Thursday, February 20, 2014

BIGBANG Alpha+ Concert in Seoul

Before YG Ent even gave out any date,
 I was already planning to go to Korea for winter trip.
Upon knowing the date was during my semester break,
it was perfect. I booked the flight tickets right away!
However, Kila,my sister,my bae-peu,my travel buddy,
couldn't make it due to her study-exam-related matters.
Ahhh, just imagined how's her feeling!?
and just imagine how am i gonna do without her?!

Anyway, thanks to xyzIFA & Mimie, my Seoul Gang,
they managed to secure tickets for Day 1..
Really thanks you guys...

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Arts..The Murals..The Graffiti..

Hello all,my brain is functioning well these few hours..
hehehe..actually it was all lazy bugs that caught me.
Ok back to the title..
One the things that I enjoyed the most 
while in Seoul/Korea in general,
 was the arts on the streets, the painting,the murals..
I don't know how to put in words..nor how others think,
but Korean in my eyes is a very creative & artistic nation.
Their love for arts can be seen everywhere~
be it on their foods, their many themed-cafes, 
their products, their places, etc

Lets the pictures galore begin!

all that shown above, inside this mall.

Next, random arts on the streets
outside a store
at the school wall
wall of faces
outside a cafe

at a playground

a themed cafe 

at Hongik Univ front gate
 Then, the place I love coming back,
because I'd get to see new arts popping out,
as well as revisiting the good-old memories..
the sunset I spent at Ihwa-dong

Angel wings resurface at Ihwa-dong