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Happy New Year 2015!

Happy New Year 2015 everyone!
Truly hope it is still not too late to wish that.
It's a blessing that we woke up to yet another year,2015.
May all resolution from past years that hasn't been fulfilled,will be, this year.
Hopefully this new year will bring us more joy,happiness and hopefully not too much of hardships.

We all noticed that last year,my hometown (Kelantan) was hit by a massive flood during monsoon season. Luckily enough,my area only receive some heavy flow during the first wave and none during second wave. However, it was bad,so bad that it seems like it will take long time for those affected by it to recover and bounce back to normal life. The magnitude is huge,the loss is beyond imagination and the trauma,hopefully Allah swt will help ease it. Thankfully the Rakyat as well as the government have been working hand in hand to help the flood victims. It reminded me that we Malaysian are indeed ONE. Please lets all help the victims in however way we could,be in our …