Friday, March 18, 2011

i'm a happy Noonies! *\(^___~)/*

as usual,
my day kick-start with going through blogs,email and etc
i was slightly mad that i could not access into my twitter,
my fb is still loading,at very-very slow rate,
so i went to Noona Blog for my daily dose of Noona ;)
i read and comment,
like i did everyday,

however,today is special!
i happened to look at the upper-right side of the blog,
i realized that's i haven't read/see/click The Noonies and Practical Life before,
(not really sure if it's already been there this whole time,^^)
maybe i was just too much into reading the post that i missed that?!
so i click and baam!
among the names,i saw mine :')
it's a very simple appreciation from Paula,
even though she misspelled my name,
but still it made me happy!
thanks a lot Paula!
it really means a lot to me:)

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