Wednesday, March 23, 2011


^^ what was your Mini(s)?
by that,i meant to ask,
what was the mini series you've watched growing up?Align Center

i wanna share mine too.
growing up as a kid and teenager,
i've watched quite a number of mini-series,
Student Bodies,
Breaker High,
Outlaws ( Holly's Heroes),
My Wife and Kids,
Standing Still,
7th Heaven,
That's so Raven,
Even Steven,
Faith & Hope,
well, that's so far as i could recall..
Korean mini-series came along somewhere at that point,
and that's during my school years alone.

upon leaving school,
i've become addicted to Oprah Show,
talk shows were my favorite,
i love seeing people conversing and pointing out their ideas,principals,belief,etc
gaining knowledge from other experiences/life journey,
it's rather very interesting!

i rarely watch local mini-series,
am not sure why,
but nowadays, local productions are getting better too.

there was one movies that i still remember watching it when i was a kid,
it's ' the boy who could fly' *am not sure of the tittle*

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