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Last Friday of 2011..

Today is the last Friday for 2011.
Lets look back at the memories.

For me started with an additions of great friends,
Accepted as trainee at IASS, I met wonderful people.
Six months spent was not too long yet not short,
life as trainee in this field, really got me thinking.
'Is this what I want?'
Yet, I still had great memories about it.Thankful for people that I met & made friend with.Adopted a cat,and now growing up handsomely ^^ ahh,been places this year too, went to uncle's in Johor and still love it, went to Singapore and would love to go again, went to Penang,met my beloved friend,Athiyah, also,would love to go again!
Not to forget,the families,the friends, the people that have been by my side, in my ups & downs,in my great & bad days, you guys such a precious bunches. I'll always have you guys in my prayers & thoughts. And always keep you guys close to my heart. Thank Allah swt for them.

On the other side,the bad side.Hmm, the family problems,yet to settle. But…

Al-Fatihah,I lost a friend..

A friend of mine,Hadinor Zafan or Hadi as i called him passed away today,in a car accident.
He was one of my not so many close friends. This is totally shocking,I'm shivering as i received the message.
May his soul rest in peace & may Allah swt bless him.
Al-fatihah. T_T

News links:The Star Online
Utusan Malaysia Sinar Harian

*EDIT on 25/12/2011

That was yesterday, i was in so much shocked and i'm trembling as i read the message. The feeling is so weird, yes,because he's quite close to me. The sadness is beyond the eyes could cry. I'd say empty is more correct. Hearing the news of him passed away left a huge hole,empty hole inside my heart. So,this edit is gonna be about remembering him. :'(
I knew him from my diploma days,he's a student transferred from UiTM Sarawak (if i'm not mistaken). I'm not his lecture mate at the time(yet),just a course mate. However I'm the girl that befriended with the boys,so. Well, actually a 'used to be close friend' of mine…

Student updates :P

Gazillion of things running through my mind, but seems like i couldn't really put it into words.
The long lecture weeks for this semester will end by this week. Then study week will fast approach.
Real soon after that comes the final examinations weeks.
Phew,just thinking about it bring cold sweats to my forehead and goosebumps to my body.

On the other hands, I'm now quite positive that there's still ray of hopes for my accounting subject.
I was actually considering to drop it,as my carry marks has been below my expectations.
But then again, after last two series of mini tests, I said to myself, "this is actually could work out well! Just that I need to give extra effort. So,final words for now, IT'S ON!"

Move on from student update, travel update,so far,hmm,at snail pace.
Will focus on that later on when I finished my exams.

So long, bbyong!

p/s: wish me all the luck in the world for my exams!!

Finals! Finals! Final exam is coming!

The final exam's schedule is out and i've checked mine.. There's only 4 days of exam for me as i only take 4 subjects this semester. Another 4 for another upcoming semester. 12/1 Public Sector Accounting 13/1 Accounting 18/1 Management Financial Market 19/1 Management Strategy Wish me all the best of luck!! I really-really need those! Fighting!!!

The Grey-Haired Lovers

Oh my goodness,this is thus far the sweetest episodes of screening humanity aired by KBSW. It's Sunday, and there's a rerun for the Screening Humanity. This is one of the slots that i enjoy watching over the years. For today's episode it's a love story,of the grey-haired lovers. kekeke. I can't help but to smile,giggle watching them, and of course, made me teary eyes. The couple none other than ordinary people, been married to each other for 73 years. Had 12 children and live a great-happy-long lives. The 'haraboji' is 94 and his wife is 87 years old. Yet they're so sweet to each other,and treat each other very lovingly,still, after those looong years. I kinda miss my grandma so much watching it. The haraboji is very playful,happy-go-lucky, sweet man. He loves halmoni very much,and never been shy to show it. Halmoni lives a great life with him by her side. The halmoni is very sweet, 'gomawo' never stay far from her mouth. She always thanks haraboji, and a…

Flights rescheduled

Air Asia send me emails & smses to inform me that they had rescheduled our flights.
Not one,but both of our flights.. (well, we got 4 flights to catch)the one that from KBR-KUL (on our way going to SK) and the other one is the KL-KBR (on our way back home). Phew,luckily,both adjustment will not affect our other flight(so far). Great that we booked hours apart flight, well,considering this will happen.

Ok,next update is that, i screwed my tests... and for the few more to come, i hope i'll do better.
Final exam will be very soon, study week will already start around the Christmas time, then the final will kick off around early January maybe (?).
All the best to you and me! ^^ Lets us score the final exams, though we might screwed the common test, it's still not too late yeorobun! Lets fighting together!! Fighting!!!!!
South Korea!Less than 100 days!!! :O

Thought on Accounting

The end is still so far! Fighting!!!!!
I'm having a little difficulties with my Accounting subject right now. Talked to my lecturer and argh,hurt my feeling only. She didn't really wanna care.
I don't know why, after all these years of learning/studying Accounting, my brain seems like it's very-very-very empty nowadays.. like zero account-knowledge..where on earth all my knowledge gone? :( I hate it when even lecture-mates didn't even ask me on account anymore these days.. Back then,I'm the IT person to turn to.. B-b-but now,they just ignored me.. argh,you all just befriend me because of my knowledge? Life's sucks >_<" ~your life that is~
So now,backup plan,backup plan... I'll have to doubled/tripled my effort for this one, or I'll be dead :(( Account,account..after all these years of trying to love you... Why can't you be more loveable and understanding towards me... Why you always so tough? My brain's gonna explode! Could you be kind to me,until …


Lets discuss about cost today.

1000 KRW= 2.726 MYR
hence, 10 000 KRW = 27.262 MYR.
Thus; MYR 10= moreless 3+++ KRW

Then let me tell you about place I'm living in.
I live in a state called Kelantan,at east coast of Malaysia.
In this state, living cost is particularly low,compared to other states of Malaysia.
And the district I'm staying is one of the most cheaper ones.
Kota Bharu is quite expensive,but still, affordable for many.
Machang on the other hand, is very tiny-small-lil-place,
though it's a Uni town,which home to UiTM Machang Campus,
the living cost is still very affordable.
The word is 'CHEAP'! = Ssan!
Everything is cheap in this part of the world. (Ask Andy if u don't believe me,he's been here.)
And I ain't complaining. (^_^)v

Let see...
With 27.26 MYR (10 000 KRW) in Kelantan, i could:
Filled my car's tank; 20 MYR and off to KB.Or even cheaper,if i take the bus it'll be MYR 8.++ return trip to KB.
Then even eat heavenly meal with the balance.

Then let s…

A Day Away: Yeoju

A Day Away: Yeoju
The sights and sounds of Korea aren’t just limited to Seoul or Busan. To get a true representation of what Korea has to offer, it’s necessary to get outside from these metropolitan areas and explore the provinces....continue. Credit to The Korea Blog.

24 Years of Being Together!

Hello, today is 19/11 which is the date when my dad wedded my mother,24 years back. I don't know what's ahead of us, but I'd like to stay as a family with all these 6 people as long as God let us be. I pray to Allah swt to make things better and I'm counting on you, the readers prayers too. Please pray for my family's happiness too ya. (^_~)v

Using utensils in non-muslim places/countries

Thanks,credit to : IGGUMIYEYO. Saje nk nk share sedikit tntg hukum menggunakan utensils, especially bila bukan ke negara2 Islam,eg: Korea. Hal ini amat penting lah kan bg kita2 as Muslim. so again,thanks to JJ for sharing those infos. (^_~)v

4 jenis manusia

Setiap kali kelas Puan Azizah, pasti akan ada sj ilmu2,perkara menarik serta pengetahuan2 yg akn dikongsi. Hari ni pun tak terkecuali,beliau berkongsi cerita mengenai 4 jenis manusia.
4 jenis manusia:
Manusia Wajib: adalah seperti perkara wajib, orang tu sentiasa diingati,dicari,dan kalau dia xde rasa tak lengkap.
Manusia Makruh: juga seperti perkara makruh; orang tu ada pun tak apa, kalo takde lg xpe,xde sape nk kisah/ mencari.
Manusia sunat: sama juga seperti perkara sunat; orang tu ada pun tak apa,xde pun xapa jugak.
Manusia haram: almaklum,seperti perkara haram lah; orang tu ada,semua menyampah/benci/xsuka,kalau xde lagi bagus.
Puan Azizah suruh fikirkan2,diri kita ni manusia jenis mana..dan cuba la berubah untuk jd lebih baik kelak.

Sambungan lagi..Umrah & ziarah Syria-Jordan

Perjalanan diteruskan lagi,sambungan dr sini

Ini berjubah! Jubah ni Umi belikan waktu dia pegi umrah tahun sebelum tu. Semangat. Ceh,muka berkerut2,,terik matahari,pdhl awl lg. Ni kt Queen Alia Airport Amman Jordan. Next stop, Orchid Hotel untuk breakfast!
Di lobi hotel,unik. Semua ni dh include dlm package,ikot je la. haha, sarapan ala arab.. Ingt kn cmne la,rupanya.. roti,roti,roti,buah zaitunsss,pastu ade la beberapa bahan yg xpasti.. tp ngap je la..apa nk bimbg sgt,kan kan :D Rupanya org arab ni mkn roti byk giler lah, kalo xsilap,lpas trip ni la sy jd gila roti kot.hahaha
Lebih kurang kul 9 pagi,lepas siap2 breakfast sumer, kami terus gerak ke Dead Sea aka Laut Mati, Tempat plg rendah di dunia. Sebenarnya,kami sepatutnya pegi ke gua tinggalan Ashabul Kahfi terlebih dulu, tp kami opted untuk ke Laut Mati,sbb kami di tukarkan ke rombongan lain. Pihak Al-Quds nk kami duk dgn rombongan tu, sbb akan terus ke Syria selepas Laut Mati, yg mana rombongan yg asal stay lama skit kt Jordan. So,ok la,ikot je,sena…

Sambungan..Umrah & ziarah Syria-Jordan

Sambungan dari last post.. Kan janji nk upload gamba.. tapi,ish tibe2 jugak,semenjak 2 menjak ni, rasa segan je nk buh gambar sndiri. sbb dh jnji,upload lah jugak.
me & my sis kt Suvarnabhumi airport
Actually waktu kat airport ni, sakan kami duk intai2,kot2 la boleh terserempak dgb artis2 :P hahaha,sempat lg! duniawi oh duniawi! Airport ni mmg bertingkat2 lebih kurg je kot dgn KLIA, tp mcm lg besar je. *kot*

Ayuh,perjalanan di teruskan! Bangkok ke Amman,Jordan! Lebih kurang midnight 27/5 tu kami check-in untuk next flight, ke Jordan! This time kami fly dgn Royal Jordan! Huih,excited nie! Jauh tu nk fly!
Haa,lupa nk bgtaw, airport kt Bangkok ni mcm strict skit part cecair in board nih, kalo x silap, 50ml je ke * adoi lupa lg* mlm tu mmg sakan la officer dorg duk picit shower cream sorg macik ni. Lpas kt KLIA,tp xlpas kt Bangkok. Kesian jgk tgok macik tu,dh la shower cream yg mahal sakan, main picit smpai cukup limit yg dorg nk je.
Ok,sambung kisah flight. Perjalanan ke Jordan lebih kurang …

Umrah & ziarah Syria-Jordan

Ini bukan tiba-tiba, tp sebenarnya kebelakangan ni rindu pd Middle East makin menjadi2. Rasa2, next trip nt nk g sana lg! Rindu kt tempatnya,makanan nya,suasananya..rindu lah!!! Sgt-sgt. Sebab trip ni dah lama,terpaksa lah bukak album gambar balik. Nasib baik Umi ada tulis short notes kat tepi2 gambar2 tu. So apa lg,smbil nengok gambar,smbil mengimbau la :D Jom.serba ringkas.
27/5: Berkumpul di KLIA, jumpa dgn travel agency, Al-Quds Travel ( mmg recommended lah dorg ni kalo nk pegi Middle East). Excited tak payah cerita la, sbb first time nk pegi jauh nie. Lagi excited sbb smua ada skali. Mmg best la travel dgn siblings,sbb boleh menggila dgn dorg,xkira masa & tempat. Flight kami transit kat Bangkok,Thailand.

So, lebih kurang tgah hari tu,lpas puas hati saying goodbyes kpd saudara mara yg dtg m'hntar,kmi pun terbang lah. Untuk KL-Bangkok, naek MAS. wah wah, memang lah. Kalo lah poket I tebal,mmg i nak you je sentiasa! Dr cabin crew sampai la ke makanan,mmg kelas! he…


Yay!! My fangirl heart; it's worth staying up all night to this! Forever relevant!

Youtube page banner today! Yay!

Congratulations!! It's no doubt, BIGBANG is the worldwide act as the MTV EMA Belfast 2011 crowned them the titled on Nov 6th 2011.

GDYB forever

Standing together as five again,on a stage under one name : BIGBANG, this award is indeed the best birthday gift for TOP given by the VIPS.
BIGBANG with Ludacris
Credits goes to all the VIPS/BLACK JACKS/LUCKY7/ YG STANS/ YG FAMILY as well as KPOP LOVERS for making this dream came true. It's been tough year for BIGBANG and VIPs, but together we made it through! BIGBANG's Taeyang thanked the fans for standing by them all these time and it really brought tears to my eyes, seeing BIGBANG all five standing proud and all smiling on the world stage! *group hugs* all the sweats worth it!
Taeyang also tweeted 'We had a great time in EMA.. Thank you everybody.. Thank you MTV' @REALTAEYANG


Kalau dulu, saya lebih suka belanja orang/kawan2, sekarang saya belajar untuk di belanja oleh mereka jugak. Bukan sebab saya kaya amat atau pape, cuma itu cara saya dibesarkan. Bila dah besar panjang, saya sedar, tak semua orang suka cara itu. Ada orang anggap saya pandang rendah pada mereka dgn perbuatan itu, sedangkan saya tak bermaksud. Ajaran Umi Abah saya,rezeki itu harus sentiasa di kongsi untuk kita lebih murah rezeki kelak. Tapi mungkin saya dh melampaui batas. Saya perasan saya kurang terima belanja orang. Kerap menolak untuk di belanja sedangkan saya suka untuk belanja. Mungkin itu salah satu sifat yg tak disukai org kot. So, sekarang sy dh belajar untuk lebih menerima. Sekarang bila org nk belanja,laju je saya iya kan, ye lah,hati kita senang bila kita tgok org gembira, mst lah kita nk tgok dorg gembira jgk kan. Kesimpulannya,kalau nk belanja saya di alu-alukan! hehe (^__~)v

Preparation so far

The other day I asked fellow Noonies, Katja on her preparation to SK, and she told me it's in full force! :O meanwhile,here i am, yet to finalize even my routes! omona.
For the accommodations,I've asked around and been emailing back and forth with few GHs. Honestly, I'd love to go on and experience Couch surfing for the trip. Not only because I'm on a very tight budget, but I want to meet the local or the people who's been living there, well, they might know few tips and secrets for travelling around the country,right?! :D I guest I'll try requesting some couches(by some i mean LOADS) maybe about a month before the date.
This is like our own 1N2D in the making! We're big fan of the show and been dreaming to visit SK ever since we started watching the show back in 2007. Me and my sister were both excited and anticipating the trip. We've read loads of reviews as well as blog, related to trip to Korea. Actually, thinking about the weather,it's a bit scar…

10 000 views!

*Daeseung pic just bcuz i miss him so much*
whoah, i've reached 10 000 all time views (2009-2011)!hooray! Though i bet my visits also counted in,but still, i want to celebrate this! :P
I notice my blog is not a bombastic ones,a bit on boring side plus my writing never be on awesome notes,but still thank you for stopping by at my blog! :D *appreciates*
as for the achievement what shall i do? should i giveaway some posters? i had loads of them! because i used to buy hella loads of magazines :) hmmm,or,any idea *thinking*


Yes, Tablo of Epik High is now part of YG Family. He's the maknae in YGE for now as he's the latest addition to the company and he's back again with a new album after all the whirlwind in his life. This album pretty much about the pain and suffering he'd been through these past 2 years. There'll be part 1 & part 2. For Epik High fans,don't worry, though he's with YGE now, his music,his style,his lyric,still speaks the same old genius Tablo that we all love! Well, you know how YGE is,total freedom for his artists when it comes to music :)
Here's Part 1 of Tablo - Fever's End Part 1- 1. "Home" (feat. Lee Sora) (Awesome! Shivers) 2. "It's bad" (feat. Jinsil) (That Jinsil sounds tad bit like Yuna! :O ) 3. "Airbag" (feat. Naul) (Ouch,) 4. "Tide" (Scratch by JD Friz) 5. "From the Bottom" (feat. Bumkey) (Dedicated to his wifey)

Support him by purchasing his album on iTunes YGeShop and don't forget to…

Lee Seung Gi- You're My Friend

worth waiting for! previous post

Good old days

Tengah syok2 layan fb,tiba2 Ain share video Samson and dia ada tulis tringt zaman muda2 remaja time diploma dulu..oo yeah, maka minda pun termelayang balik ke era itu. Oh sungguh girang,tubuh cergas je,sbb msih muda belia, hati senang, kawan sekeliling pinggang, join segala macam pesta-fesko,feskem, hiya-hiyak maen taekwondo, joging aka jalan laju skit dr siput keliling campus, lepak kt food court sbb byk free time, pinjam basikal wktu ptg/weekend kt unit sukan, exams kat dewan pro dan apa segala teknik nk tiru di applied, penat nk tcbut kepala lutut pnjat tangga 'batu caves' , bantai nasi kukus Sigai xhengat donia, berebut2 kain semayang kt PI, even makan kt cafe hostel pun bajet free lagi,sbb UiTM dah tanggung..ohohoi! sebak jugak rasanya kan,kan,kan,kan.. and accordingly lah kan,tiba2 jugak terimbau last day zaman diploma itu.
I remembered I shed bucketful of goodbye tears. Nangis sebab sedih nk tinggal kan satu zaman yg sgt seronok. Bukan hanya seronok bodo je,tp blaja byk …


Due to the driving under scorching hot weather and the bright sunny sun, I'm now officially 'hangus'!!!! haiz, everyday my class started at noon and the earliest is only at 10 am, so I'll be under the sun mostly on my way to campus. Same goes to my driving back home, still under hot sun and plus the extra time on the road because of the traffic jam, and with the weather 39C,it's absolutely no joke. Help me,if you know any solution/ anything that I could apply/take/eat to 'un-hangus' me,then tell me! Even more worst my right arm also facing the same fate,hangus too. Help,Help!

Lee Seung Gi is BACK into music scene!

hooray!! Lee Seung Gi the singer is BACK!! After taking quite a long break from his pro-singing career to focus on acting and MC-ing. With Shining Inheritance and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, under his belt, he is now an established actor!

Same goes to his talent in MC-ing. Be it on 1N2D or Strong Heart, he handles it like a pro.

And now Lee Seung Gi the all-around entertainer is back to what he does BEST,singing!

with his new album,titled 'Tonight' (same as BIGBANG's comeback album, also titled TONIGHT). With the single ' Alone In Love' he's killing almost every charts available in Korea. Don't forget to check out my friend's blog; dedicated for Lee Seung Gi and his airens! (me included),click HERE. as well as follow her on twitter at @LsgAirenInt Also, here's the official page for Lee Seung Gi by HOOK So for everyone that wanted to buy Lee Seung Gi's fifth album, here's the link to YESASIA where the album comes with poster in-tube! on…