Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 2- Ys: YG Ent HQ & YONSEI UNIV


Woke up at 7 am, phew,what a long sleep!

Today,we wanted to stroll around Hongdae!

But first,we're girls on a mission: to witness the YG Building!!!

It's just a station away from our exit, so why not? ^^

We took Line 2,and off at the Hapjeong Station,exit 8.

Followed th direction given at a site,we found it!!

Saw the YG Building with our own eyes! *_*

Actually it's not that gigantic as we imagined it should be,it's just right.

By the time we arrived,there's the vans,and one was in it's way out.

Only God knows who's inside.

So we decided to wait for a while.

And then,tadaa,came the famous trainer,Hwangssabu-nim!
*sorry no-pic* *respect others privacy*

kekeke,he's not tall aka short! I wonder who's inside the building! :o

We do met with some other I-YG stans on our way to the building.

After a while,we went into the G25 shop to buy food & recharge our T-Money.

Guess who came in???

It's Harang's Papa ~ The Sean Ro!

He bought milk and walk into the building.

But I din say anything nor ask for his sign.

*sorry no-pic* *respect others privacy*

Then came out the famous manager , Boyoung Unnie! ^^

*sorry no-pic* *respect others privacy*

kekeke,she's with another unnies,maybe going out for lunch.

We met a pair of J-VIPz, they waited for a while,even took memorial picture with us.

But then,it's too cold for us to wait any longer,so we left.

Of course,so sad! But happy,bcuz like 'gah,finally!' :D

We want to go to Hongik Univ but then again,ended up at another way.

Like all of the sudden,we're in Yonsei Univ! hahaha,whatever!

Spent our day in Yonsei campus

& came back to our hostel.
In this kinda weather,indeed,being inside guesthouse is the BEST!! xD


  1. Salam Fiqah^^
    Kak zarina ni.
    If have time drop by Sogang la..hehe.
    Winter is so cold nowadays because there's no snow.

    1. Akak!!! went to Sogang already!! tapiiii,xde la pulak nmpk akak.hahaha,mcm la akak tgu kt gate kan.hehe,nice campus Sogang

  2. wslm, hehe. Sogang kt mana dah? A'ah,sejuuuuuk td bli bju tebal dah.haha


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