for so long,my best friend,Abip! T_T i miss those time!! Just because i'm not staying there,close to the campus,i think they'll just exclude next time... i'll learn to coop.... tsk,tsk

New Start

It's new semester tomorrow!! Yaay! Rather than excited,I'm actually very nervous coming back to class after looooong break. I'll promise myself to try my very best for this semester. After all this time,I've learned a lot. A lot that I know realized I MUST put myself first!! But yeah,being me, the 1st child,and quite of in the responsible side,I'll be staying at home through out the semester. I'll be going back and forth maybe by car or bus. ^^; THAT really makes me excited! I haven't ride the public transportation(bus) for sooooo long,I mean as my main ride. I'll try my best to update this blog after this. Kekeke,life as a student could be pretty busy. And most importantly I'll make sure our preparation for our first backpack trip will be done as time goes by! *money,i need more money!* And that's it!! fighting!fighting!! Wish me good luck ya!!~ (^_~)v

The Glee Project!

The winner is Samuel!!! And also the other winner is Damian!!! trololol!!!
what a TWIST!

Yes,because there's literally not much to be done around here, tv is like my best friend!
This past few weeks I've been into a mini series-a GLEE-ality TV called 'The Glee Project'.
It's basically a show searching for new talent to be included into the popular series of GLEE!
The winner are going to have a character created for them and will be having number of
episodes in the series.
The one that really caught my eyes was Cameron Mitchell!
Though he didn't win and he even actually WALKED AWAY from the competition,
which had gave Damian another chance,
because Damian supposedly had to leave that day,
there's something about Cameron.
His nerdy style working magic on him.
And his voice and style of singing really reminds me of Coldplay a bit.
Please don't let me get into Sam..
He's just has this STAR quality,from the very first moment you see him,
he'll capture yo…

Winter Clothing anyone??

So i figure my trip to Korea will be on the winter time. Come to think about it, I wonder,how do i dress for winter? Friends told me it's harsh winter there. So, how thick is the jacket should i prepare? and what about the shoes? What type of shoes? The structure? The design? and as well,how about the backpack? Which one should be it for this trip? I'm preparing for this trip little by little. Last week I went to check out on the winter clothing and yes,came back empty-handed, because there's sooooo many options and choices that left me confused as to which should i buy! :O However i did felt pretty relieved after the sales-boy told me that they always have discount for the winter clothing except for the 20% discount which only offered at certain times to the quite expensive ones. Help me yah!?! :D Thanks in advance!



AB type are the like wind element, their emotions shift too easily.

AB likes watching comedy type of movies, or they would also prefer watching movies with a lot of love scenes... .__. perverted ABs

when AB falls out of love, friends should always be with them because if they're alone, they'd cry their hearts out.

AB may seem really quiet when you don't know them, but when they're your friends, they'd like to share stories about their life ._.

AB types likes to observe .__.

AB can be compared to ninjas... if they want to come they come, if they feel like going they go. no questions asked.

IF an AB hates you their hate is like a prison: they'll ignore you, pretend you dont exist, and they'll eventually forget you.

AB type likes to take care of people they love, and sometimes too much to the point where it gets annoying.

AB type speaks fluent sarcasm.

AB type likes to relieve their stress/anger/sadness alone, after they've cried enough. They'll be alright agai…