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~The Beginning to something Beautiful~

Couple weeks ago, my family and few friends went on a day trip to Perhentian Island in Kuala Besut,Terengganu. The jetty is just about 45 minutes away from my house. It's a day trip and also my first ever snorkelling experience. >_< And since I don't know how to swim, it's kinda a nerve-wrecking experience for me. Hands down, the coral reefs, the coral fishes ,the underwater world there,really is the best! I had so much fun and can't wait to return back, maybe for weekend getaway.

p/s: saw two turtles that day.They're so fast, and for a non-swimmer like me, furiously envious seeing foreigners chasing after the turtle >_>

Going to YG Entertainment Building

What a trip to Seoul,South Korea without ever going to see   THE YG Entertainment HQ building for the YG stans?  Be it VIP,LUCKY 7 or BLACKJACK (just naming some),  even seeing the building itself brings joy & excitement to us,right?  Let alone being lucky enough to see the stars up close :D
Going to YG building almost becoming my daily routine,tehee.
*no, i'm not a sasaeng fans*  It's hard not to when you know where it is. Because,it's like,  "this is my only chance to see and experience the awesomeness first hand". Actually I had tried walking from Hongdae to Hapjeong too.  It's not too far though, yes, I did reached YG Building, but it's time & energy consuming. ^^  Best to go by subway or bus, or better taxi.  Haven't tried going by bus or taxi,just subway.  So,here it is.
Take subway Line 2 (Green). Off at Hapjeong Station, exit 8. It's about 5-10minutes from the station,depends on your pace. Hehe,like mine,I bet yours will be as lig…


-Super Late & Long edition-

So BIGBANG kick off their world tour with their annual concert,
 BIGSHOW in Seoul. This year is particularly special,
 as me and my sister had the chance to attend the concert! Being BIGBANG's fans for years,
we dreamt of attending the BIGSHOW for so long. It's like the ultimate dream of every single VIPs! With the help of the hostel owner at the place we stayed in Seoul, we managed to secure tickets for Day 1 & Day 3! Yayy!! It was all so surreal, and felt like dream to us. Seeing the sea of crownstick,omgreatness, the best feeling ever!

Day 1~2 March 2012, Friday.
After confirming the locations of the Olympic Park, we headed there rather early in the morning. The subway is filled with many other fellow VIPs too. Some of them holding the crownstick proudly, as they marched their way to the concert hall. Queuing in the freezing coldness of late winter in Seoul is no joke! We're queueing for concert merchandises almost 6 hours. Our legs wer…


What is YGe answer to KBS MuBank? YG ON AIR.
They creates their own stage, as to their liking, and their artist perform at their best. As YGe stated that, these special stages were produced by YG, through two versions, band version and performance version, with the use of techno crain cameras as well as eight special effects cameras that are normally only used for producing music videos or movies. HD cameras, Fantastic Outfits, Superb performances, what else ones could ask for seems like both BIGBANG & VIPs are having fun at it. For this recording, YGe invited the 4th batch of the official VIPs to join the recording. YG ON AIR never disappoints!
Lets enjoy the series of YG On AIR from YGe!

BIGBANG - YG On Air ▶ LOVE DUST (사랑먼지)


BIGBANG - YG On Air ▶ AIN'T NO FUN (재미없어)


BIGBANG - YG On Air ▶ WINGS (날개)
And here's a bonus from YGe!
BIGBANG - YG On Air ▶ BAD BOY ver.2


Geunal bameun naega neomu simhaesseo niga jinjjaro tteonagal jureun mollasseo “naega mianhae” i mal hanmadi eoryeowoseo urin kkeutkkaji ga nae seonggyeogi deoreowoseo Maldo an doeneun illo datugireul haruedo susip beon Neon ulmyeonseo ttwichyeonaga nan juwireul duribeon Dasi doraogetji naeirimyeon bunmyeong meonjeo yeollagi ogetji achimimyeon
Baby nan motae neomuna mot dwaeseo deo jalhaejugo sipeunde jal andwae Everyday & night i’m so mean cuz i’m so real so i’m sorry (but i can’t change)
Niga saranghaneun naneun sorry i’m a bad boy Geurae charari tteona jal gayo you’’re a good girl Sigani galsurok nal almyeoneun alsurok silmangman namatgetjiman
Baby don’t leave me i know you still love me Wae geurae soljikhi na malhae niga pillyohae my lay lay lay lay lady my lay lay lay lay lady
Botongnamjawa dalla neomu himdeuldago Neon ajikdo sonyeogachi neomu yeoryeo maeilgachi useojuneun ne gyeoten naega neomu eoryeo Bappeudaneun pinggyero yaksogeul mirwobeoryeo mianhan na soksanghan maeume goga…

Gone too soon~

A dear friend passed away in a car crash. RIP to him. He's like a brother to us, brother from another parents. a former student of my mom, but remain close relationship even after school... He never miss to come to our house during celebrations & special occasions. Now he's gone. T_T RIP Wee Wai Hwa


This is the song that I've been really into nowadays. All 7 songs from the Alive album by BIGBANG are truly awesome, and Wings definitely is a song that has deep meaning behind it. The song was co-written by both Daesung & G Dragon,
Daesung's performing Wings at the BIGSHOW, footage from SBS Alive comeback show. Ahh, i remember that I got goosebumps from the loud fanchant by VIPs at the concert. Glad that Daesung felt the support & love. When he told SBS that he was left wanting for more after the performance, my heart couldn't be any more happier! Himnae Daesung! Hamkaehae!
and here's fancam that i found from YT.

Listening to the song, I got the feeling of being embrace, that even though bad thing happen in life, nothing wrong with it, that I can be sad, I can be angry and shout it out loud, and move on after that. Life's beautiful anyway, why waste it, right? I'm freakin love this song soo much!
Lyrics & Translation: Today, on a day like this, she saysWe should b…