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Summer Seoul with Love!

Before Cik leave for her study, we decided to go on a quick summer getaway. Cik said she misses Seoul so much. Opportunity knocked, so here some of the piccassss.. Oh Summer Seoul, YOU'RE SO HOT!

Can we do April all over again? Spring Love!

When I first agreed to become Research Assistant for my supervisor, she told me that I'd be helping her to manage a training that'll be held in April.
Fast forward, April came and I was given chance of a lifetime! To travel to UK together as part of the committee. How could I say 'NO' to that offer.
As part of the committee, me and Kak Aima went there first.  The lady luck was on our side! We managed to get the return tickets for KL-LHR at RM2600 only! Even though we booked it around a week prior to our trip.Yay!
Here's some pictures to commemorates my first trip to the United Kingdom. A day in London before heading to Dublin City, Ireland to visit a dear friend of mine. We opted for Ryan Air, cheap,very cheap! 3 days 2 night in Dublin was well spent. Thanks Abip for having us.
We left Dublin for Liverpool to meet up with the ISMLGT training group.
International Conference on Financial Criminology was held at the prestigious Oxford University, yes, Oxford Universi…

Long overdue


I just submitted my thesis a few days ago..Phew!
When I look at my last blog post, it shocked me! long has it been?

Everything is long overdue.
I still owe my self a journal from last trip to UK.

I shall start expanding my ideas now.