Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Flights rescheduled

Air Asia send me emails & smses to inform me that they had rescheduled our flights.
Not one,but both of our flights.. (well, we got 4 flights to catch)
the one that from KBR-KUL (on our way going to SK)
and the other one is the KL-KBR (on our way back home).
Phew,luckily,both adjustment will not affect our other flight(so far).
Great that we booked hours apart flight, well,considering this will happen.

Ok,next update is that, i screwed my tests...
and for the few more to come, i hope i'll do better.
Final exam will be very soon,
study week will already start around the Christmas time,
then the final will kick off around early January maybe (?).
All the best to you and me! ^^
Lets us score the final exams,
though we might screwed the common test,
it's still not too late yeorobun!
Lets fighting together!!

South Korea!Less than 100 days!!! :O

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