Wednesday, May 18, 2011


*the main entrance,the admin building*

Hello! The semester is about to kick-off for some students, especially for those SPM-holders. So, as the senior student,I am, welcoming you guys to the Uni life! Please expect fun time learning,meeting and making friends, and great memories to be created as you go along this process.^^

If you happen to be accepted into UiTM Machang Campus,ahah! Then again,i welcome you! Allow me to simply explain about this campus.

UiTM Machang Campus is my current Uni.well actually it WAS my campus while i was doing my Diploma in Accountancy several years ago. After graduating, i was again accepted to further my study at this campus. ^^

It has been wonderful several years for me. Even though the campus is located quite far away from civilization, but that's the special thing about it! When i stated quite far,please do not expect anything like fast food restaurants or shopping mall or even supermarket. The most we have near the campus is 7-Eleven!! (^_~)

The nearest town is 10-15minutes away by bus,and luckily for the student, the Uni provided a shutter-bus system just for the students,that cost about RM 1/(not sure now) per trip to Machang town.

In my previous entry,here,i've already shown to you,that Machang is a very humble tiny-little-town. It's almost like a stopover town,where people usually stopover to fill up their tank/gas before proceeding their way to KL/west coast/otherwise. And there's a reason behind that. Because basically there's pretty much nothing here? hahaha yeah,nothing. We just got our 1st very own supermarket aka ECONJAYA last year! and KFC too,were made available for 'Machang'ster' only last year. Machang-ster is the name that we use to address our town wittily:P

Now let's focus on the campus. This campus is quite huge,in about area of 4km. Like any other Uni campus,it's equipped with everything that a student could ask for. Variation of fields and courts; rugby field,hockey field,tennis court,football field,badminton court,etc--CHECKED! Food court too is made available for student in the campus. Student usually hang out & meeting & chatting with friends there. It's quite far from the main gate,it's more like on the other side of the hills.(?!)
celebrating a friend bday at the food court.

The campus is surrounded by nature,it's located on the hills. Yeah,hills. It's undoubtedly very breath-taking campus,expect lush green.There's also bicycles that are provided for students.We could rent it using our student's card; free of charge. Other sport equipments like rackets and hall also provided for students. We just need to apply & borrow it from sport department.
Moving to staircases! It's the highlight of the campus. Most of the UiTM campus regardless the location,usually well-known for their 'Batu Caves like' staircases. And yep! We have it here too! 2 of them!! One is descending to the classes blocks and the other one is next to the library. and please, expect it to be Batu Caves like! I've lost count of the stairs,but it's definitely more than 150 stairs,i think so.It's indeed very useful for those whose trying to lose weight. When i first came here,i'm quite overweight,and i managed to shed more than 10kilos, credit to the stairs!^^
But then, no worry,there's shuttle-buses for students in the campus as well.Usually in the morning,students take their time and descend by the stairs,and if so,well, expect to be breathless when u're reaching your class! ^^

The hostels are located at the upper side of the hills.There are 5 hostels provided for the students.One is right on top.and other four are scattered from; bottom-hill to the other side of the hill.The room is very comfortable for students. The facilities are as great as other top Uni.

*hostel on top*

There's wifi provided by the Uni,at the classes block and library,you just have to know the password. Usually the social network is barred till the lectures hours ended,usually by 5pm,student can access the social network. For those coming from the west coast, please note that Kelantan uses Sunday-Thursday work week. Student has to wear corporate attire on Monday,yeah,only Monday,both girls and boys. On the other days,student pretty much free to wear anything as long as it's appropriate and follow the rules set by the Uni. But please,dress to impress on presentation days,etc.

if you're using your car within the campus,make sure to register and get the student sticker from the guard at their department.if not see for yourself, my friend's cars getting clamped!

Nothing to worry. Just came here with a wide-open heart and you'll regret nothing. It's just another stage of life,the student life stage. Please expect and try to enjoy your student life as much and make it as colorful. This is indeed,the best time of your life! Welcome and may you have a good time here!^^

*credit to various sites for some pics*


  1. besttttt
    nice entryyyy
    dapat info banyak :P

  2. not bad la kan uitm machang ni... hope sy ley sesuai la nanty.. uitm machang! wait 4 me okey??!!

    1. OhayoCINTA!!: Yg ni post lama punya..sekarang makin upgrade dah. Ada student centre bagai. Mmg best lah. Selamat Datang!

  3. not bad la kan uitm machang ni... hope sy ley sesuai la nanty.. uitm machang! wait 4 me okey??!!

  4. seumur hidup pernah pi sekali je kat kelantan tup tap tup tap dpt study kt uitm machang. haaa amek kawww 3 thn dok machang. takut pulak. lahai~ =="

    1. Diana Toma: Selamat belajar kat Kelantan!~ Welcome to my state

  5. Replies
    1. tak sabar pulak nk masuk nnti! haa psl koko nnti kan, brass band ade tk?

    2. Azmira: hi, kalau ikotkan mmg ada je brass band. dlu waktu turun nak ke dataran mesti lalu sebelah geng2 brass band duk praktis2. wish u all the best of luck!!

  6. Bulan 7 ni saya masuk UiTM machang.. Erm nak tau brape orang dalam 1 dorm and ade privacy tak?


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