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i'm bored..semester break suxs! i the only one who ever wish that the semester break is not too long..i think the break should only be the longest,3 weeks.. i'm all worn out & bored like hell , & that's just after a freakin week of holiday!
maybe because i'm the only one at home in the morning, others went to school at 7 am, & i'm about to see them again only after 2pm.. gaaaah,i'm so bored..
wake up in the morning, i opened up my FB,twitter,sometimes me2DAY, i go thru some of my fav blogs & sites, catch up some kpop news, watching MV on TV, do laundry, & when i'm in good mood,i even prepare lunch.. playing badminton if not working out on the bike,watching dramas & shows,lols lols..that's pretty much what i've done during sem's break,EVERYDAY!!


O~~,tell me good bye,tell me good bye~~

Out of the blue, BiG BANG released a MV.yes,OUT OF THE BLUE!!!! without any prior notice--> almost give me a heart attack!
gosh,the MV already got more than 1 Million view, & it's not even a week since they released it. well oh well, they're BIG BANG!
& gaaah,i'm so loving the grown-up man concept! they all suit-up for the MV & kill the VIPz with their looks! OMG..our boys grown into man so effortlessly..

above is just some of the snap shot from the MV. i'm loving the concept very much, especially for GD..he look so manly in the suit.
can't wait for the actual comeback!! yay!! proud to be VIPz