Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cakap pasal bajet travel..

Do you still remember our Korea trip
So now,it's the time.... tiba2 dapat idea nak share.. 
on how to travel on quite tight budget like us did...
Ni list konon2 la nie..bantai je la.. >_<

First of all...the flight tickets. 
Ini lah yang mampu cut almost half  or 3/4 dari kos korang..
Please,book in advance,a year advance pun xpe..
Tu pun if u're intended to pay as little la kan.. 
For our 1st trip, return kami dapat was RM404+RM230= RM634/each person...
INCHEON-KL kmi dapat grab yang promo punya..
tp t'lepas la pulak dah yang KL-INCHEON..but still murah lgik kan,kan..???
 [bunyi cam pelik?yes,kami beli tiket balik dlu then bru beli tiket pegi]

Second of all... the readings... 
untuk jimat kan kos..kami travel tnpa tourist was just us..
Kami redah saje negara Korea itu...and for that,requires lots of readings... 
pape je,from travel blog, experience dr org2 yg penah pegi,or tinggal kt sana.. 
Advises/story2 dari2 mereka sgt penting,
Especially untuk elakkan kita dari makan buah langsat,
aka sesat melampau di negara orang nun sana!
Sesat ni sebenarnya akan requires lots of money and time la,
and wasting our energy of cos... 
ye la kan...dari kononnya nk cut cost,sesat ntah kemana.. 
tup2..kena naek teksi or etc.. 
lost in translation

Contohnya.. for our Korea Trip ni, we're really thankful for 
Kak Zarina's blog: Budget Travel Guide South Korea ..
mmg ala2 khatam jgk la blog akak tu... 
sebelum smpai lgik dah rasa mcm familiar.kui..kui..*melampau betol* .
Tu pun 1st day mmg lost jgk laa.. pastu dh dpt sense of direction,senang je.
As well as some words from our fellow blogger friend,
Andy : he lived there before,so he did gave us some great tips!

Thirdly....the preparations...
ni include la dri preparation baju smpai la makanan..
hehe.. utk prepare baju nih,xde la susah apa sgt..

lagi2 kalo korang pegi musim2 laen,panas,bunga,luruh..
tp kalo korang pegi wktu like us did.. it's winter..mmg kna lebih la skit..
Don't pack too lightly..that's what Bigtone always told me while we're chatting..
and damn,he's right! Winter korea is brutally cold,
sometimes down to -17C .. Andy,u're right.haha
Kalo korang g winter, xpayah nk susah2 beli winter coat kt Malaysia..mahal!
Bawak baju secukupnya.. and bli winter coat kt Korea nun..
And tips, don't have to buy branded one..u might use it once.
We bought ours from a shop at subway Hapjeong.
2 thick winter jacket for 30 000won..that's a bargain!
One more thing!~ remember people,LAYERING! 
xyah bwk bju tebal2 byk2 punnn.. berat kan beg je xD

Master the art of layering if u're travelling during winter time.

winter jacket yg kembung! hehe

Memang kami enjoy join sekaki berebut baju2  winter yang tengah sale tu dgn ajuhmma & ajuhssi kat sana..
haha,xkesah la xfashion ke hape,jnji practical..asal xbeku,sudah la..
Kasut! Kat Korea,pandang kiri-pandang kanan...
boleh cakap yang 50% pkai kasut sukan new balance, NB tu.. 
serius!! xtipu! sebenarnya Korea ni kena byk jalan..
so pastikan kasut anda sgt bgus untk jalan2 or else sakit urat!!! 
penat woo nk daki tangga2 subway tuuuu

Fourth of all...the food expenses..
Bukan la kata kami xmakan local food,itu salah..tapi~~
Kami bwk sedozen maggi mee,ye taw,mmg xbrapa elok utk kesihatan..
tp kehalalan mmg dah Korang mmg boleh cut cost sgt2 kalo bwk bekalan makanan m'ckupi.
kmi bli bekalan instant nescafe 3in1 yg 40sachet bila dorg promo..jimat kan?
Kt Korea pun kami duk asik minum nescafe yg kmi bwk je la..sejuk wei!

kat sana pun ada,tp dlm 1500won per sachet,aka brapa hengget?
Even tiap2 kali kuar jalan2 pun kmi bwk 3-4 sachet.. bila sejuk sgt,msuk G25 amek air panas jek.hehe.
Local food pun kami bedal je..
of cos yg kami rasa btol2 yakin je la kan.. tp byk dh cut cost dgn adanya bekalan makanan sndiri nie :D

Seterusnya..malas dah nk kiraaa.. Hostel/GH..

cuba check..seeloknya pre-book..kdg2 korang akn dpt discount utk pre-book..
or lagi satu option ialah discount via period of stay.. longer u stay,more discount u'll get
and of coz la, season apa..winter 10-20% discount,depends.jimat kann???

Finally la,The right place to call base-camp >_< puhaha
throughout our stay..our base camp was Hongdae!
Usually tourist from Malaysia akn stay at Namsan GH or area Myeongdong/Insadong..
tp kami elak kan.. ye la,dh nama nya tourist spot kan..
kami tuju ke Hongdae, universities area...
apa istimewanya? hey, apa yg budak2 U share?
aiming for low-living cost kannn....
so, being 'student/youngster center' Hongdae is affordable place..
This part of the city caters to the youngsters needs.
from hostel (Hostels/GH berlambak2 kt cni,murah pulak tu)
to food / to shopping baju 
(vintage-clothing mmg byk, semurah 5000-10000 won)/minum2 kopi/pape je la.
hebat tak sifir saya guna? muehehe 
lagi2 kwasan student kan,unique n ceria2 je,happening2 gtu..

dah,dah..setakat ni saje list konon2 ini :D bbyong!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sedang mencari-cari...ilham.....
untuk sesuatu..... 
mungkin menarik,mungkin tidak....
tapi tiada salah mencuba nasib...kan?

Naksan Park

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Birdsnest Hostel in Hongdae


It's May already. Been couple of months since my trip to Korea, 
and I've been missing that country ever since. 
Ahh,I need to go there again and stay longer and explore more! ^_^

So this post is gonna be about the Birdsnest Hostel,
 that I stayed while I'm in Seoul.
 It's my second hostel after Namu GH.

Owned and run by Mr DongUk Lee.
It's a hostel that he just set up after coming back from his RTW trip.

We first arrived at the hostel without any reservation,on one cold day..
Luckily, DongUk  attended us.
We asked whether any rooms available and he said yes.
Later he lead us to our dorm room.

We opted for the mixed dorm, 18000 won per person/night after 10% winter-discount.
However, he told us to stay in the female dorm,with the same price.
Thanks! Usually female only dorm a bit pricy,but he's so nice to let us.

For a budget traveller like me,
this hostel is great for my money already :D
Free breakfast & wifi are included.
Hot shower, soap & shampoo are provided too.As well as towels.
Hair dryer, ironing board & iron to ease the travellers.
Ah,ondol/ heated floor also made available when it's cold ;)
Usually on less busy day, we could chat with the owner.
Since he's a traveller himself, he has lots of story to share too.
He's very kind & always wanted to help us in any ways he could.

How to go there.It'

1. From subway line 2,off at Hongik Univ station,search for exit 2.

2.Came out from the subway,u'll see gas station in front of u, just turn left,and follow till end of road.

3.There's traffic light there,cross the road and turn right and walk straight until u see Hana Bank.
4. Then turn left again, then just walk straight.
5.Walk until u see a shop named 'Cass Tok's' then,turn right.
6. Follow the road,u'll see Birdsnest Hostel on ur left side.

Or just show the address to taxi driver:
561-34 Yeonnam-Dong Mapo-Gu, Seoul, South Korea

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Rooftop Prince - My sister~ Namsan at the back

ROOFTOP PRINCE episode 15 strolling around the Naksan Park! Yaay!! 
This might be able to put Naksan Park into the 'to go' list of K-Drama lovers. 
I've been there before, here's for more details! of my trip ~~> Naksan Park
it's located in Hyehwa
and it's really breathtakingly awesome! 
The hike & long walk is worth it once you reach the top. 
The view is beautiful~ And I super love all the artsy around the area
, and of course the lovely Ihwa-dong on our way up. 
Not only that, the Naksan Park offers a hint into the Korean history. 
There's Seoul Fortress up there,it ranges for few 'Sans' or mountain. 
Also you could learn about the Seoul's fortress. 
It was built to different designs accordingly to the Kings that rules that time.
 So enjoy!
Naksan Fortress

To go: Line 4, Hyehwa Station ,exit 1.
My advise,is just wander around Hyehwa,
it's a theatre/live performance area if I'm not mistaken.
You'll see/meet many people handling out flyers to the shows there.
Even the side-walks is very artsy.

*Random building*

One of mural stairs~ 1N2D~!

Stairs to Naksan Park,among the alleys
History of Naksan & surrounding 'Sans'

Artsy right?
More stairs to the fortress


Namsan Tower at the back