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Korean Music Wave Malaysia 2011~ D A E B A K !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Part ii)

VIPs are JJANG!!!!
I'm all set for the boys!

The line-up artists were FT Island, Teen Top,UKISS,4Minute,Park Jung Min,Seungri and GD TOP from BIGBANG! The MCs for the night was UKISS members Kevin and Dongho as guest emcees alongside with MC Jeff(My Fm) and DJ Young(Arirang). Please be noted that THE CROWD were crazy that night! BEST CROWD EVER!!! They were so high,cheering,screaming and singing along to EVERY SINGLE songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And as i'm seated at the free seating,i had quite a great view of the crowd! I'll never forget the sea of crownsticks!!!!! I dare to say more than half of the attendees were VIPs,about 70% loads of them.

*please note the fancams wasn't mine (^_^)
FT ISLAND kick start the concert and performed total of 5songs ; Hello Hello,Love Love Love,Bad Woman,Bing Bing Bing and I Hope. Here's one the fancams of Hello Hello. I even managed to record all of the FT Island performances too! Come and see me if u want! :P

As it's still early and the energy was still at high point,the whole crowd sing along like no tomorrow and I believed FT Island were quite impressed!

Then Teen Top took the stage. As I'm not that familiar with the new generation of idols, me and my sister were like totally at loss when they're on stage,but we cheered anyway! They performed total of also 5 songs.

Next act was the one and only girl group for the night,it's 4 Minute! Mirror Mirror,Heart to Heart,I My Me Mine, Muzik and Hot Issue was the songs they performed. And oh,they're so sexay!! The crowd cracked up to one of the girl when the MC asked her about her thought on Malaysia, even the DJ Young offered translation but they refused and answered confidently with; 'it's our TWO times here'!! The crowd lolling at the cute mistakes! kekeke,at least there's effort to communicate with the fans:P

Kevin and Dongho was not seen alongside the MCs as the next act was UKISS! Dressed up all black and armed with powerful dance and vocals,they performed Never Land, Bingeul Bingeul, Everyday, 0330 and Man Man Han Ni. The crowd we're singing along again,like crazy! The most memorable for me when AJ messed up his own name when the members introducing themselves. I'm not that hardcore fans of UKISS,but i do enjoy listening to some of their songs. Though it's my first time listening to Neverland and Everyday,great songs! And i did cheered for them as well as singing along! and bwahaha, me and my sister did screamed 'Don't Deny Our R Squared Pie' out loud too! Here's the fancams that i found.

Park Jung Min of SS501 was up next. It's been 4 years since his last trip to Malaysia, and his fans were delighted! He performed total of 5 songs! Including the one that is the OST for Princess Man. I did cheered on him on behalf of my friend Yu Mei!

THEN,THE MOMENT I'VE BEEEN WAITING FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The highlight of the concert! Performing for the 1st time here in Malaysia,it's my BIGBANG's boys!!!!!!!!! (^O^) The colorful sea of lightsticks before started to change to CROWNSTICKS!! It's like the view I've been seeing in the Big Show DVD!!! The VIPs pulled out their crownsticks and screaming and the TOP of their lungs when Seung ri appeared on stage!!!! Everybody were on their feet jumping ups and downs, and Seung Ri performed VVIP,the crowd were ecstatic and Ri was VERY impressed! His face showed it all!! He's truly the King of Fan Service!! He's putting his best effort to communicate with the fans by saying ' Malaysians fans baguuss' and welcomed by crazy cheered and screamed from the VIPs and fans. He's driving the crowd nuts when he said 'I don't like concert or anything, i want to live here'. Then he continued with Strong Baby and Eeojorago.
*Maknae baguuusss! Sangat baguuussss!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDD

With the excitement still very high, GDTOP took over the stage from Ri and really worked the crowd like the KINGS!!! The MCs were so shocked to see the fans reactions and even refers to GDTOP as the LEGENDARY GDTOP! However they only performed total of 3 songs, Knock Out, Oh Yeah and High High. I swear during Oh Yeah, the Bommie's voice were barely heard due to the fans singing along to it! GD was shocked that there's so many VIPs and even singing along in Korean. Some English from him and Tabi being the lazy ass as always, said ' NICE TO MEET U' and 'RIGHT HERE' like a BOSS! I love the part 'ha ha ha la la la' in High High, VIPs were moving so synchronized!!! The highlight of course when Tabi hugged GD in the middle of the song!!!!!!!!! Tabi so cute!!!! i Love u guys!!!!!!

*Ha ha ha ha say la la la la

* Tabi looked straight to this fancam!! Credit: YG Hype!

*MCs got to snap pics with em boys!! Credit :Bigbangupdates

*GD 'peace' them!!! Cre:YG Hype! Damn lucky!!!!

No further,here's the fancams!!
My seat was almost similar to this,so i managed to see and enjoy the sea of VIPs!!

The ending was so abrupt however,leaving fans so confused and wanting for more. The VIPS did scream ' Encore' and 'We want more' for quite sometimes but nobody returns to stage :(
That's it.My pick for the night, GDTOPRI,being BIGBANG,totally great performers!TOTALLY! And by that, FT Island also performed very well! I'd love to see more! Last but not least, Ukiss did great job too! Others were great too though but didn't really leave much impression on me.

And here one of article about the event. HERE. I did not realised that there's 10 000 people attending the concert :O

BIGBANG PLEASE COME AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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