Friday, February 7, 2014

First Solo Trip = Err,successful!

Hello, for those who might aware.. 
I just returned from Korea last week or so..
It was my first solo backpacking trip,
before I went with my sister..
It was for BIGBANG Aplha+ Concert as well as winter trip,
Err, I must say, as how introvert I am, 
I think I'm quite certain that,
I prefer travelling with my sister T_T
Maybe it was the minus degrees weather 
or maybe 
I saw too many couple cuddling here and there,over there,
but travelling solo makes me feel super lonely! Ha
Plus I can't go to many eateries 
even though I want to,
because of the portion...
It could be too big sometimes for me, alone T_T
However, I did survived the trip!

One thing that i realized when travelling alone, 
we became more connected and aware of ourselves..
Somehow it feels like I have reconnect with the inner me.
sounds weird right? But, really...somehow.

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