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it's coming to an end,finally!~

끝!끝!끝!끝!!! Finally the semester is coming to an end!! yaay! 6 months of practical training indeed test me physically and mentally. However,i have to admit,really, this past 6 months has been a bless. Meeting with great people,making new friends, learning new thing and most importantly a step closer to the BACC scroll. I left the office with a very light,almost flying steps. hahahahaha, am not coming back anytime sooner:P I need rest and some times to gather myself again before preparing for the next semester. Well, there'll be more travelling to come, trip to plan and money to save. hahaha This is it,the last entry for this semester! Tomorrow i'll be off to Johor by train! (i know!!almost 12 hours of journey) & maybe since we're already there,might as well visit Singapore,who knows.^^
so here's picture from today's farewell party.
good luck u guys, forget me NOT! v(^____^)v


i was first introduced to WAGWAK (we aren't gay we are korean), a 2 Korean guy band by Paula from Noona Blog. she has been writing about them and i thought i shall try listen. i clicked on the link she gave and it redirect me to their Myspace page. i first listen to 'Lost in a Lot' and i quite like it. here,just wanna share with you.
and also,on one fine morning, i think it's Monday, where all the people were having hard time getting out of bed to go to work, a friend,Alex Finch, shared a link to an also duo video. the acoustic duo,10cm,(coming from the height difference between the 2 members) performed their song 'Americano'. i listened to it, and oh, he has a great voice! and this song is sooo catchy and really good to start a day
have a great day (^__^)v


so today we parted... i cried a bucket on my way home, my eyes were seriously swollen as i got home. Kak Filah, my beloved 'borrowed sister' to me. it's been a superb 6 months. thank you for everything :') my heart aches as i hugged u goodbye, couldn't even say 'thank you' bcuz i'm about to cry.
be happy always, be healthy, stay cool like that, all the best,keep on fighting! i love you Kak Filah!!
prepared a party for three today, for her belated bday party(25th June) and for our goodbye party ^^ p/s: just look at the smile on her face.god bless

49days~ Was your life worth living or dying for?

It's been a while since last time i do an entry for K-Drama. Last time i recommended 2 of my favorite dramas, here, and now it's time for 49days,another SBS's hits! I just started watching few days ago, and so far it's been so good. See the trailer below:
Synopsis of 49days. Shin Ji Hyun was enjoying absolute bliss as she was about to marry her fiancé, Kang Min Ho, but her perfect life is shattered when she gets into a car accident that leaves her in a coma. She is given a second chance at life by a reaper, but it comes with a condition: she has to find three people outside of her family who would cry genuine tears for her. In order to do this, she borrows the body of Yi Kyung, a part-time employee at a convenience store for 49 days. cre: DramaWiki
~this drama flowing quite smoothly.It plays with viewers emotions very well. We couldn't help but to think 'what if' after every episode.Expect to re-value your relationship,friendship and your life upon watching it…

Teardrops in the Rain~CNBLue

No one ever sees, no one feels the painTeadrops in the rainI wish upon a star, I wonder where you areI wish you're coming back to me againAnd everything's the same like it used to beI see the days go by and still I wonder whyI wonder why it has to be this wayWhy can't I have you here just like it used to beI don't know which way to chooseHow can I find a way to go on ?I don't know if I can go on without you ohEven if my heart's still beating just for youI really know you are not feeling like I doAnd even if the sun is shining over meHow come I still freeze ?No one ever sees, no one feels the painI shed teardrops in the rainI wish that I could fly, I wonder what you sayI wish you're flying back to me againHope everything's the same like it used to beI don't know which way to chooseHow can I find a way to go onI don't know if I can go on without you, without youEven if my heart's still beating just for youI really know you are not feeling like…


*the main entrance,the admin building*
Hello! The semester is about to kick-off for some students, especially for those SPM-holders. So, as the senior student,I am, welcoming you guys to the Uni life! Please expect fun time learning,meeting and making friends, and great memories to be created as you go along this process.^^

If you happen to be accepted into UiTM Machang Campus,ahah! Then again,i welcome you! Allow me to simply explain about this campus.
UiTM Machang Campus is my current Uni.well actually it WAS my campus while i was doing my Diploma in Accountancy several years ago. After graduating, i was again accepted to further my study at this campus. ^^

It has been wonderful several years for me. Even though the campus is located quite far away from civilization, but that's the special thing about it! When i stated quite far,please do not expect anything like fast food restaurants or shopping mall or even supermarket. The most we have near the campus is 7-Eleven!! (^_~)

what is that i want?

cause i feel so empty inside.. maybe i'm a bachelor student right now, even if i'm in my final year, there's something that is missing.. WHAT IS IT THAT I WANT IN MY LIFE?? =_='' what i want to do after i grad? do i want to be an accountant? mom suggest i be a lecturer but i don't like teaching i have no confidence in myself do i want to even work in the financial field? i'm still not sure what is it that i want?? somebody help me figure it out! it's a shame living a life without having any goal or even knowing what i want to do in my life. it's indeed a very shameless act living life like that.

oh ideas..please come! palli!

hmm,i'm thinking of recreating our front yard.
i need some ideas!! xD
i'll better uploads some pictures later on,
so that if anyone sees this,might wanna help me out too.

well,my mom and dad,they're a total orchid lovers!
and they used to have the most beautiful yard,
but i guess,it's kinda hard to maintain after all this tough times.
we,usually spent our weekends gardening and playing under the sun.
but not now.everybody is being busy with their own world.
no more laughters,and fun,and joy..and all....
and i'm kinda miss that..sooo
i'm thinking why not i re-create our yard,
make a beautiful garden again,
maybe things will be better?!

[edited on Sat:14/05] but heh, who am i kidding!!??? i was about to start off this special project yesterday morning, when the sun decided to shine as brightly as it could, and hottest as it would. oh goddamnit,i'm so not gonna be under the sun, i don't want any tan,no! so yeah,the weather is tooooo hot nowadays, am not gonna be gardening anyti…

Everyday is special...

so, yesterday(8th May) was Mother's Day!
i believe it's based on Western culture? (no?)
or Korean has their own way,
they celebrate it as Parents Day..
^^ they just love to celebrate unlike others, right?
i mean, white day,black day, so many more days lah.. so lovely & creative of them! ^^ kkk

a mother should not just be celebrated & honored on certain day only,
our mother is for us to love, to look up to, to respect, to love
& to honor everyday as we lives.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) continually used to remind his followers of the status of the mother and the obligation of being good to one's parents. The following narration is a beautiful example of the noble position of the mother:

A man came to the Prophet and said: O Messenger of Allah! Who from amongst mankind warrants the best companionship from me?
He replied: "Your mother."
The man asked: Then who?
So he replied: "Your mother."
The man then asked: Then who?
So the Prophet replied …

If you can't change it, embrace it :')

it's Tae Ho's story. this morning,i came across a video about Tae-Ho, a young boy, born without arms.. but still, he's a very positive boy.

here,let's watch and be thankful.

another one,

he even starred in Hyundai CF
~i wish him a bright future ahead!~

KL trip ~

hehe the KL trip was last month, but still, i just wanna share some pictures now. i went there with my best-girlfriend, Min we both actually wanna get away & rest for a while, we're being tired & suffocated by many little problems, so we decided it's best to 'runaway' for a while. we're like lost girls, so happy and having so much fun, not thinking too much about other stuff, we just enjoy ourselves. Min checked the thing she wanna check out, and i visited an uncle,in hospital. other than that, we pretty much relaxing our tired bodies & minds.

~that's all!

the red warriors!

=========SELAMAT PAGI=========== GOOD MORNING! ~
last weekend (Sat) my family & i decided to check out a football/soccer match of our state team, we didn't bought any tickets in advance because we thought there'll be last minute ticketing. bummer! we underestimated the Red Warriors ( the nickname for the team & the supporters as well) . we arrived just in time before the game started, we tried to looked out for ticket,just to find out that hella loads of people still waiting outside of the stadium,unable to enter,because the ticket was sold out.My little brother was especially sad, because he's quite a fan, especially of KFCM ( the goalkeeper)
~frustrated supporters,standing at the gate~

~the stadium was packed!~

~just look at the cars~
~the stadium~
hip-hip- hooray( my sis) at the Red Warriors Station, this place is where players & supporters usually gather after match/practice or during weekends.

next match will be on this Sat (7th May), hmmm, my lil bro already been bu…

Behind The Scenes- YG Family Concert 2010!

oh God, seriously today is the best day! soooooooo many goodies from my YG Fam! here, just wanna share the BTS. i've watched the concert, and OH,only God know how bad i wanna attend it!!! i was chanting & smiling from ear to ear,till my jaw's hurt! hahaha, gooodness overloads with my YG fam,always! i Love YG!
go check it out! HERE!! grab popcorn,sit back & enjoy!

Kpop Backstage & EAT YOUR KIMCHI!

ever wonder how's it like , Kpop backstage?? aha! wonder no more!! During a Jeju-do event last week, go check (Jeju Weekly) Simon & Martina from EatYourKimchi had given the chance to wander around the backstage and see the Kpop artists in action first hand!
HERE for their complete-crazy Kpop experience!!
and as bonus, they had prepared special footages. crazy! WORTH checking! i almost go crazy!!

and for those U-Kiss's fanclub ~Kiss Me also bonus for you guys!
Ukisses boys are sooooo crazy fun!! they're so entertaining! and of course very sweet! AJ is like kewl! and Kevin is a sweetheart! xDD
enjoy! don't forget to check out EAT YOUR KIMCHI! and go 'LIKE' their fb page too. btw,it's 1st May- Martina's bday. Happy Birthday Martina! i saw the *3 random facts about Martina picture on ur fb*, and i thought the 1st one is tooooooo cute!! with the 'HALP' xDDD Have a blast ya! Simon, go buy her good food & new dress yah! :P