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My favorite show is ending in 6 months...Feb 2012.... T_T bad news,really bad news...well,at least for me..whom 1n2d has been part of my life..cheer me up through all these hard time and taught me lesson about life,love,friendship and everything,basically.. Seeing the news on various site the other day, I can't help but to weep T_T... Yes,there's still 6 months left but how do i face each episodes knowing that the ending is coming...Nooo, oh time,please go as slow as you can..let me prepare for this separation... My life basically is shaped by 1N2D, I've been arranging my activities around it, just to ensure I didn't miss an episode. Even my family acknowledge this. They barely  get in my way when it's time for 1n2d,they knew that this is my only escape from this harsh world. Frankly speaking, everybody in my little family knew the cast by heart. Even dad is a huge fan! And with an ending announced earlier,how do i face the near future? Yes,of course i'll be fi…


Her name is Mukminah,but I've been calling her Min eversince. We met during our college days, few years back ( erm,how many years back? 6 or 5 years?). After graduating college we lost contact for a while before I discovered she was studying at the same Uni as my other best buddies. From thereon we reconnected and everything is history. I've visited for couple of time when she's studying there. Then after she graduated (about 2 years ago), we kinda lost contact again.But luckily Facebook came along,we met again but not much in real life,just virtually. It took me a while before calling her on that day. I was so down and blue as I'm sitting by the seaside near to her town.That's when she came to me and we met again after so long. We spent quite sometimes that day, we talked like there's no tomorrow and I told her about my problems and put her into shocked a little because she said that she never ever knew or even imagine about it since I never told her before. H…

1n2d,but no Hodong?

1N2D is one of the most hit/successful variety show in Korea, airing on Sunday via Happy Sunday slot. The program brings laughter and happiness to viewers living room for many years. Even make me anticipating every other weekends just to watch the show. I'm such a big fan of 1N2D, and I've been supporting the show ever since 2007, saw many changes, sent Jongmin to army and even welcomed him back to the show, cried my heart out when Kim C left and very disappointed when Mc Mong forced to leave the show, and we welcomed Taewoong into our 1n2d family.. yeah, so many ups and downs.. It's something that my family and friends knew very well that i LOVE the 1N2D by heart. It's my weekly dose of happiness. It's my sweet escape.
 However, news coming left and right saying that Kang Hodong., the main MC of the show will be leaving 1N2D. The rumour hit the fans couple of days ago. somehow, the rumours of Hodong's leaving really killed all the mood. Yes, i love Seunggi so m…


Just finished printing out exam's questions that requested by my mom. Urgh, the printer is not working well, even after soooooo many trips to workshop! OMGawd! I want to throw that damn thing out of the house! >:(

This few days is like doing absolutely nothing.well what is there anyway to be done =_="... it's just ordinary fasting lunch.....and when the weather get really-really hot sometime,that's when it's quite challenging. But i'm used to it,so it doesn't really matter to me anymore.

So now you might as well notice how random this post is... well,actually i'm just bored. Nothing's really going on that i don't really have any idea whatsoever to post. But i'm thinking of posting something regarding 'History' since it's August now,however we'll see....if only i could come up with any idea..hmm,until then.. Ramadhan Kareem! (^__^)v

It's my birthday!

Feels so good waking up to bunches of birthday messages on my Facebook wall! If it's not for Facebook, i bet nobody would remember it,anyway,thanks fb!

 and i want to thank everybody that drop by to wish me 'happy birthday' and also thank for wishing me happiness. Thanks!!! may GOD bless u all! v(^_^)v
made my day!~

i think i'm UGLY...

i think i'm ugly...Girl always has that kind of insecurities right? Whether we realize it or not, some point somewhere in life, we will be thinking~ i think i'm ugly... and 2ne1's girls are back and singing about this insecurities just lo let people (i bet girls especially) know that it's normal to feel that way sometime and we're somehow, pretty and beautiful in our very own way.
(Lyrics Translation)
I’m trying to smile brightly but
I don’t like it
I’m not pretty, I’m not beautiful
Oh oh oh oh x 2 I’m trying to sing but
No one is listening
I’m not pretty, I’m not beautiful
Oh oh oh oh x 2 Why am I this ugly
What must I do for me to be able to smile brightly like you? I’m getting angry again, why can’t I ever be perfect
I simply put the blame on my ugly appearance
In this broken mirror Don’t look at me, I hate this feeling right now
I want to hide away somewhere, I want to escape
This world is full of lies I think I’m ugly
And nobody wants to love me
Just like her I wanna…

Went,saw,ate,traveled,liked it and came back! Penang,I've had a great time!! v(^___^)v

It's Ramadhan already! Happy Fasting to all Muslims. Just yesterday we're still in Penang, and today we're at home, of course fasting.

The trip wasn't as long as we expected! About 4 hours from Kelantan, we met the beautiful island of Penang! Yipee! 4 days 3 nights of really-really great time. Meeting with the old time best friend,and making new friend on the way, we had so much fun there. Went, saw so many things, ate till feels like bursting, travel places and we really liked it! Wish to go back again!