Wednesday, June 30, 2010

BBpapermodel--->so much fun:D

on a one fine day i came across a great blog, VIPz shall check them out!

the blog is all about BIG BANG..

and the one thing that makes it different from other blog,

is that they make Big Bang paper models..i know,it's dope,right?!

i've downloaded some & try to make it,

after all the cutting,folding,gluing,shaping process,

here's my collection:

GD at SBS GAYODAEJUN last year,


GDYB, friend for life,

T.O.P during Christmas,



as being asked by Mr.Tae Yang aka Young Bae in an audio teaser of his upcoming new solo album#SOLAR.


the album will contains whooping 13 songs.
& that includes his hits singles, WHERE U AT, and WEDDING DRESS.

the teaser have been posted by YG: check them out!
p/s: be ready to fall in love with him,The smooth,sleek,shy one & only TAE YANG:D







cre: KU

Monday, June 28, 2010

July-November 2010 is coming their way!!:D

the date have been set,4th July that is!

registration of the new semester for the students!

\(^__^)/ weheeeeee, finally!

for this upcoming July-Nov 2010 session,

i'll try my best to attend all classes,

last sem i only, missed 3 class~~phew,what an achievement for me:D

also,i'll do my best to get better grades!

my final year of Bac of Accountancy:D

England's sent home by Germany!

England lost to Germany, poorly 4:1....
it shud be 4:2 actually...[will long be remembered for an England “ghost goal” that is set to reignite the debate over the use of technology in football.]
either way,like it or not,
England will be marching their way back to home sweet home!
all thanks to Germany & their superb play!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

CHINA---> i've had a great trip!

say cheeeeezzzzzzzzzzzz:D
we went to China..specifically,Beijing & Tianjin, China.
it's our family vacation for 2010.
bcuz by this year end holiday,
i'll be busy with my practical at the -ONLY GOD KNOWS-which company..

without further do,let's roll the pictures...

my mum asked me to be her 'twin'..aigooo, she did it on purpose:D

while i'm waiting for the passengers to board, i saw this!!!
say what??!!food by the sky chefs;LSG!!!!
i have another LSG in my mind,Lee Seung Gi that is:D

arrived in Tianjin,
not that i'm short,my brother is just too tall!

Beijing here I come,
at first glance,this is BEIJING

the food

the places:

blooming flowers,

Tienanmen square is just outside the Forbidden city,

outside the Forbidden City,

the forbidden city is huuuge,rite?!

inside the forbidden city,

random snaps,

acrobatic show! must watch:D

sightseeing around town;D

at the jade center,

ni hao:)

great wall,3rd station;)

i just (o_O) when i saw this Korean lady climbing up the great wall in her heels just like that...aigooo

enuff for China trip,i'll post more in upcoming posts:D

i'm now, bowing out!(^__^)v

it's the World Cup season!!!

the Jo'Bulani/Jabulani that i found in Beijing,China.just outside the Adidas store.

---> lets,shall we!

WC dtg laaagi!!!! sokong pasukan mana thun ni?
Argentina? Brazil? Portugal? what's ur team?
i was rooting for South Korea before,
& they did made it to top 16,
but then they lost to Uruguay last night with the score 2:1
gaaaah,i'm so sad for my Taegeuk warriors,
the played really well,they fought till the end,
i'm so proud of them,
but there's no luck last night.
they got so many chances & missed so many as well..

hope to see,SOUTH KOREA do better in the next 2014 WC.
but then,there'll be no more Park Ji Sung or Cha Du ri I guess..
Jisung will be retires next year, Duri will be 34 by next WC.
maybe that's why Duri cried so hard after they lost,
it's so heartbreaking to see him crying.

~After the final whistle blew, defender Cha Du-ri fell to the ground and burst into tears.

"I cried wondering if I would be able to return to such a large event," the 30 year-old said. "I believe we can produce much better results four years from now, but I think this match could be the last for me." []

the game must go on, i'll be cheering on the next Asia representative,Japan!

p/s: North Korea team played well too against Brazil. they actually score a goal,which is unbelievable! the commentator said: OH,THEY MADE IT INTO THE BRAZIL'S GOAL,THE ALMIGHTY BRAZIL.well, i guess,not so mighty afterall..hahaha.btw,NK team also deserved an applause!