Thursday, March 31, 2011


what is about travelling that i love it so much??

it’s the feeling and thought that it gives to me,

that i’m lucky ;

to be born in my country,

and having all the things that i’ve had in my life..

the opportunity to meet new friends along the way,

and the cultures and foods that i get to experience and taste..

not to forget, the beautiful places that i get to see!

btw,this is Damascus,Syria

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

DAY 5!

Day 5 - A picture of something you love

clear blue sky and beach:)
my sweet escape,always!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

DAY 4!

Day 4 - A picture of something you'd like to do again

i'd love to do it again-again and again
Mekah & Madinah,
the places that i long to go again:D

Saturday, March 26, 2011


turn off the light!
it's the Earth Hour!! xDDD

eh, what is that?Earth Hour??
Earth Hour is an-hour global event organized by WWF..

when is that???
held on the last Saturday of March


What to do??
basically asking households
businesses to turn off their non-essential lights
and other electrical appliances
for one hour to raise awareness
towards the need to take action on climate change

When it's started?
in 2007,
when 2.2 million residents of Sydney,
participated by turning off all non-essential lights.
in the following years, many cities in the world participated in this event,
showing their commitment for a better future for the younger generations.

This year?
Earth Hour 2011
will take place on March 26, 2011
from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.,
at participants' respective local time!

also,i want to share the Seoul style of Earth Hour,
here at Banana Milk!

Let's all do our little effort for our beloved Earth:)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

it kept me going forward!

song by Firdaus- Ku Berlari

Ku langkahkan kaki ini
Di hangat mentari pagi
Ku syukuri hari ini, aku masih berdiri

Dan aku tinggalkan masa kelabu
Dan lalu mulakan jalannya kerna-Mu

Semangat optimis diri jalan hari dengan pasti
Selama jantung berdetak, selama itupun

Takkan berhenti berlari wujudkan mimpi
Terus berlari agar hidup ini bererti

Terjatuh bangkit aku kembali
Susah payah aku tak peduli
Kerna hidup hanya sekali

Dengarkanlah teman seloka hiburan
Tak perlulah kita asyik nak berlawan
Kita semua kawan tak boleh berlawan
Kalau kita renggang kita ketinggalan

Bebaskan dirimu dari dibelenggu
Teruskan langkahmu ayuh kita maju
Mari bersamaku nyanyi lagu ini
Jangan difikirkan resah yang di hati

Semua itu hanya dimindamu
Tak perlu kau sangsi tak perlu kau ragu
Segala-galanya pastikan berlalu
Mentari kan muncul mendung kan berlalu

Cat Farish:
Suka duka perkara biasa
Kita pasti lalu bezanya pada waktu
Bila berlari kenalah berstrategi
Jangan ikut hati, ikut hati nanti mati
Biarlah terlambat atur jalan cermat
Pelan-pelan kayuh jgn sampai otak penat
Sentiasa bawa diri hati-hati hari-hari beri erti pada diri
Jangan berhenti kejar mimpi senyuman diberi tanpa semua benci menghantui hati
Biarkan saja, takdir semua nyata
Bersyukurlah masih lagi bernyawa

Dan aku tinggalkan masa kelabu
Takkan berhenti berlari wujudkan mimpi
Terus berlari agar hidup ini bererti

Takkan berhenti
Berlari wujudkan mimpi
Terus berlari
Agar hidup ini bererti

Takkan berhenti berlari wujudkan mimpi…

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Who's going????
raise up ur hands!!
i figured out from friends/Noonies/Banana's Girls,
that Seoul Fashion Week/SFW is just around the corner,
fellow bloggers are all excited to check it out!
sounds fun,aah,well pretty sure it'll be fun,
refer to Noona's Blog for previous SFW..
and to celebrate the SFW, Cory aka one of Banana's Girls,
had made a set-list of the SFW,
go check it out!
at Banana Milk: SFW of course!
~go go go!~


^^ what was your Mini(s)?
by that,i meant to ask,
what was the mini series you've watched growing up?Align Center

i wanna share mine too.
growing up as a kid and teenager,
i've watched quite a number of mini-series,
Student Bodies,
Breaker High,
Outlaws ( Holly's Heroes),
My Wife and Kids,
Standing Still,
7th Heaven,
That's so Raven,
Even Steven,
Faith & Hope,
well, that's so far as i could recall..
Korean mini-series came along somewhere at that point,
and that's during my school years alone.

upon leaving school,
i've become addicted to Oprah Show,
talk shows were my favorite,
i love seeing people conversing and pointing out their ideas,principals,belief,etc
gaining knowledge from other experiences/life journey,
it's rather very interesting!

i rarely watch local mini-series,
am not sure why,
but nowadays, local productions are getting better too.

there was one movies that i still remember watching it when i was a kid,
it's ' the boy who could fly' *am not sure of the tittle*

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just Sharing! v(^__~)v

Subhanallah, like a canvas,right?
beautiful isn't it?
taken this morning,on my way.
i always love admiring the endless skies.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Just Sharing! v(^__~)v

just want to share the pictures of Kota Bharu,

*the yellow building on the right supposed to be there ever since the colonial era*
*the huge building in front of us is the new one,
Parkson & Giant there*
(lol,anyone here notices that uncle on motorcycle?)

~Pelangi Mall, not really a mall,but apartment/houses~

~a very tired looking tourist~

~new landmark next to river in the making~

~go only to the left~
*to the left,to the left*

~Grand Riverview Hotel~

post office hour traffic

the multi language boards,

~Tune Hotel,KB~

~Waterfront next to Tesco~

maybe i should show my little tiny town of Machang too? hmm

my trip~

my everyday trip,(at least) up to 31/05/2011, to be exact.
currently i'm on my practical training at an accounting firm(pic above),
located here in Pasir Puteh.
this firm was recommended by my lecturer,
quite convenient for me,
as it's the longest,took me 20-30minutes by car,
from my house.

i've started my training since 1st Dec,
where i was placed at the Head Office in KB for about 3 weeks,
before moving here,upon the opening of the new branch.
now that it's already nearing to month April,
it means that i only have another 2 months to be here.

i'll be missing the trip that i made daily,
not to mention,my office here,will be miss dearly,that is for sure!!
it's heavenly! spacious and comfy,
i would call it my second home xDDD

now let the pics-spam begin!!
start here, this is in front of my house,about to begin my trip~
aigoo, my house is next to highway,
and littering is unavoidable! see that???

on my way, foggy morning~the hills covered in fog.

never ending road! see there's almost like no car!
did i mentioned earlier,that this route, the traffic is not a killer :P

lush-green along the way~

saw this,

and this red bus too,
this bus at the front= LATE already!!!

yaay!that's all folks!

*going back home*

DAY 3!

Day 3 - A picture of the cast from your favorite show.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

art of writing~


the art of writing is something rather interesting!
in the hand of natural,it's indeed an art,
beautiful-skillful-naturally written,
in the hand of people like me,it could be horrible! >_<'

so here i am admitting,
it's nowhere near natural to me,NO!!
however, for fellow blogger like Paula or etc,
it flows like water,beautiful~

hmm,i think i love it though,
usually i feel a lot better after i write something when i feel down,
it might not be neat,nor beautifully written,
but it's contain my feelings and thoughts,
could be possibly connect to what i wrote.

another thing that i love about writing,
is how
'what you write,reflect who you are'
to a certain point,it's agreeable.
don't you think so?
at least i do v(^__~)v

*random pic of Bommie*


A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest.

there u go, the three crazy angels of mine!my lovely siblings

Friday, March 18, 2011

Just Sharing! v(^__~)v

in our frontyard
flowers are blooming,beautiful isn't it? :D

here's pictures from our trip to KB yesterday,

it's still early,like 6pm like that, but the moon was too eager to see us:P

the sunset on our way,

it's already dark when we arrived there,killer traffic!
due to school holiday i suppose.

the destination,KB Mall.

see my 'peace' finger there?
haha, that's her!the camera!Panasonic DMC-LZ8
we didn't bring our DLSR along,
bcuz the other day that we went to mall with our DLSR,
we're warned by the guard :(

dinner at Tesco, this is at the Tesco roundabout,awesome :)

we head back home..ohmai,look at the traffic,
too bad i chose that route last night!
we're stuck in jam for about 15minutes,
but we luckily we got home by 11.30pm.

that's all!

i'm a happy Noonies! *\(^___~)/*

as usual,
my day kick-start with going through blogs,email and etc
i was slightly mad that i could not access into my twitter,
my fb is still loading,at very-very slow rate,
so i went to Noona Blog for my daily dose of Noona ;)
i read and comment,
like i did everyday,

however,today is special!
i happened to look at the upper-right side of the blog,
i realized that's i haven't read/see/click The Noonies and Practical Life before,
(not really sure if it's already been there this whole time,^^)
maybe i was just too much into reading the post that i missed that?!
so i click and baam!
among the names,i saw mine :')
it's a very simple appreciation from Paula,
even though she misspelled my name,
but still it made me happy!
thanks a lot Paula!
it really means a lot to me:)

Thursday, March 17, 2011


A picture of myself with fifteen facts about me!

so i figure that i'm just going to do this spontaneously,
the facts will be in random order yah,
the numbering is not the rank,just number.

1. i love to travel
(kaki jalan la ni),
so far i've traveled most of Malaysia states,
but yet to cover Penang, Sabah,the islands(except, Langkawi & Pangkor).
also i've been to Mekah,Madinah,Jordan,Syria,Thailand & China.
but still,given chance i want to go back and travel Middle East,again!:D

2. i love to nom-nom!
(kuat makan,hence the size (=_=')
great meals is like a bless to me!
i especially love bread!! (again,explain the size)
i love bread! yeah, just couple days ago,
i drove to Machang from Pasir Puteh during lunch hour,
just to buy bread from the place that i love their bread the most.
i know,maybe i'm just a little crazy that time=_='
eh,what should i call a shop that sells bread,cake and all?? :O
also,i super love coffee!
and chocolate too!
but i don't like white chocolate!:(

3. i love driving,~fast!
this is not a good habit of mine,
and i'm learning to slow down a little bit now,
seems to be under control now,
i used to drive fast all the time,
but now,
i only drive fast at the right lane and place/roads. ngee~

4.i love Kpop!
YG Family especially :D
but generally i love great music,
aigoo,my love for Kpop is like the fact people will realized in just couple of minutes sitting /being together with me,
i listen to Kpop in my cars,in my house,in my room,everywhere,anytime! :P
if the music is great,why not listening to it.

5. i appreciate if things were put nicely together according to size,
for example,
books must go from the thickest/biggest to thinnest/smallest,
i'd love that :D

6. i'm short-tempered,but i'm nice!
hahaha, whattaaa
yeah,i'm short-tempered,but i'm a nice girl before i loose it,
but maybe i shall said,i used to be short-tempered?
nowadays,i don't really bother being angry at stupid thing anymore..
i think i changed a lot ever since i befriended with Abip,
he's a friend with no furious hint in him,
he never gets mad! like for real,never!
i used very negative,but he influence my with his positive attitude.
even Mukminah said i've changed when she first met me again,
about a year after we grad from KMK,
what a friend,i miss him!

7. very stubborn but flexible.
true this? my sis told me this,
i'm stubborn,but i'm very flexible towards other option too.
i always have a say in what i do..
i mean i'm a Leo,what do you expect?
i personally i posses every single Leo's characteristic,
i even amazed on how Leo's prediction/characteric could be soooooo much alike as in the books!

8. i couldn't really tolerate messiness,
i clean up my table before i started any activity,
i can't stand messiness, i can't think or even breathe properly in messy place!
for instance,
i ended up cleaning my house most of the time because of this.

9. internet-holic (according to my sis)
ok,ok,i have to explain myself here,
i'm not an internet addict!
i'm just hooked by it!
i'm certainly doing fine without internet either,
so holic or addict is not really a problem here,
it just that i love spending time online doesn't mean i can't survive offline!
i'm a survivor yo!
twitter-holic(according to my sis,again)
this toooo!!
no i'm not twitter-holic!
it just that my life feels empty without twitter?

10. money
i love money,love spending money,
i don't mind spending money over great food,
don't mind spending money on travelling,
but i'm not really like the idea of spending money over
expensive clothes,handbag,and etc,
but i'd love to have LV bags someday!

11. skin problems!
urgh,i was debating myself whether to put this too or not,
yeah,that's a fact about me,
i have this major skin problems,
due to my sensitive skin,
if anyone know any great cure for skin problems,
please tell me so :)

12. body-conscious is me!
i could spent hours complaining about my body!
i used to be very skinny and called names because of it,
so i tried my best and gained weight,
but still, i learned that people won't stop complaining either,
i grew a little bit taller and bigger than normal girls,
hence i'm quite the monster standing next to my friends,
and thus,i make friends with boys,
bcuz i'll look normal standing next to a boy,not a monster, no more:P
so yeah,i'm very conscious about my body,
'do not touch my fat!' is my favorite sentence at home,because my siblings LOVE to tease me on that specific matter.

13. i'm a rom/rom-com type of movies/drama
or drama/movies that has message in it,
hence i love a walk to remember,10 promises to my dog,Goong,SKKS,naming few
i never like horror movie,
watch sad movies sometimes,
which i end up crying like a baby!
T_T i cry easily at others story..

14. very much the jeans & t-shirt kind of girl.
yeap,that's me! fact!
put on Jeans and T, i'm ready to go,go go!

15. Crazy,
so now i'm at number 15,
combined all of the facts above,
you'll see me,
a little touch of everything,
crazy good,not crazy bad!


*bonus,i don't have a favorite color,i love them all!*
hence, rainbow

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

the challenge!~

so i guess today will not be a wordless Wednesday!
as i found something very interesting,
the urge to post can't be tamed anymore! :O

actually i've seen this challenge in most blogs that i visited while i'm blogwalking,
it's somehow a competition that already ended on 1st March 2011..

but still being the stubborn me,
i want to do it!

i'm not in need of any prizes right now,
so i guess i'll be doing it for fun! :D
lets do it with together!

and oh! this challenge requires us to post a picture a day!
expect loads of pictures by the 30th day!

here's the challenge!


Day 1 - A picture of yourself with fifteen facts (you don't have to reveal your face)

Day 2 - A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest

Day 3 - A picture of the cast from your favorite show

Day 4 - A picture of something you'd like to do again

Day 5 - A picture of something you love

Day 6 - A picture that makes you laugh

Day 7 - A picture of the person you do the silliest things with

Day 8 - A picture of your hero / knight / heroine

Day 9 - A picture of you and the person who has gotten you through the most

Day 10 - A picture of your most treasured item

Day 11 - A picture of something you hate

Day 12 - A picture of your favorite memory

Day 13 - A picture of your favorite band or artist

Day 14- A picture of someone you could never imagine your life without

Day 15 - A picture of something you want to do before you die

Day 16 - A picture of someone who inspires you

Day 17 - A picture of something that has made a huge impact on your life recently

Day 18 - A picture of your biggest insecurity

Day 19 - A picture and a letter (choose any photo and write short entry to explain why you've chosen it)

Day 20 - A picture of somewhere you'd love to travel

Day 21 - A picture of something you wish you could forget

Day 22 - A picture of something you wish you were better at

Day 23 - A picture of your favorite book

Day 24 - A picture of something you wish you could change

Day 25 - A picture of your favourite day

Day 26 - A picture of something that means a lot to you

Day 27 - A picture of yourself and a family member

Day 28- A picture of something you're afraid of

Day 29 - A picture that can always make you smile

Day 30 - A picture of someone you miss

have a lovely day!

Wordless Wednesday :D