Sunday, April 22, 2012

Going to YG Entertainment Building

What a trip to Seoul,South Korea without ever going to see 
 THE YG Entertainment HQ building for the YG stans? 
Be it VIP,LUCKY 7 or BLACKJACK (just naming some), 
even seeing the building itself brings joy & excitement to us,right?
 Let alone being lucky enough to see the stars up close :D

Going to YG building almost becoming my daily routine,tehee.
*no, i'm not a sasaeng fans*
 It's hard not to when you know where it is.
Because,it's like, 
"this is my only chance to see and experience the awesomeness first hand".
Actually I had tried walking from Hongdae to Hapjeong too.
 It's not too far though, yes, I did reached YG Building,
but it's time & energy consuming. ^^ 
Best to go by subway or bus, or better taxi. 
Haven't tried going by bus or taxi,just subway. 
So,here it is.

Take subway Line 2 (Green). Off at Hapjeong Station, exit 8.
It's about 5-10minutes from the station,depends on your pace.
Hehe,like mine,I bet yours will be as light too :D

Off the exit 8,just go straight.
You'll see a gas station right outside,keep walking.
Keep walking until you see Hotel Circle on your right side.
Then keep walking, you'll see another gas station, however,keep walking!
Walk along the road until you see a junction, cross it,
 you'll see a 'Coffee & Beer' cafe,
here you'll see a huge statue overlooking to the Hangang Park to your left. 
Ignore it though.
The statue overlooking Hangang park
Just follow the path. It'll lead you to another junction,
 this time turn to your right.
Walk along the path. 
Keep your eyes open wide. 
Look carefully, 
the YG Building is already visible from that point!
See!! The YG building!!!
Cross the road,walk pass the 'Prouod' apartment, 
the YG Ent building is right there!
There's also a G25 minimart right next to YG Building.
Notice it's among the alley so don't get lost in the alleys yah ;)
At night, you could see the Bigbang's cartoon stand. See??
Pray for all the luck to be on your side upon going there.
 The first time I went there, I stumbled into Mr Sean Ro of JinuSean inside the G25.
 I was like, 'erm, I kinda recognise this man' 
before immediately recall that he's Sean! >_<
 Yes, the artists,staff, trainees,dancers,coodi noonas,etc 
do goes and buys stuff from the G25 minimart
 as well as eat out at nearby restaurant, especially the dancers.
Later on, we saw Hwangssabu-nim and few other staff/managers/dancers.
I saw Seo Ki Chul, one of the dancer,he's a hottie! >_>  
After that, I kept stumble into Mr Sean & Ssabu-nim.
 Even at the concert hall, while we're hanging around the stadium
 before the concert started,Ssabu-nim greeted us.
We also saw many young trainees, B I being one of them.
He kinda look like Tablo a bit,yeah,that kinda face.

I also saw Dae's blonde hair on the day before they departed to NYC. 
BIGBANG's recording a SBS program 'Healing Camp' that day.
Hehe,maybe that's the reason they revealed it the next day at the airport. 
Because it's around their promotional time,
it's very much possible to see BIGBANG's boys going into & out of the building. 
SBS staff bringing in their equipmemt.

No worry, you could wait outside all day long if you want to,
just don't go inside their compound.
However there aren't too many fanboys that dare to go near the HQ.
Usually they just came,look from afar & took picture then left.
One day we met with a fanboy, from the accent,I bet he's from US.
When asked who's he's waiting to see,
he said he just wanna see the building.
He then sat at a corner, with a happy face, smiling & adoring the building. haha. *precious*
He's too shy to admit he's waiting for his fav..i don't know...

During my other tripS I saw 2NE1's member as well. 
Minji, Bommie,went for their daily workout.
Bommie is too adorable! One night,she even stop her van to greet the waiting fans.
Minji is relatively small to how I imagine her to be. 
She's petite and Bommie indeed a goddess-like. 

Random troop passing YG Ent HQ when Taeyang, Daseung & Seungri just arrived.
Normal -rainy day at YG Ent
On another lucky day, while walking my way towards the building, 
I saw a white van going towards the building. 
We ran all our might and managed to catch up with se7en's arrival! 
He's such a sweetheart!
He came out of the vans,waved & posed for us.Teheee!
 Later on Tablo arrived. 
He's so polite, he greeted us & bowed to the fans before entering the building.

I also saw se7en arriving to the building with his Maserati one day. 

Dancers, Kim Ji Hye and fellow dancers,
preparing to go out  for the YG On Air recording.

During my final trip to YG Ent HQ before leaving for good, Ssabu-nim saw me & my sister and greeted us, he might recognised us after all, we're always went to the building, >_< also maybe because he saw us up close other night before, he was behind us in the concert hall, D-3. He left to another section after the picture of yellow-crownstick sea that he tweeted.

So there you go!!! Wish you all the best of luck if you're going!


  1. wow wow wow...dah update...hehehe... likeeeeeeeeee a lot... :))

  2. It is pretty fun just seeing the building! I wish I had more time to hang around it and just wait. Maybe next year when I love to Korea...

  3. yeeezzaaaa
    my next holiday plan is KOREA....

  4. wow I'm so a good way, of course hahaha
    can you tell me the address???? please!!! :D

  5. Anon: Hi Dear, do you mean YG address? I'm sorry because I don't know the proper can try search it at Bigbangupdates's blog.. i think they have it

    1. ahh yes yes, YG building address, but it's ok. I've been looking for it, but they always write it in a different way, thank anyways :)

  6. wahhh...soo grateful u and ur sister has been there before...i hope i will come to Korea this year with my friends too....can i know the address of YGE building....i love to meet 2NE1...

    1. Anis: Hai, i ddin't have the complete address cuz I also went based on directions found online too. It was still the same but many new development/stores changes happening in the area,however,my direction still usable. hope u have fun and got to meet 2ne1 girls..but,this year is busy year,check their schedule yah!

  7. Very interesting journey!! I think it's really a must place to go for YG Stans. hehe.. =)

  8. Anne: Hi. Yes..indeed! If you got time and chances to go and see it,just go..don't mind what others might think about you..keunyang ka!

  9. hey added you on facebook , do confirm friend request ^^
    -Irene Ng

  10. wow which area u live that trip? i wanna pass by the building everyday also ~ I'm goin to seoul vry soon!

    1. Villainvs: Hi! I stayed at Hongdae,just next to Hapjeong..if you wanna pass by the building everyday, you might wanna find GH nearby Hapjeong for example, Kim's GH if i'm not mistaken.Hope you'll have a great trip cuz mine always sooo great everytime! :D

    2. ^_^ thanks alot for ur tips!! yeah prepare to hav fun!

    3. ^_^ thanks alot for ur tips!! yeah prepare to hav fun!

  11. Wowwww u r soooo lucky to got to see them. I really wish i could go there n meet my fav new YG's boyband which is iKon xD can i know u went there w/ ur fmly or what? cs if not i wanna know ur budget (if u dont mind) hehe sorry :)

    1. Anon: Hi! yeah,lady luck would be on us sometimes..but not all the times. I went there on my own and also with my family (many trips already). The budget usually be very low (my maximum was RM3k or less including flight tickets) because it's always a backpacking trip which I design and planned my trip on my own. You should do the same if you want to make it a budget trip. But you'll have to read a lot too. That's all.

    2. On ur own tu u mean u went there sorang sorang? Wow u r really brave :O Hm btw u went there for how many days yea? :)

    3. Anon: hahaha,yes last year I went sorang2..tapi selalunya I went with my sister because I couldn't stand feeling lonely traveling alone.hehe.tambah pulak selalu pergi winter,lagi la rasa lonely kalau pegi sorang2. Not that I'm brave,but I feel safe there. Most of the time seminggu. paling lama dalam sebulan.

  12. Hehe ok ok :) I hope i am brave enuf to go there sorang sorang since a lot of people said that Korea was a safe country... hm k now i feel like tak sabar gila nak pergi sana Haha xD btw can i know ur age??? ha n one more thing, u pandai speak Korean eh?? ((sorry for asking too many things :)))

    1. Anon: i wish u best of luck. Generally it's a safe country,but please be careful as well. We never know if anything might goes wrong. I'm 27 this year and yes I could understand and speak (konon) basic Korean, enough for me to pass by.hehe,it's just a bonus if you knew Korean. easier for you to navigate and go around or ask around should u lost in translation.keh3. takpe2,tny la byk2 pun..kalau tak,makin bersawang la blog ni. Btw wht's ur name & age too? saje nk berkenalan ;)

    2. U know how to speak Korean?!!!! wow that's great tho.. I dont even know how to speak Korean since im not really into Korean thingy. even nak ingat nama mereka pun i feel like so damn hard xD Hehe but lately i teringin nak pergi sana cs my lil sis had introduce me w/ Bobby n his group n now i feel like falling in love w/ em xD hahahah omg it's quite embarrassing la confess kat sini xDDD Oh n btw my name is Syafiqah ((just like ur name if i'm not mistaken??)) n im 20 this year. :)) .

    3. Anon: Basic je Koreannya..boleh la buat2 tanya jalan..order2 makan..mcm tu je..takde yg terer2 pun.. Yep,same name! Nt kalau pegi,if nasib baik boleh jumpa trainee2 n artis2 kat YG HQ tu,,doakan je.hehe.all the best!

  13. Wahhhhh bestnyaaa! I really love your first sentence! That's like so obvious haha. If I ever get the chance to go to Korea, YG building is the main place that I want to visit xD

    1. Miera: Haha,yes!! the ultimate place to go.


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