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Kpop Night Concert 2010

BIG BANG!they're coming down to Singapore, for the Kpop Night Concert this upcoming 23rd Oct 2010, my heart stop beating the moment i saw the news, i was like,ooooo,where's my academic calendar??? as expected, it's during my study week, just 2 days away from my final exam.. at first,i was like,imma gonna go no matter what,NO MATTER WHAT!!
even start my saving for the tickets to see my boys, i'm even thinking of getting a VIP ticket! i planned & checked the transportation,etc.. DANG!!!! out of the blue, the organizer said that the tickets will only available for walk-in purchase!no online purchase!! OMO, i almost faint due to that stupid news, my dream of meeting & seeing my boys live collapsed in a freakin SECOND!
gaaah,i'm just tooo sad.. yes,i'm the most saddest fangirl ever! T_T i missed out Rain's concert in Malaysia due to final exam, & now i'm gonna missing this one out due to the walk-in purchase!
i've decide that i'm gonna go to Korea for th…

2010 Ramadhan

Ramadhan aka fasting month sure flies just 5 days,it'll be Eid Mubarak again..
Ramadhan 2010 absolutely not one of my favorite, i lost my grandma before Ramadhan, my friend that i thought would be my besties forever, decided to walk away from me on my bday, a week before Ramadhan.. absolutely a painful Ramadhan..
however,being the strong girl i am, i'm still standing tall despite all the hurdles, this Ramadhan, take some times to think, think about myself,my life..& everything.. i might not have the answer to all of the questions, only Allah swt know the best for me..