Monday, May 24, 2010

i'm bored..semester break suxs! i the only one who ever wish that the semester break is not too long..
i think the break should only be the longest,3 weeks..
i'm all worn out & bored like hell ,
& that's just after a freakin week of holiday!

maybe because i'm the only one at home in the morning,
others went to school at 7 am,
& i'm about to see them again only after 2pm..
gaaaah,i'm so bored..

wake up in the morning,
i opened up my FB,twitter,sometimes me2DAY,
i go thru some of my fav blogs & sites, catch up some kpop news,
watching MV on TV, do laundry, & when i'm in good mood,i even prepare lunch..
playing badminton if not working out on the bike,watching dramas & shows,lols
lols..that's pretty much what i've done during sem's break,EVERYDAY!!

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