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Rooftop Prince - My sister~ Namsan at the back

ROOFTOP PRINCE episode 15 strolling around the Naksan Park! Yaay!! 
This might be able to put Naksan Park into the 'to go' list of K-Drama lovers. 
I've been there before, here's for more details! of my trip ~~> Naksan Park
it's located in Hyehwa
and it's really breathtakingly awesome! 
The hike & long walk is worth it once you reach the top. 
The view is beautiful~ And I super love all the artsy around the area
, and of course the lovely Ihwa-dong on our way up. 
Not only that, the Naksan Park offers a hint into the Korean history. 
There's Seoul Fortress up there,it ranges for few 'Sans' or mountain. 
Also you could learn about the Seoul's fortress. 
It was built to different designs accordingly to the Kings that rules that time.
 So enjoy!
Naksan Fortress

To go: Line 4, Hyehwa Station ,exit 1.
My advise,is just wander around Hyehwa,
it's a theatre/live performance area if I'm not mistaken.
You'll see/meet many people handling out flyers to the shows there.
Even the side-walks is very artsy.

*Random building*

One of mural stairs~ 1N2D~!

Stairs to Naksan Park,among the alleys
History of Naksan & surrounding 'Sans'

Artsy right?
More stairs to the fortress


Namsan Tower at the back

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