Friday, February 22, 2013

신사의 품격 : A Gentleman's Dignity

This gonna be a proper post on AGD,
I just had chance to watch the drama.
Yes,yes, it is so last year.
Even most of the actors received many awards for their acting.
It was a brilliant drama with a great storyline.Just nice.
Not being dragged too long and not cut short abruptly.
The characters got the chance to grow,each of them.
Four man possess the four ideal types that women like.
Watching the drama I kept asking myself,
how the hell this middle-aged man still could fill my stomach with butterflies..

The drama focuses on the four gentlemen, Im Tae San, Kim Do Jin, Choi Yoon & Lee Jong Rok, each of them supposedly portrays the ideal types of man that women like. Careers  and their love lives as the modern day gentleman's filled up the storyline. Their ups and downs in their forties as they go through success and failure, love and breakups and the strongest among all, their friendship.

Choi Yoon - Kim Min Jong ( Kila's claimed as hers already) : He is an attorney, bit shy but claimed smartest among them four gents, whom went through such hard times after losing his wife four years ago and trying to heal his broken heart. He portrays the ideal warm-hearted gentleman. Choi Yoon is the guy of Im Mae Ah's dream ( Im Tae San's lil sis).

Im Tae San - Kim Soo Ro : An architect who runs a now successful architect firm together with the other gentleman, Kim Do Jin. Tae San is in relationship with Hong Se Ra, a professional golfer aka Pro Hong, whom fought hardship and now enjoying her success as pro athlete. Im Tae San is against the idea of his lil sister and his best-friend getting together. He portray the ideal rough but soft hearted gentleman.

Kim Do Jin - Jang Dong Gun(mine!) : Still such a minam at his age, Kim Do Jin plays the ideal bad boy type of gentleman. One night stand is his common game. The business partner of Im Tae San, he also a successful architect now after three previous company went bankrupt due to his illness somehow. His world turns upside down went he met Seo Yi Soo,an Ethic teacher,whom he falls hard for her. Yi Soo however, has crushed on Im Tae San for quite sometimes. Thing got more out of hand when out of the blue, a boy-19 years of age,Collin, turned up and in fact 99.9 % of the DNA matched Do Jin's.

Lee Jong Rok - Lee Jong Hyuk : Cheesy and funny, he runs a successful 'Mango 6' cafe and also owner of a club which he runs in secret. The ultimate playboy with thousand of pick up line, he could get any girl easily. Just that he has a problem, he's married to Park Min Sook, the OMG super rich noona that find it easier to count her properties by block compared to unit,even in Cheongdamdong.

A Gentleman's Dignity OST- Part 1, Part 2

Love how each episode is kick off with prologue of their youngster days. Funny! Romantic Comedy - A Gentleman's Dignity, highly recommended!!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Yong & Puteh : Tale of two boys

Puteh: 'Yong, mom caught us right? right? '
Yong: We're screwed >_>

Introducing my lovely baby boys, Yong & Puteh.
From now on,they'll be sharing bits of their fun & curious life.
Please support my boys. ㅇㅅㅇ
Check out their own tab,here.

CNY's Holidays Update..

The Final Alive In Seoul concert goodies~
yay. this arrived last week. yay. a happy VIP.

Dvd,cd,bandana (glow in the dark!),takeout bag even! etc kkk
However, the lightstick has already broken when we got it.
2 huge posters to make it up.

Also, I got the chance to visit some temples in my state, Kelantan.
Thanks to my brother's research on the Siamese community,
or else,when will I ever gonna visit one,right?

The sitting buddha (huge!)
Wat Machimaram at Tumpat

The sleeping buddha (gigantic!)
Wat Pothivihan at Tumpat

A Gentleman's Dignity

Currently watching this K-Drama..
It's produced last year,I just got the chance to catch up.
Nice one,really nice one in my opinion.
All four namjas (or ahjuhssi) are great to watch.
Different stories somehow relate-able.
Their friendship that I envied to death.kkk (wish i had that)
AGD jjang!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Dietary Supplement : Synergy Pro Argi-9 Plus

Only the size of your fist, lies at the centre of every critical system in human body, it beats an average of 72 times per minutes, a healthy heart could make a whole different.

Good health is impossible without a strong heart.
The heart is a powerful muscle and the most important organ in the body.
Therefore, maintaining optimum heart health and enhancing the cardiovascular system are critically important for long term wellness. Formulated in collaboration with leading l-arginine researchers and other cardiovascular specialist,
bless your heart with Synergy Pro Argi-9 Plus! 
Pro Arginine has been know to actually reverse heart disease!

'A sachet per day, 
helps keep your heart healthy and maintain your quality of life'

What is PRO ARGI-9 Plus?
Pro Argi-9 Plus, a component of Synergy's V3 Nutritional System, helps strengthen heart health by delivering the benefits of l-arginine to your circulatory system. Scientific studies have shown that l-arginine helps maintain already normal blood pressure levels, blood thickness and improves overall cardiovascular fitness. It is certified Halal by Islamic Food And Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA).

Benefits of Pro Argi-9 Plus
  • Support cardiovascular health
  • Enhances blood flow to vital organs
  • Sweetened with Xylitol to enhance oral health
  • Great tasting citrus grape flavour
  • May aid in decreasing body fat
  • May boost energy levels

Powerful ingredients in Pro Argi-9 Plus that work together to protect your heart!
  • L-arginine : Vital Acid Amino acid that best known for its cardiovascular benefits. In the body, l-arginine is converted to nitric oxide, which relaxes and regulates the blood vessels tone and flexibility. This reduces stress on the heart, improves circulation and maintain healthy blood pressure.
  • Folic Acid, Vitamins B6 and B12 : work together to naturally decreases homocysteine levels.
  • Grape Skin Extract : high in antioxidants, antocyanins and polyphenols, helps in fighting damage caused by free radicals.
  • Vitamin D3 : Aid in calcium absorption and plays a role in healthy cardiovascular function and supports healthy inflammatory response.
  • Xylitol : Promote saliva production providing protection against tooth decay.

~One serving of Pro Argi-9 Plus contains 
5,000mg of elemental pharmaceutical grade l-arginine~

A box contains 30 sachets.

Who can consume Pro Argi-9 Plus?

Pro Argi-9 Plus is suitable for 23 years old and above. This supplement is great 
  • for those suffers from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity or descent from family that has heart attack background.
  • in enhancing memory and helps reversing the effect of dementia and Alzheimer's disease.
  • helps in curing depression and chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • suitable for asthma and gastric patient too.
  • Helps diabetic patients too. In the first week, the sugar level might go up ( depending on the patients body system reaction), however when the body adjust to the Pro Arginine, the sugar level go down again and maintain at lower /better sugar level. Thus the patients will feels as if re-energized!!
How to use Pro Argi-9 Plus.
  1.  Store in dry and cool place.
  2. Just mix with cold water, stir to dissolve until turns orange liquid.
  3. Drink directly after prepared.
  4. For maximum absorption, have it on empty stomach about an hour or so before any meals to let the body absorb it without anything else competing for absorption.
  5. If eaten, wait until at least an hour after meals for Pro Argi-9 Plus for better absorption.

Retail Price : 
1 box for RM 245 !
3 boxes for only RM 690! (great saving!)
(postage included)

Hurry Up! Grab the chance!

How to order:
1. SMS or call one of these numbers.
2.State quantity of the products.
3. Bank in the money and send the receipts & your address.
4. Your order will be processed asap.

I'm sorry but No C.O.D services.

Fiqah Lee : 013- 9562695 / 013-5453333
Syakila Eleeza : 014- 5160448

Johor Bahru/Pontian
 Syaffiq : 017- 2106803 / 011-11667100

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ PERHENTIAN ISLAND 5.0 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

'Oh man,The Deadliest Catch's crews  must've been having this kind of rough waves in the middle of the sea..'

That perfectly described our journey back from Perhentian Islands to Kuala Besut couple days ago. It was bumpy,it was violent,it was a breathe-stopping 30 minutes speed boat journey. However,despite all,it was a great Perhentian Islands 5.0 baby!

Only a day trip, we went with yet again, Sunny Travel. We arrived an hour later than promised,but still he attended us and give us best service.
(p/s: contact me if u will,he's good friend of mine,so I'll be able to arrange trip with some discounts XD)

Perhentian Islands usually closed down for tourists or public during monsoon season, and for the time being, the weather is not entirely okay, but we brave our way anyway. The islanders decide to open the island for public for a while since it's CNY public holiday.

The opening season you may say. It was like a gamble after all, it's all up to your luck! There's a good sunny day with great visibility perfect for snorkelling and diving,and somehow, there's also stormy days where..well, you could do nothing but to wait and enjoy the scenic view of the sea..The waves could be violent,and the current could be too rough for snorkelling,it literally could carry you away if you're unaware. I say wait until March or April, the official opening season,for best experience.

After few months of being shut down from people and all, the coral,fishes & the entire underwater world seems to be spawning,growing,healing and playing around very well. Some pictures from the trip! Syaffiq & Syafiq seems to enjoy their brief trip there.

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Dolce Vita Pension

What: The Dolce Vita Pension
Where: Pocheon,Gyeonggi-do.
Why: Runs by G-Dragon's family,The Kwon, self,stylishly& uniquely designed by GD.
How much: $$$$/$$$$$ (200 000-500 000won)  (We're talking luxurious vacation house here, baby~)
Pros: Get to experience some GD-fied stay and of course served by The Kwon.
Cons: Under 19 are not allowed to book for the stay, even if you're able to borrow your parents CC, still the payee name should be of the same person staying. However, under 19 could still go there as long accompanied by adult.

Here's some tips shared by PookieGoz, a Thai-VIP,the owner of the "Ultimate VIP room", whom recently went there during her trip to Korea for BIGBANG's Final Alive Concert. All credits shall goes to her. ^_^ thanks PookieGoz!

10 uniquely themed rooms to choose from.
VIP room (max 4 person), other rooms (max 2 person).

How to reserve a stay there.

 Go to their website, Dolce Vita Pension
follow the steps given & translated by Pookie.

To manage/check your booking

~How to get there~

So,that's it! Thanks again to PookieGoz for the tips~