Monday, October 3, 2016

How many days does spring last?

How many days does spring last?
It was April, it was spring.
We spent a good 10 days in South Korea for the training.
This year, I embarked on yet another career path.
As a freelance travel agent. Destination, South Korea.
The opportunity knocked while working for ARI.
Due to super duper fluctuation over the exchange rates, 
this year ARI has decided to bring their annual training,
which usually held in the UK to the South Korea.
The person in total charge, ahem, of course Mek Kelate :)
It's rather a bloodcurdling experience as far as I could recall.
I was put in charge on the whole aspect from  buying those tickets,
to planning the itinerary to communicating with Korean side,
to booking University Hall, to determine the activities to be done,
simply put, I had to take care of everything,from A to Z.

First and foremost, I'd like to thank the Korean-Muslim community for their extraordinary involvement to make sure we have a great time in South Korea. 

I can't imagine handling this group of 30 government personnel without your assistance.
I'd like to extend my appreciation to the Korean side
who had been an incredible help to me. 
They assisted me in so many way.
Special thanks to Seoul Mosque for everything they provided us. Special thanks to Imam Abd Rahman for his time with us, Bora and Seoul Mosque committee, thank you so much.
Imam Rahman
 Through this event, I met many lifelong friends and two playful yet charismatic appa.
Malaysian appa & Jeju appa.

Thank you so much Colonel Shahrir for helping, facilitating and guiding me. 
You've been such an extraordinary incredible god sent help to me :)

Miss Samiyah who look like Ailee (well at least to my eyes) 
 Thank you so much to the Dongguk University for letting us using their hall.
Prof Ismail & Miss Samiyah, I trully appreciate your gesture coming all the way from out of Seoul to meet us at Dongguk Univ.

I'd also love to express my heartfelt appreciation to Prof Bashir Kim Dae Yong for personally having us and Dr Yong for assisting and guiding us around Jeju. Truthfully, for without you, we would not be able to do all the visits. Prof Bashir is so charismatic & Dr Yong is so charming!
Visiting Jeju Islamic Center,founded by Prof Bashir himself.
Making sleeping arrangement at the lodging.
The participants freak out as they learn they'd be
sleeping on the ondol floor, Korean style sleeping arrangement.
Exchange gift
BBQ time
With Dr Seo Kwang Young; our impromptu guide.
Most of the time, I'm guiding him about Jeju XD
There was an exhibition by Artist Kang Yo Bae

The artist, Mr Kang Yo Bae we get to meet, all thanks to Prof Bashir.

Just look at the celebration arranged by Prof Bashir Kim, my Jeju Appa now :) kkkk
Visiting appa's Univ, Cheju Halla University.

Jeju Canola Field
wearing hanbok at Suwon's Hanok Village

wajib la visit embassy kannnn
I'd definitely love to return back to spring Korea again for vacation.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Don't whine over it, it's just lip tint - 9/10!

HeeChul from Suju used it and many make up gurus approved it!
Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint 
Don't whine, it's just lip tint!
From the many reviews I've read so far, it's pretty good though
Check out review & applications from TINA
*highly recommended*

It comes in 6 shades;
Shiraz Red, Nebiollo Red, Burgundy, Chardonnay Orange, Rose Coral & Blush Pink

Packaged in cute mini wine bottle-like case,
it does smells like sweet grape juice because it contains 'Sepivinol' or 'Wine Extract'.
But don't whine just yet!
The wine connection stops there! 
It's just a lip tint that is bold and solid pigmentation ,
yet inspired by delicate color that resembles quality wine,
Moisturizing the lips with a smooth, brilliant finish.
Fret not, it's HALAL guys!!

(For Muslims) Facts : According to fatwa, "...any quantity of alcohol that does not exceed the amount of 0.5% is not intoxicating" and "...considered halal because even if it is made from wine it has undergone fundamental process of transformation through certain chemical changes that is called “Istihalah” in Islamic law. So, the ruling of wine does not apply to it anymore and we are still allowed to use it" .

More info, here;
1. What is wine?
Wine is fermented grape juice. Actually, wine can be made from all sorts of common and not so common foods. Things like fruits, herbs and flowers. Most wine, though, is made from grapes. There must be fermentation, that is, that sugar be transformed into alcohol. If the amount of alcohol is relatively low, the result is wine. If it is high, the result is a"distilled liquor," something like gin or vodka.

2.What is SEPIVINOL R @ Wine Extract : 

What is it?
Red wine poly-phenol extract for a dual preventative and curative anti-ageing action.

Antioxidant active agent, bio-active poly-phenol for a "French Paradox" concept by fighting free radicals and prolonging cell life.

Cell life booster: increases sirtuin-1 expression
Anti-radical: super all-round action against damage from primary and secondary free radicals

ECOCERT certified
Wine polyphenols

Selling now at: 
RM 65 for 6 cute bottles
RM 15 for each one.
Free postage to Semenanjung & add RM 5 for Borneo

Saturday, September 24, 2016


Sebenarnya dalam pencarian buku "Lost & Found" aka "Hilang & Jumpa".
Tak semena terjumpa lah satu kedai buku online.
Ini sudah bagusss!
Saya ni bukannya hantu buku atau ulat buku punnn..
buku teks sekolah & uni dulu-dulu pun, jarang khatam..
Bila dihantar oleh Acik sebagai wakil ke Big Bad Wolf, 
alamakkk,macam ikan jalan atas darat jadiknya..

Tapi bila terjumpa kedai buku online ni rasa menarik pulak.
So, ape lagi,..sharing2 sajee menawarkan ribuan tajuk buku terbaik dalam Bahasa Melayu.
ada diskaun berganda, 
penghantaran PERCUMA ke seluruh Malaysia 
servis yang cekap & mesra untuk para pelanggan.
Kalau kata buku rosak, katanya akan diganti. PERCUMA, okeeeii!
pastuuuu ada jugakk Hadiah buku & kejutan istimewa

sooo ape lagi! JOM ke BOOK CAFE!
Jangan lupa sign up, manfaat berganda2!