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My Strabismus Story : Part 2

(Eye-Eye Captain! This is the continuation from the part one . It took me almost a year later to blog about this life-changing experience. My life has been better since the operation.)
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so the quote said. But what if your eyes are the reason you're  afraid of having eye contact with others, low self-esteem and poor socializing skills just because people seems to not understand you. You speaks the proper language, you dresses to impress but nothing is working. Life is miserable. Well at least that what I felt while living with strabismus.
I wasn't even born with it. It developed when I was about 10-11 years old. As a child growing up with strabismus, it certainly was not fun. The hurtful feeling whenever I talked to somebody, and they keep on looking behind their back because they thought I was looking at others behind them, instead of them. Thus, I stopped talking to others, I stop making new friends. I protect myself from being hurt by oth…

11:11 Promosi buku kebaboom!

Sempena tarikh 11:11 atau lebih famous dengan gelaran hari Pokki sedunia ni,  Book Cafe ada buat promosi tau!  Siapa ulat buku aka hantu novel kat sini?  Come on! Come on!  Ada pelbagai diskaun sehingga 80% untuk buku-buku terpilih  dan jangan bimbang, koleksi buku dorang..banyakkkk!  Hantu buku, bakal ulat buku, ibu bapa yang nak cari buku untuk anak-anak  pun boleh la check it out! tak rugi !!
Book Cafe!