Tuesday, June 28, 2011


i love my 2ne1 girls. yeah, i really-really love them. I love how they represent this kind of pure-sweet-independent-tough-but still all girly kind of women~ really is, the women of nowadays. They're coming back with this track titled I AM THE BEST. Check it out below~

It's just perfect for summer, so eye-catching, from the hair to the shoes, to the latest Benz to the smashing their own record, this girls really set the bar high.

By the way, this is the lyric translation:
[CL] I am the Best
I am the Best
I am the Best
I am the Best
Th-th-the Best

Bam Ratatata Tatatatata
Bam Ratatata Tatatatata
Bam Ratatata Tatatatata
Bam Ratatata Tatatatata
Oh my god

[BOM] Whoever looks at me can see I’m kind of a killer
This body is second to no one

[DARA] You’re following behind me but
I’m only running forward
I jump on top of the table you’re sitting at
I don’t care

[CL] If you touch me you won’t be able to handle it
I’m hot hot hot hot fire
Before I flip something over
Please can someone stop me

[MINJI] I open my closet and
Put on the freshest outfit
The reflection of my face in the mirror
I carefully check it over
Right now it’s 8
I’m supposed to meet up at 8:30
Tonight I set out with bold steps

[CL] I am the Best
I am the Best
I am the Best
I am the Best
Th-th-the Best

[MINJI] Whoever looks at me can see I’m kind of fabulous
Even if you were me, you’d be envious of this body

[BOM] Guys are turning around to look at me
Girls are following me
Being looked down on in the spot
I’m sitting at, every day is tiring

[DARA] Pretending to be an athlete, this snobby
Clumsy Playa
Like you’re a flat tire
I’ll dump you good for people to see

[CL] I refuse to be compared
I’m telling you the truth
If we’re talking about my value, I’m a
Billion dollar baby

People who know a thing or two
They all know it so ask them
Grab anyone and ask them
Who is the best

I am the best
I am the best
I am the best
I am the best

[CL] Who? You are better than me?
No no no no na na na na
Who? You are better than me?
No no no no na na na na
Who? You are better than me?
No no no no na na na na
Who? You are better than me?
No no no no na na na na

Bam Ratatata Tatatatata
Bam Ratatata Tatatatata
Bam Ratatata Tatatatata
Bam Ratatata Tatatatata
Bam Ratatata Tatatatata
Oh my god

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Beads and sequins ~

 It's my new project for now. Beads and sequins. Last month, my mum and I had discussed about our 'Baju Raya' and i suggested to her, why don't we have pink theme for this year? or at least we should have one pinkish outfit? Now that the Baju Raya is ready, we kinda think that it's a bit tad too boring, and mom really suggested me to sew the beads and sequins onto our Baju Raya. Well, well, after much deliberation, I agreed to it, as I didn't have anything on my plate either,now that it's semester break.

This is the pattern that my sister requested for her Baju Raya. Lucky it's not too complicated. Here's the example:

And here's what I've done to her outfit. Hope that she will love it.

And shall be ready for Mom's too. She told me earlier, that she want some more complicated design.

p/s:Gonna start to look out for the design & pattern that I want for my Baju Raya too. >_<

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Winter Korea!

For all u may already knew that i'm planning to go to Korea this winter. Well,actually next year,but still,it's still winter. Yesterday, a friend of mine , Andy emailed me ,and he basically told me about the roughness and the coldness of winter there. (Like he knew i was already panicking a bit on that) I'm so grateful and thankful that he had shared a lot of his knowledge about Korea. kekeke, he had lived there for quite sometime before coming to Malaysia. So i thought, i wanna share about his blog today. ^^ Here his blog: Literaryhero and Friends basically he wrote about his journey. And now he's in Malaysia. i hope u guys will have a great time here! Ramadhan is coming, really soon after that,it's gonna be Hari Raya!can't wait for you guys to experience it too! Ahnyeong!~

Monday, June 20, 2011

Be Thankful~

Look around and see for yourself, 
we are all different,
in some way,some how,
even siblings are not alike,
not even twins are made alike.
Why Is that?
God want you to look at me,
and be thankful for who you are,
For me to look at you, 
and be grateful for who i am,
But first and foremost,
for us too see His power,
the power of Our creator,
none of His creature is alike,
even Zebra never have the same patterns.

"Tis true my form is something odd,
But blaming me is blaming God;
  Could I create myself anew
I would not fail in pleasing you.
If I could reach from pole to pole
Or grasp the ocean with a span,
I would be measured by the soul;
The mind's the standard of the man."
~adapted from "False Greatness" by Isaac Watts~

We, being only human being,
has no right to judge any of His creatures,
no matter how, we must be thankful and be grateful,
Thankful to God for giving us chance to even live & breathe,
and for that, we shall live our life well,very well,
so that it'll be worth living.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Kiss,and The Elephant Man.

This beautiful morning,
as i'm sipping my morning tea,
TV is on, and i'm catching up with some morning shows,
i was watching the Oprah Show, 
it's about father-daughter "LOVE" relationship,
Kathryn Harrison is the guest,
and she talked about her book, 'THE KISS- A Memoir'
A memoir of her incestuous relationship with her own-blood father.
Here's some excerpts on the book .
Kathryn is the second guest on Oprah Show to talk about their horrible memoir,
the first one as i recall, was Mackenzie Phillips
whom she spilled everything about her and 
her decade of sex with her father, 
and her horrible memories of life when she's younger.

Oprah Show ended, and i flipped through the channels,
when something on Nat Geo captured me,
The Elephant Man was the segment.
i was in 'AWW' and the ending anyhow,really touches me.
The Elephant Man; Life of Joseph Merrick.
Here's a beautiful poet that he often use in his lifetime.
Be thankful and appreciate God's creatures.
There's something to learn in everything that GOD created.

Tis true my form is something odd,

But blaming me is blaming God;

  Could I create myself anew
I would not fail in pleasing you.

If I could reach from pole to pole

Or grasp the ocean with a span,
I would be measured by the soul;
The mind's the standard of the man.
 —poem used by Joseph Merrick to end his letters, adapted from "False Greatness" by Isaac Watts 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Take Korea! ~Plan

We ( me & my sis) are planning to take Korea next year! We've bought the Inch-KL tickets but still undecided about the KL-Incheon tickets. As crazy as it may sound, yeah, we booked our one way from South Korea tickets. This is like a farewell trip for my sister whose going to enter college next year. Only the two of us.[omoooo, time sure flies as fast as lightning T_T ]

We're yet to book our tickets to Seoul and we're still undecided on how many days should we spend there? We want to travel & experience SK like the locals. And yes, we're on a very TIGHT-SHOE-STRING budget~We're both students. And that's why I have decided to add some advertisements on my blog. Please Click for me ya ^^

I'm gonna be free only after 25th Jan, prior to that,I still have classes and finals. By the way, our already purchased tickets are on 2nd of March. kekeke

So, a MONTH will do? or FORTNIGHT? 10 days? a week?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I Hate Luv Story!

Hindi Movie this time.
~I Hate Luv Story~
have fun watching!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Local Act

Hello, for all this while, all I've been blogging never really include the local music scene of Malaysia. I figure it's such a waste for me not doing so, and today, here you go,MALAYSIA LOCAL MUSIC SCENE! Although I really-madly love Kpop,it never stop me from listening to good music from my beloved country as well. Actually, I listen to any language,as long as it is good music. Also I never limit myself for certain genres only, like I said, as long as it is good music,I will listen to it. ^^

Artists or singers in Malaysia are like heaven and earth compared to Kpop artists. Here, artists are not being idolized like they do in South Korea. More of here,they struggle to make good music and be recognized for it. Nothing more or less. It's really all about music or as I thought only. Well, whatsoever. So,it's kinda making me frustrated when our local music company started to come up with new group with so called 'Kpop concept'. Trololololol, is there such thing as Kpop concept? What a shame, as I thought our music industry are doing quite well for all these long.

Here's some of the artists/singer that I really like. Aizat Amdan, he used to be one of the top contestant for 'Akademi Fantasia' before he's being kicked out because of his image. Yeah,he used to be fat (while on the show).Here's his last performance on the show,HERE. He dropped of the pounds and return and literally been shaking the music industry ever since. He composes his own songs, he produces his own albums, and he pretty much do everything by himself with the support from his family. Some of his songs,
Sungai Lui (he uses angklung in this song,a traditional musical instrument),

Another artist is a group called 'HUJAN'! This group coming from a very strong indie roots. They're quite something during their underground time.I really like them! Though I'm not really sure their status now either still an Indie band or not, but they're the IT group that bring the Indie music to mainstream. Their songs:
Kotarayaku ft Altimet,
Kurnia ft Mizz Nina,etc

Now moving on to another talented artist. Yuna! At the beginning of her career, I admit, I didn't like her as much, because I think she was overrated. People didn't say much about her songs/her talent but rather about her image/(I don't even know why). But now, songs after songs,I like her.She wrote/compose her songs by herself. Very much talented girl. And now, she's trying her luck in the US,signed under Fader Label, I'm quite rooting for her. Her songs: Dan Sebenarnya,
She also has her very own little tv show,

So there you have it. Actually there's still much more to share but I'm just too tired now. Am not feeling very well, maybe due to the weather, it's like crazy hot here during the day and it's raining cat & dog on the evening. My throat been hurting so much this few days :(

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Catching up to K-Movies.


Hello Ghost

My Black Mini Dress~2011 Must See!

Finally!! I've been waiting for somebody to upload this movie on YT for so long!
Thanks a bunch!!

The trailer.

The Film
(Credit to : azsirah18 for uploading
& darksmurfsub.com for subs)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

~GO CHECK THE REST AT azsirah18 YT channel~
have a lovely day!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


kekeke, just before we went to Johore & Singapore trip recently, me,my mom,my dad & my lil bro went to a football match. We were there a liiiiiittle bit way to early. Bought tickets at 10am and the match was at 8.30pm. So we figured out,we'd be wandering around the town waiting for the time for game to start. When suddenly my mom! yes my mom,eyed this furniture shop that are on sale!! We went in and checked it out and tadaaaa!! That day, new seat for our living room!!

Well, the idea of the new set of sofa came from the changing of the curtain. Last 2009 when our family went to Syria, we bought this beautiful-stunning curtain cloth, and it's never been sewed into curtain,until last fortnight that mom decided to. And our sofa set also already too old and some of the seat are not safe to be seated anymore. After little discussion ( one can't discuss tooo much, it's on sale!!), we bought it. You'll be in deep shock to know its price, hahahahahahahaha.
that's right.Always OPEN YOUR EYES WIDE when there's a sale! Who know, a new sofa awaited you at cheap price. (^__~)v


This is my 100 entry for the year of 2011.
I never thought that I'd be posting so many.
Before this, I only updated my blog like once in a while,
sometime,once a month.
But after getting to know some of fellow bloggers like Paula and the fellow Noonies,
and some friends,
somehow, even though no one is reading my blog or whatsoever,
I got the urge to update my blog.
I will be thinking of what to write about
and what to share about on my blog.
And usually when I'm doing something that I consider interesting,
my reader(is there any?) will come to mind,
I wanted to share so much with you.^^
Even though,I never really got to know my reader,
seeing the feedjit at the right side of the blog makes me happy.
Sometimes there'll be reader from a place that I never ever heard of before.
I'm just happy by that.
Another thing is that, it's a very positive aspect that I get to use English and practice it here.
I admit my grammar sucks!
It's too difficult for me.
I just wrote what I want.
Like i wrote on my profile,
this blog is for me to share the thing that I'd like to share only.
I am not obligated to wrote about only Kpop
or only personal stuff,
and I'm always trying my best not to make my blog a ranting or emotional blog.

But still,I'm just a human being,
there's time when I rant too.
Somehow, knowing somebody might be reading this,
and might as well going through difficult time like I do,
really lift the burden off me,
of course not 100% but even 0.05% will do.
Thank you!

So, here's the situation,
I'm now on my 3months semester break after 6months of practical training.
No longer I need to do the morning driving (i hope so),
even though it might sounds exciting,
well, after a week now, IT IS NOT!
:( I am bored already.
What shall i do?
job?part-timer?online job?
*I need to make money as I have some backpacking to do next year!*

p/s: At least i know Min might be reading this. ^^ thanks

Monday, June 6, 2011

All while in 4inches heels!!~

just came back from my much-wanted-anticipated trip to Johor Bharu and Singapore!
I've had soooo much fun there.

My family and i ( 5 of us) took an overnight train there.We board the train at 9.30pm(1st June) at the Keretaapi Tanah Melayu( KTM) Tanah Merah's Station and arrived at Johor Bharu CIQ almost 10.30am(2nd June) the next morning. We bought the 2nd class-seated coach 4, which only Rm 41/each. Which is very cheap! I just slept all the way.hahaha
My uncle's already waiting for us at the CIQ. i'm just amazed by the CIQ! wow!! the last time I went to Johore,it's still under construction,and now,one could mistake it as an airport or something. ^^ had our breakfast at a local Kelantanese-Johorian warong, and guest what, breakfast like a feast for 8 of us (uncle,aunt & bro included) just Rm 46!! crazy cheap, i don't think we could get that price even in Kelantan.

Went to Uncle's house and settle there. Rest for a while and we hop on the cars again!! Johor Bharu is quite an industrial city, so uncle brought us to the 'Bika Factory' where the Bika chips and all of the other chips/snacks being produced.Not to see the process,but to shop directly at the factory where the price is waaaaaaaay cheaper than at the stores. We had sooo much fun, it's like being in a 'Willy Wonka's Factory', everything seems delicious!! hahahaha Bought so many snacks and chips and guess what it's just Rm 76. cheap! cheap!

Had our diner at Hutan Bandar,well known for their western foods like Chicken Chop, Lamb Chop, Beef Steak and etc, also at a very-very-very cheap price!! Chicken Chop is just RM 5,served on HUGE plate! wae everything so cheap there??? But please,expect a full-house!

Just because everything is soo cheap there, i'm actually having hard time thinking why people think that Kelantan's offering cheap price??! Yes,it's cheap for the local, but not for the tourists. The moments they heard your non-local accent,the price will goes up,very much immediately.
*at the malls*

The next day, we went to Etude House at Johor Bharu City Square. Actually I'm the only one that wanted to buy Precious Mineral BB Cream, but I think my mom,my sister, my aunt and my cousins was having sooo much fun,more than me!! We ended up buying RM450 worth of products. Even given LOADS of sample!! Thanks Etude House! The salesgirls are so nice^^. psst: We met Dara & Minho at Etude House!:P
*City Square*

After that we went to Apollo Factory,i swear it's so much fun to shop straight from factory because the price is way cheaper!! and also,everyone like yesterday again,losing their mind at the factory.hahaha. again!~ We went home for lunch. and head out again after that.Nice thing that my uncle's house is in the city, we're not spending too much on dining out.

After the lunch,we head out to Kota Tinggi,my guess,it's 30 minutes away from JB. It's heaven for the ladies!! Bright and beautiful, this place is like a textile heaven,cheap and so many to choose from!! Again,the Moms having hard time to keep sane and the dads are having harder time for the waiting games and the children are having so much fun wandering around.hahhaha.
*Kota Tinggi*
After Kota Tinggi, went to Danga Bay. Having a blast there. Why our beach not like this? Why our night-life is non-existence? Why shop already closed down after 7pm? Why??? xDD Because if not, who would come to place like Johor :P Went home, all tired from the shopping thingy. We had our diner(or should we call it supper already) at 12.15am
*Danga Bay*

The very next day, my family went to Singapore! Uncles couldn't came along since they don't have the passport yet. Just for the info,if u're going to Singapore, board the bus at the CIQ, easier compared if you board at Larkin. Exchange the money in advance too, during our trip,it's 1SGD=2.40MYR

*Hello Singapore!!*

Buy the tickets on the bus,no pre-order,nah. Our destination is The Sentosa Island, so the fee is RM5/each. The bus drop us at the immigration center and i'm suggesting, from the bus station, just take the seat nearest to the bus-door and filled the form in advance. Once the bus stop at the center,just run/ use fast-pace and get into the lines! Expect to see, I'd say thousands of people lining up. Lucky they have loads of counters open. Anyhow, the immigration thingy took us a good 1hour!phew!!

Our bus already waited for us at the other end. And just like that,we head to Singapore!! WoW! Singapore got me saying WOW!!! It's like having a trip in a big garden!! Big-green-garden! I never thought that Singapore would be that green! It's an amazing island,indeed! Clean i must say. And the weather,no JOKE,HOTTER than Malaysia i'd say!!

It took us quite sometimes to reach Sentosa Island. We passed Orchard Rd(famous shopping spot) on our way. Arrived at Sentosa and mom decided not to go into the Universal Studio. So we just wandering around on the outside which is also,very huge area. Well,actually the price is almost double when buying it on spot, pre-book online, it's like RM1++ and buy it there, it's like RM2++. So we decided not to.Luck thing outside is just as awesome as in the inside i guess;D

After good half-day there,we decided to take the MRT on our way home. Sentosa to Keranji= SGD 3.20 and interchange at Dhoby Ghout. Though we bought ticket to Keranji, we drop at an earlier station, Woodlands and we had to pay extra 60cents SGD for that. But we still got back SG1 refund after that. Wandering around Woodland and i saw Uniqlo's store and some of very-very beautiful high-heels at the shops there(forgot the name). It's insanely cheap!! Some pairs that sell at RM 3++ in Malaysia,only 59.90 SGD,omona (^o^).
*on MRT*
Our Singapore trip ended there,we missed out the Marina Bay(i know,bummer!!) Well,it's just because my parents were up for something that night. If not we might as well came back latter that day. Again, stuck at the immigration for 30minutes. But still it's way better to go by public transport (bus or train).

Uncle send us to the KTM Kempas Station instead of CIQ, and we're cam-whoring like bunch of crajee people! hahahah so much fun!!! I'll come back again,wait yah!

And guess what, all i did in my 4inches wedges!!! Imagine me in my 4inches wedges, i must be crazy! Though my legs was hurting me,still I was insane enough to keep on walking in heels:P
Arrive home this morning and i MUST buy a new pair of wedges!!!

p/s: might as well going again to Singapore. My cousin already asked me to go there with him next time ^^;