Sunday, March 13, 2011

eco-friendly Saturday!

yesterday i went to mall,
i've always been to mall on Sat,
but just almost never did any shopping on this particular day,
but today,
it's a bit different,
i went out with my siblings,
we were shopping and all,
and we all totally forgot,
that Saturday is a 'unplastic' day!!
the mall didn't provide any plastic bag at all!! :O
usually they'd offered you,
to either buy from them
or just carry your goods without any plastic bag,
or you could buy a recycle type of bag for your goods,
but nowadays,
they're very serious and committed about being eco-friendly Saturday,
the plastic bag is NON-EXISTENCE,
so we all decided to just carry around our goods,
bcuz i've already bought the recycle bag,
long,long,long time ago,
we figured out that there's no use to buy another one,
so yeah,
we went to two malls and did our groceries shopping,
and carried it with our bare hands on our way out,
what a memory!
lesson learned!
no more groceries shopping on Sat! :P

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