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BIGBANG IS ALIVE (29-02-2012)

It's Leap day! 29th Feb comes once in 4 years! For this year, it's rather special, BIGBANG's dropping their album, their comeback after a year.

TITLED : ALIVE the album has 7 songs including the intro,Alive.
iTunes YGeShop YGmusic
and another great news is that, BIGBANG: BIGSHOW will be held this upcoming March 2nd,3rd & 4th. It'll kick-start the BIGBANG's Alive World Tour
adding to that, I AM GOING TO ATTEND BIGSHOW 2012, together with my sister.

p/s: Thanks to Mr Donguk Lee for helping us in getting the tickets. Much appreciated!!


Lyric Romanized: [Seungri]Gyeouri gagobomi chajaojyourin shideulkoKeurieum soegemami meong deureotjyo(I’m singing my blues)paran nunmure paran seulpeume gildeulyeojyeo(I’m singing my blues)tteunkureume nallyeobonaen sarang oh oh[GD]Gateun haneul dareun gos neowahnawiiheomhanikka neo-ye-geseo tteonajuneungeoyaNimiran geuljae jeomhanabikeobhajiman naega monna sumneun geoyaJaninhan ibyeoreun sarangye (mallo)keu eotteonmaldo wiiro twehl suneun eoptdagoAma nae insaengye majimag mello magi naeryeo oneyo ije[Daesung]Taeyeonaseo neol mannagojugeul mankeum saranghagoParahke muldeureo shirin nae maeumnuneul kamado neol neukgil su eoptjanha[Taeyang]Gyeouri gago bomi chajaojyourin shideulkoKeurieum soge mami meongdeureotjyo

Last post for Seoul first trip.

From previous post,here.
We spent the last couple days strolling around Itaewon 
in searching for souvenirs to bring back home,
as well as trying eateries there. keke

On our last day , we spent the whole morning walking & absorbing Hongdae.
Wah, pretty sure we gonna miss it terribly!
We went to YG Building to bid farewell,
and we went back to the hostel.

Saw a drama shooting just around the corner to our hostel,
so we decided to go and check it out.
Turn out it's Wang Ji Hye shooting for *idunnowhatdrama
p/s: Wang Ji Hye is the 'ice-cream girl' in Protect The Boss drama.

Pick up our backpacks and went our way to the airport,
after saying goodbye and promise to comeback to Mr Donguk Lee,
we left for good.
Annyeong Seoul! 
Seeya again on March 1st for the BIGSHOW trip!


It's Monday, so we figured it's gonna be best for us to go check out the Trick Eye Museum. Well,it just around the corner anyway,in Hongdae. Trick Eye Museum is in Hongdae..located in among the alleys there. How to get there? here's:
From subway line 2(green line), get off at Hongik Univ station, and look out for exit 9. From exit 9, just go straight, pass Paris Baguette, Citibank and then turn left and u'll see Starbucks,walk towards it. Cross over the street at Starbucks and walk up that alley until u see a large orange sign that says 'Trick Eye Museum'. It's located underground so don't miss it! Keep ur eyes peeled! The entrance fee is 13 000 Won for adult & 11 000 for youth under 18.

We went in and had so much fun.Wow, amazing arts. There's 3D's and various kind of arts on display. We're allowed to wander around the museum & take pictures, well, they even provide few staff to help with the picture taking process :P Enjoy some of the pictures!


DAY 8 - 12th Feb: Ewha Univ,Gyeongbukgung,Itaewon

It's Sunday! So there's a special breakfast prepared by the manager! But it's beef soup >_< We've told the manager before of what we consume & what we don't since we're Muslim, lucky he remembered and prepared us something else! *thanks*
While we're having our breakfast, there's 1N2D show on tv. It shows the members visiting 'Gyeongbokgung Palace', along side with the Professor that went to Namsan Mountain with them in Gyeongju before. Since we haven't been in the palace, we decided to go there later today.
We've heard that Ewha Univ is a beautiful campus, so we decided to go and take a look ourselves. Anyway it's just couple stops away from Hongik Univ Station by subway. Wow! Indeed, a beautiful place.

The flower wall at the entrance, the unique underground building(?!), even the surrounding area is a bit chic compared to Hongdae :D We wanted to walk around,but our legs didn't cooperating.hehe.
So,we headed to our next destination! T…
Kepada sesiapa yang nak kirim apa2 (yg appropriate lah kan-kena bayar of course!),dengan penuh ikhlas saya nk buat 'open counter'. Sape2 berminat, tulis kt bwh apa yg korg nk kirim, nt kami2 akan survey harga dlu,kalo brg2 tu mcm spesel ke apa, like kain ke, hanbok ke, baju ke,kasut ke,Bigshow merchandise ker, Kpop souvenirs ker,poster ke,album ke,etc lah setiap kiriman jgn la lebih2 dari 1kg kot, first 10 come first serve or akan di consider dlu oleh kami2. OK? Pape hal nt akan D update lagi.

CLOSED already. kpd kak Jaja, email me your address ye.

Day 7 - 11th Feb : Gwangjang Market, Angel Wings!

Brrrr,annyeong! I think the weather is getting warmer, thought it's nearer to 0C, but as we checked,it's -11C. hahahaha,have we lost our senses?
So,it's Saturday again! We arrived here last Saturday, this whole experience feels like dream. Coming to the beautiful land that we always watch on 1N2D. So sad that the show will be ending after 6 years , :( We lost the chance to go to their last recording the other day.
Using the 'Seoul in 1 day' episode as our reference, today we're heading to the 'Gwangjang Market'!

The place that Mc Kang Hodong went in that episode.
It's a huge market, not really like too traditional market, but it does sells almost everything from foods to hanbok to kimchis,etc.

There's so many small eateries that sells bibimbap too. As in the episode, Mc Kang Hodong ate a huge bowl of bibimbap,we'd wanna try too. But we really have to choose carefully, since we didn't wanna risk ourselves of eating any haram food. We scanned the shops tho…

Around Hongdae

Through out our stay in Seoul, we only stayed at one place, Hongdae! It's very nice there,since the hostels & GHs are located in the neighbourhood. We get to see & experience the Korean lifestyle better here. The line 2,Green line,connecting us to many great places. So we didn't have to transfer too many time.
Hongdae is a lively place,rather very calm during the day, and so much fun when the dark take over! The clubs,the small food stall, the cafes, the young people adds so much more color to Hongdae. Well,I'm not too good with words,so let the pictures do the talking :D

*Morning walk *
*calm morning Hongdae*

*busy intersection outside exit 2,line 2,Hongik Univ Station*

*of many interesting art (?)*
*live performance on the street by indie band despite the coldness*
*playing games*
*aah,so tempted to buy those* xDD

*of so many cafes*
*2nd shop of Coffee Prince,runs by MBC*
*the 1st Coffee Prince cafe*
*hello Kitty themed cafe*

Day 6- 10th Feb : Naksan Park & Dinner at Yeolbong?!

So it's Friday! Went to Sinchon,which is a station away. Nothing much,just wanna check it out. Found Sogang Univ there. *wave at Kak Zarina* Went inside and snap some pics,it's nice campus. Like being in a garden much?

But we didn't walked around much,bcuz our legs were not in their best condition. D: Well,actually also becuz we're saving it for Hyehwa later.

After Sinchon,we went to the line 4,Hyehwa Station. In search of the Ihwa Village, the village that Seunggi went in the 'Seoul 1 Day' 1n2d special episode. It's where the angel wings and some beautiful murals located. It's actually located at the feet of Naksan Park, so it's like 2 in 1.

We hiked all the way up there.

And it's snowing!!!! almost heavily!!

ahh,my first snow!! hehehehe
On our way up,we saw so many beautiful arts/murals,etc.

And we did found the Ihwa village on our way down. It's been washed away by the villagers,so it's true. No more angel wings :(
Frustrated,we came back to our hoste…