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Day 4-8th Feb : Coffee Prince,BIGBANG!

The other day we went to the branch cafe of the Coffee Prince Cafe aka Tiramisu Cafe.
So today,our mission is to find the original cafe!
We searched for direction from the internet and found it immediately,thanks internet! ㅎㅎ
However it's not as what we expected. It looks like it's not well-maintained, and like many fans said before,indeed,the staff are not like the one we seen on the drama at all, and they're not friendly too >ㅅ<

We joined a group of Japanese tourists to enter the cafe,
and while they're ordering,we didn't want to waste any time,so we try to snap pic.
but,we got scolded by the waitress,with a cold tone and not even a smile on their face, they told us that we had to order first before we could take any pictures. Aaargh,the waitress just killed my mood. So we decided to cancel and went outside :(

So to lighten our mood,we decided to go to YG Building again.
Since it's the 2000th day of Bigbang debut~

ㅎ ㅎ this is what happening when u're a fan and stay just a station away.
We brave the bitter cold & made our way there.
Like the day before,we just sat quietly outside the G25 infront of their gate.
There were so many cars that day and we also saw SBS vans & officers ,
so we just muted ourselves and sat there.

There's no objection from them either.
They just allow us sat there since we didn't snap too many pictures.
We just sat there,sipping our coffee in the bitterness of the cold.
So after a while we saw a Merc passed by and entered the YG yard,
we looked and said to each other,
urmm,she does look very familiar....Oh shut! She's Sean's wife!!! Harang's mom. Awesome!
Then a van came in the yard, a familiar face with a new hair color coming out from the van and entered the building. Again,we're thinking,that guy is even more familiar,and the smile was so fascinating even the behavior and the clothes! It's none other than Daesung of BigBang!! With blonde hair!!!!!!!!!! xDDD Aigooo,since when we got so lucky. Also no wonder he's the smiling angel,his smile is just beyond awesome,Papa YG indeed was right. Daesung's smile is the best~

After a while,we saw few more international people came into the building.

(couple days later we learned,they're choreographers)
Followed by Mr YG himself little later. Few dancers also made their way inside too. and of them was the oh-so-hot Seo Ki chul! xDDD
*no pictures as to respect the artists privacy*

It gets colder and we decided to go to our hostel. We're staying at Birdnest hostel, 18 000 won per night/person~female dorm. Mr Lee Donguk is so cool,he helped us with our battle for BigShow ticket.However,again,we lost!! ㅠㅠ ok then,bbyong!


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