Friday, December 30, 2011

Last Friday of 2011..

Today is the last Friday for 2011.
Lets look back at the memories.

For me started with an additions of great friends,
Accepted as trainee at IASS, I met wonderful people.
Six months spent was not too long yet not short,
life as trainee in this field, really got me thinking.
'Is this what I want?'
Yet, I still had great memories about it.
Thankful for people that I met & made friend with.
Adopted a cat,and now growing up handsomely ^^
ahh,been places this year too,
went to uncle's in Johor and still love it,
went to Singapore and would love to go again,
went to Penang,met my beloved friend,Athiyah, also,would love to go again!

Not to forget,the families,the friends,
the people that have been by my side,
in my ups & downs,in my great & bad days,
you guys such a precious bunches.
I'll always have you guys in my prayers & thoughts.
And always keep you guys close to my heart.
Thank Allah swt for them.

On the other side,the bad side.
Hmm, the family problems,yet to settle.
But I genuinely hope that it'll be okay soon,
And I'm very glad that I'm still standing strong,
against all the things that happened.
Again,thanks Allah swt for the strength & courage.

Hmm,new year resolutions?
Well, actually,I never really had any exact resolutions,even for the years passed.
I've just always wishes me a great year ahead & hope that I'll be a better person than last year,
a better daughter,a better sister,a better friend,a better human being.
Hehe,is that even counted as new year resolutions? ^^
What is yours?
Any way,happy new year 2012!

[However,interestingly,not too long ago,me & my sister,both found a piece of paper,
she found it in among her notes, and I found mine within a file,
both written ' 2012,South Korea!'.
I bet it's from year 2009/2010-am not sure.
Amazing,how we never tells each other about our dreams to go there,
yet that pieces of papers came out at the same time.
When I showed her mine,she presented me,hers.]

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