Monday, August 15, 2011


Her name is Mukminah,but I've been calling her Min eversince. We met during our college days, few years back ( erm,how many years back? 6 or 5 years?). After graduating college we lost contact for a while before I discovered she was studying at the same Uni as my other best buddies. From thereon we reconnected and everything is history. I've visited for couple of time when she's studying there. Then after she graduated (about 2 years ago), we kinda lost contact again.But luckily Facebook came along,we met again but not much in real life,just virtually. It took me a while before calling her on that day. I was so down and blue as I'm sitting by the seaside near to her town.That's when she came to me and we met again after so long. We spent quite sometimes that day, we talked like there's no tomorrow and I told her about my problems and put her into shocked a little because she said that she never ever knew or even imagine about it since I never told her before. Her support and encouragement really is powerful. She basically took my hands and helps me stand back again after i fall, really hard. She shares her tears and laughter with me. Even after that, she's always with me during my ups and down. One more thing, she is now in love with Kpop too. hahaha. We travel together, a lot and also we really had a great time when we're hanging out and even more blast since she's too, a foodie!! like me! Such an amazing friend! I couldn't be more thankful to have her as my friend. Thank you Min for everything, the friendship,the sisterhood,the guidance,the everything lah,thank u so much!!!! And not long after this, she'll further her study,doing her Master, i wish her the best and gonna keep supporting her. Min,all the best of luck and Hwaiting!!!!!


  1. Thanksssssss dear to be my friend too...hehehe...hwaitinggggg!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I also have 1 BFF. I love her very much! :) We share everything...

  3. yes,that friends that we can act all silly and they still love us. xDD i really treasure them with all my heart.


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