Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Snapshot

In just couple hours, it'll be another year.
Yay, 2016. New Year, New Adventure!

2015 in review.

As of January, I started my duty as research assistant (RA) to a wonderful Assoc. Prof. Dr Zu ( well, to at least 4 another Dr as well (Dr Lia, Dr Azida, Dr Bell & Prof Normah). I was in my final semester and Dr Zu said, she needed me for a big project coming in April. February and March was filled with so many promotions of the training, appointment, meetings with the statutory bodies and whatnot, I lost count on the international calls that we made. Operating in UK time while living in Malaysia is a bit challenging, but it's all worth it when the event & training goes smoothly without any glitch. United Kingdom is calling, hence, come April, I visited United Kingdom as committee member for a training provided by the institution I'm working at, ARI. Thanks to ARI, I got to visit, Ireland, France, Qatar and of course the UK.  May and June was packed with the report for the training and conference that we held in the UK. I went on a trip back to South Korea, my second home in July.. It was during Islam's fasting month and Korea's hottest month..urgh.worst combo! Then, took a trip to Krabi Island with my ARI team in August. My birthday was spent with my close buddy in Thailand! September was when we sent Mira to the UK, she's doing her master in Oxford Brookes now. Come October, it was Paul Barnes turn to visit ARI for two weeks. Delegates from Universitas Indonesia, Dr Ancella and Dr. Dian visited ARI to discuss on the upcoming Four A events. That time around, the CEO of Al-Baik Food System, Mr Rami Abu Ghazaleh visited ARI with her daughter. November is the time for Four A in Bandung, Indonesia. Dr. Ancella's team from Universitas Indonesia were the proud organizer of the event. My family and I went to Vietnam in December. My team won gold medal at the MIIEX 2015, phew all the sweat and tears! and the ICONIgS Conference 2015 that ARI's been planning with UiTM Melaka went well! Yay!  up till now, my life as a RA was filled with designing training & attending conferences, submitting publications, publishing reports, meeting & entertaining delegates from all over the world. Who would ever thought that preparing for an event seems like such a fun challenge now, well at least I never ever imagine my life would be like this a year ago. It's a great year, I learn a lot and matured too.  God sure knows better! Alhamdulillah. And with that, I welcome the year 2016! Please be great.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

YEAR END SALE! Nak perabih stok oii ~

YEAR END SALE before the monsoon hit east coast. Stok terhad dah ni and all must go! Lepas ni kena bersedia kemungkinan banjir di Kelantan. Lama la pulak nak restok barang ni. Jom Jom, cepat2 whatsapp Fiqah Lee @ 013-9562695 . Posting semua before Krismas aka Insyaallah sebelum musim banjir.

2 super model mascara
3 iron curve mascara
2 super black eyeliner  SOLD OUT!
3 lady m v shape
2 platinum
1 diva
2 gold  bb
2 mousse bb
2 aquara
8 rice milk soap + collagen
12 rice milk soap
2 asantee rice milk soap + collagen

SERIOUS BUYER ONLY!!  Ramai yang buat naya, suruh Fiqah hold stok, cakap nak bayar sekian2,, tup3, senyaaaaappp sunyi.. tak baik camtu tau >_<"