Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kpop Backstage & EAT YOUR KIMCHI!

ever wonder how's it like , Kpop backstage??
aha! wonder no more!!
During a Jeju-do event last week, go check (Jeju Weekly)
had given the chance to wander around the backstage
and see the Kpop artists in action first hand!

HERE for their complete-crazy Kpop experience!!

and as bonus, they had prepared special footages.
crazy! WORTH checking! i almost go crazy!!

and for those U-Kiss's fanclub ~Kiss Me
also bonus for you guys!

Ukisses boys are sooooo crazy fun!! they're so entertaining!
and of course very sweet! AJ is like kewl! and Kevin is a sweetheart! xDD

don't forget to check out
and go 'LIKE' their fb page too.
btw,it's 1st May- Martina's bday.
Happy Birthday Martina!
i saw the *3 random facts about Martina picture on ur fb*,
and i thought the 1st one is tooooooo cute!!
with the 'HALP' xDDD
Have a blast ya! Simon, go buy her good food & new dress yah! :P

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