Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 5 - 9th Feb : out of luck!

Actually we tried to check out this morning. We left our bag at the hostel first and head out to Incheon Airport. Why? We wanna send BIGBANG off to NYC. However,there's some issues arises, which airport, Gimpo or Incheon?? Some said Gimpo,some said Incheon :( We're so unsured but still boldly went to the Incheon airport. We arrived just about on time, but we never met anyone. We searched the info from internet, words coming saying that Bigbang departed from Gimpo Airport. WHUUUUT???!! Which one is true???? Ahh,so we wondered around the airport anyway. And send some postcards to friends back home.

On our back home, we stopped at Hapjeong station, to buy some winter jacket,since it's getting too cold. We bought 2 jackets for 30 000 won. After that we came back to pick up our backpack. We're heading to Yeouido later on thinking that we could catch the last filming of 1n2d. So,before we move out we asked Mr Lee to check whether or not they'll do their opening from the famous KBS stairs. Arrgh,Mr Lee said 'Nope! They're filming by the sea. And will end up at Daejeon,also by the sea. He warned us not to go anyway,since it's gonna be colder there. ㅠㅠ

OUT OF LUCK!!!!!!!! ㅠㅠ

However,we did made our way to see the KBS Building. It's indeed colder there too,bcuz it's by the river. Our plan was to stay around there, but there's no budget hotels or hostels nor GH there. After strolling around the Yeouido Park, we went inside of KBS lobby and use their internet cafe,for free. I think,we stayed inside for good two hours. ㅋㅋㅋ By the way,when we arrived,we saw Danny Ahn of GOD hosting his radio show.

Since we yet to figure out where to stay for the night,we searched for nearby jimjilbang. It's clearly stated in the site that we shall take bus #823, unluckily,the bus with that number never come our way :( So last resort,we retrieved back to the 'Birdnest Hostel'.

Upon arriving at the hostel,AGAIN, Mr Lee greeted us with a big laugh,hearing our story. We told him we'll be staying there for the next three days. He said of course,and told us that we could pay when we ready,and before checking out of course. Thanks Mr Lee Donguk!

Later on that night,we decided to go see the oh-so-famous-Hongdae nightlife.
Wow! Hongdae is indeed the place where youth hang out.

Dressed to impress, they all either queing to enter clubs or just meeting friends at the so many cafes to choose from.

*kids are lining up to enter clubs*

It's so lively. We went to the 'Club Street' and indeed 'nb club' is very famous. The queue is sooooo long!

One of many cafe

We make our way to nearest G25 to get us some hot coffee.
We saw few youth looking inside a cafe, Coffee Smith Cafe
so we just went with the crowd,and it's Davichi!!
They're singing for a live show shooting. We stayed.
Later that night, there's also Bobby Kim!!
OMG, from out of luck,we actually got so lucky!
However no pics of them.

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