Monday, May 2, 2011

the red warriors!

=========SELAMAT PAGI===========

last weekend (Sat) my family & i decided to check out a football/soccer match of our state team, we didn't bought any tickets in advance because we thought there'll be last minute ticketing. bummer! we underestimated the Red Warriors ( the nickname for the team & the supporters as well) . we arrived just in time before the game started, we tried to looked out for ticket,just to find out that hella loads of people still waiting outside of the stadium,unable to enter,because the ticket was sold out.My little brother was especially sad,
because he's quite a fan, especially of KFCM ( the goalkeeper)

~frustrated supporters,standing at the gate~

~the stadium was packed!~

~just look at the cars~

~the stadium~

hip-hip- hooray( my sis) at the Red Warriors Station,
this place is where players & supporters usually gather
after match/practice or during weekends.

next match will be on this Sat (7th May),
hmmm, my lil bro already been bugging me,
should we go?? earlier this time?? we'll see

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