Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 7 - 11th Feb : Gwangjang Market, Angel Wings!

Brrrr,annyeong! I think the weather is getting warmer,
thought it's nearer to 0C,
but as we checked,it's -11C.
hahahaha,have we lost our senses?

So,it's Saturday again! We arrived here last Saturday,
this whole experience feels like dream.
Coming to the beautiful land that we always watch on 1N2D.
So sad that the show will be ending after 6 years , :(
We lost the chance to go to their last recording the other day.

Using the 'Seoul in 1 day' episode as our reference,
today we're heading to the 'Gwangjang Market'!

The place that Mc Kang Hodong went in that episode.

It's a huge market, not really like too traditional market,
but it does sells almost everything from foods to hanbok to kimchis,etc.

There's so many small eateries that sells bibimbap too.
As in the episode, Mc Kang Hodong ate a huge bowl of bibimbap,we'd wanna try too.
But we really have to choose carefully,
since we didn't wanna risk ourselves of eating any haram food.
We scanned the shops thoroughly,and we decided to eat at this ahjumma place that has no appearance of pigs,or anything haram,just bibimbap.

Just before that we bought this veges pancake from an ahjumma,

thus we only ordered a bowl of bibimbap for 5000won.

The ahjumma greeted me with a 'Ni Hao', asking whether I came from Hong Kong.
What? Hong Kong???? Instead I said 'Malaysia' out loud!
hahaha, surprisingly, the ahjumma knew about Malaysia,
and said 'ah,Malaysian, they speak great English' ~well,in Korean of course.

Then we wandered in the market,we found a place that sells kimchi,
many types of them. We tried some of them and bought some 'small crab kimchi'.

After a good hours of strolling around the Gwangjang market, we walked by the stream to Dongdaemun. We wanted to see around the market,but then it's getting colder and our legs was hurting. So we just went straight to our next destination.

All I remember is 'Wangsimni Square'. Just that.not more.
By having just that as direction, we headed to Wangsimni Station,Line 2,which is quite far away from our Dongdaemun station.
Well,just in search for the 'angel wings'!!
It's been said that after the original wings at Ihwa Village made popular by Lee Seung Gi,
the villagers were annoyed by the large amount of visitors flocked there to see the mural,
so they did something unexpected by washing away the mural :(
and after sometime, it's resurface again at the Wangsimni Square.
We're so excited to see it!
I even flashed my Airen's Tshirt!! xDDDD
It's very-very cold,despite the sun.

And since it's Saturday,we wanted to go to the Hongdae Flea market.
The location was right,playground in front of Hongik Univ,
the timing was right,Saturday 1pm -6pm......
but there's no flea market or what so ever!!
Later I learnt that the flea market was not held during Feb,
since it's held only during March-November.
Went home after long day of strolling.
Ouch,our legs........ so lenguh laaaa.....

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