Sunday, May 22, 2011

49days~ Was your life worth living or dying for?

It's been a while since last time i do an entry for K-Drama. Last time i recommended 2 of my favorite dramas, here, and now it's time for 49days,another SBS's hits! I just started watching few days ago, and so far it's been so good. See the trailer below:

Synopsis of 49days.
Shin Ji Hyun was enjoying absolute bliss as she was about to marry her fiancé, Kang Min Ho, but her perfect life is shattered when she gets into a car accident that leaves her in a coma. She is given a second chance at life by a reaper, but it comes with a condition: she has to find three people outside of her family who would cry genuine tears for her. In order to do this, she borrows the body of Yi Kyung, a part-time employee at a convenience store for 49 days. cre: DramaWiki

~this drama flowing quite smoothly.It plays with viewers emotions very well. We couldn't help but to think 'what if' after every episode.Expect to re-value your relationship,friendship and your life upon watching it. You will be put into situation,where you will think how have you spend your life so far.Is it worth it? Will or not you have any regret when day pass by. There so many life lesson to learn in the drama. Don't just watch the drama for the actors only,but also for the many lesson that its deliver through each episodes. Enjoy ur time watching 49days ^^

p/s:Yeah,i'm that kind of person.So into the drama that i watch every time.

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