Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Went,saw,ate,traveled,liked it and came back! Penang,I've had a great time!! v(^___^)v

It's Ramadhan already! Happy Fasting to all Muslims. Just yesterday we're still in Penang, and today we're at home, of course fasting.

The trip wasn't as long as we expected! About 4 hours from Kelantan, we met the beautiful island of Penang! Yipee! 4 days 3 nights of really-really great time. Meeting with the old time best friend,and making new friend on the way, we had so much fun there. Went, saw so many things, ate till feels like bursting, travel places and we really liked it! Wish to go back again!

R&R~ beautiful!

I'm coming!~

Crossing the Penang's Bridge~ 13.5km

Georgetown ~ UNESCO heritage city

Meet again after long time~

Pasembur~Penang's significant

meeting and making new friend along the way~ (^_^)

Ironically i saw JLN CHEESEMAN at Penang

War memorial

At Padang Kota Lama

Penang Free School!~ learn this in History class,saw it!

Overlooking the iconic bridge from Queensbay~

The new train of Penang Hill/ Bukit Bendera

Up Up we go,very steep!

bbyong~ many more pictures,but yah,that's it for now. Penang, a must go destination! (^__^)

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