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Day 22. Change in classes

It's Monday,also the last day for September. Ahh, finally.. the month is changing.
Classes had been changed. ACC721 will be moved to today's morning.. Nevermind it,because if it's like previous,late afternoon class,  only God knew how, I'm doing whatever i can to stay awake.
Later on PSA 721, my group finally completed our slides, however there's already group that vouch for presentation this week. I think we'll have to start on our report sooner or later.

Day 21. Can't keep up

Heol. When I started this 'day by day' entry..
I've promised myself that I'll commit to it..
That I'll do it on regular basis..
Hmm,since I'm caught up in tonnes of assignment,
I found myself having to recall the days..
Aigoo.. I can't keeep up,but I'll try my best.

It's Sunday, and it's rest day. ^_^

Day 19. Hello Key-eL

Day 19. 27/9/2013.
Yesterday we managed to get a copy of fee structure from the treasury department.
It was for our Mara loan application.
Umi sent off my document from home by bus.
Talia,Dayah & I went to the bus station at 6am to pick it up.
Later we'll go to Mara office in KL to hand-submit the forms.

By 10am,we hop on the KTM towards Bank Negara.
Hello KL! again! :)
Arrived at almost an hour later, we rushed to the MARA office.
Our stomach were singing so loud, but we had to make it there before lunch hour break.
Dealing with the officer at the counter, I told her about the fee structure and how it complicates me.. then they told me that, no matter how much I said, they're just gonna cover the amount stated as 'Yuran Pengajian' only. OK..that was like O_o?
Anyway, I submitted mine but Talia couldn't submit hers because she need to obtain some more signatures.

The stomachs growled soo hard so we decided to grab some brunch at nearby restaurant.
Well, KL food…

Day 18.

It's Thursday.
Since I change a subject from core to elective,
today will be the first class for ACG 704.

My heart couldn't contain the fact that I had to drop MAC 700 subject.
I admire Prof Datin Dr Suzana Sulaiman. *next sem Dr!*

We're well-prepared for ACC 723.
Talia & Dayah already searched high and low for her requirements.
And today our mission is to get the fee structure from the 'Bahagian Bendahari'..
They promised us yesterday that we could pick it up by lunch..
However, blerrghh... we'll have to come again at 5.

Went to Paksu's Corner for luncheon.
It's yummy and affordable.
The ambiance were great too.
Tonnes of assignment still waiting for me though.

Day 17.Presentation

Day 17. 25/9/2013
It's presentation day.
My first presentation ever since we started.
I'm shaking. It's for Dr Roy's class...
Hope I'll make it through!

It's Cooking Wednesday.
Nabilah want to cook steamed fish for me & Dayah.
Since Talia & Iylia, both will be out with their BF.

Day 16.Adventurous girls

Today, Iylia and I had something in mind.
We're girls on mission..
and the mission is, going to MARA office in KL, by ourselves..
Of course by KTM lahhh..
Dayah, Nabilah and Talia won't tag along..
There's no morning class slot today, so they decided to rest for tad bit more.
By 8 Iylia & I were already boarding a taxi that stopped at a traffic light, to go to the KTM station.. and nearest station is Padang Jawa.
It's almost an hour away journey.
We're off at Bank Negara station, after that we had to walked for about a km or so, we passed SOGO on our way.,
Arrived to 'Hari Bertemu Pelanggan MARA', what a coincidence!
However, we had to go up to level 2 and deal with Bahagian Penganjuran.
Figure out there's a space that need JKK's signature, I accidentally left it behind :(
Can't submit my loan application just yet.
Back to Shah Alam, Talia & Dayah already waited for us at the station.

Day 15.Dodging the bullet!

Weekend was filled with sooooo much fun.
I never want it to end.
Since returning from kampung,
seeing all the assignments, I'm back to reality.
Ceehhhh,,banyak kot assignments...
PSA ni asyik duk pending jaaaa..
APA NAK JADI???? hoh

The PSA 721 slot is today.
But who'll be the presenter is still unknown until Dr Asmah calls out a group number.
Talia said today won't be our turn just yet.
Iylia and I, of course hoping & praying for the same thing.
Our presentation only halfway done..only 2 articles reviewed...
On our way to PSA's class,
Talia kept on saying that today wont be our turn...
Amin that, and it was not!
So as to enjoy this temporary joy,
we head to D'Steak House(if I'm not mistaken).
I had my fish & chips.
Yum..Happy tummy

Day 14. Return to the city

I returned to the city with heavy steps..
I'll miss home dearly..
What awaits for me is terrifying and horrifying..
But Umi says, I must hold on..
If I were to hold on to the girls to go through, then I shall do it..
This is something that I want to achieve for myself, and my family... also for the people who left me behind when I was having tough times. Some sort of revenge,but at this rate, it feels like I'm killing myself...anyway,thats how people pays revenge right? Even sacrificing our own comfort... I shall will have to be strong!! Himnaesaeyo!

Day 13. Home sweet Home

Day 13, 21/9/2013
Home sweet home,indeed.
Though I'm away from home just for 2 weeks, I miss home.
I miss my cats.My room, the house, the garden,the fishes, etc

Going to buy ticket today.
Heol, why la have to go back so early??!!
Umi's packing the fruits & the thai silk,thanks Umi!
Aigoo.. I dont wanna leave soon!

Day 11. Balik Kampung Ooooo Balik Kampung!

It's Thursday,19/9/2013.
We bought the bus tickets yesterday,
and le housemates will be returning to home this weekend.
I think its much needed time to go back for some recharge & strength..
The first 2 weeks has been horrifying, terrifying..and soooo tough.
Hopefully we'll return back to this house in better conditions.

p/s: Jisun Unnie will return to her homeland end of Sept and a bff will be leaving for UK on 8th Oct. Why can't you all bring me along? :'(

Day 10 - Picnic & i City

Day 10.
It's Wednesday and we have decided to enjoy a simple home-made dinner!
I'd rather say, picnic.
Talia fried the fishes.
I made the potato-cabbage soup.
Dayah pounds the 'sambal belacan'.
Iylia stir-fry some beans.
Nabilah made up the table.
It's team work,and happy tummies as the result! (^__^)

Later on, to burn all those calories, Talia suggested we go to the i-City.. but Nabilah didn't came along due to her asthma..
I-city, is literally next to our house.
Went, and we tried on many rides..
Phew..tired...we went back & sleep like a baby.

Thursday will be 'balik kampung' day!

Day 9. Thank God for the volunteer!!!

Day 9.
It's presentation day for PSA 721, Dr Asmah's class..
Oh my godness...Haven't finished ours but thank God for the volunteers!
Kak Sarah & Kak Masyitah asked to present theirs first because Kak Masyitah is due to give birth anytime from now! The classmates exhaled in peace upon listening to the request...

Iylia & I consulted Dr Asmah regarding our topic. It's HR. Human resource.
It's one damn huge-general topic. and we're like lost in translations..
and sure did we're lost! Dr Asmah told us that there's so many aspects to choose from provided if we could back up our research with data and previous studies.. aiyoo, die die die.... Must review again.... Any topic recommendation?

Am still listening to GD's latest album.. I really enjoy the variety that he gave this time. However, reading the translation of the lyrics...he makes me wonder about him. I mean his personal self. Is he having hard time... Even though he's smiling and keeps …

Day 8. It's assignments day!

Day 8.
Selamat Hari Malaysia aka public holiday..
Instead of going out melepak sakan and tidur sampai pitam,
all of us,le housemates woke up very early and hugs our 'beloved' assignmentssss..
It's endless and we're feeling weak.....haihhzzzz...

While listening to GD's Crooked, and as well as his other songs from the latest album,
the fingers and the eyes won't stop typing while reading the articles, journals!
But later on, Syafiq called me and says he's coming to visit me aka give me the buah-buahan that Umi posted to him. It was meant to be shared,so..
Anyway, he came and we went out for lunch at Restoran Umi..only RM9 for both of us.Told you it's cheap there. Then he suggested on going to I-City to check out the new wax museum..phew,it was pricy! RM80,shall come later with family.

Then came back to my jib...continue on the love-hate relationship with le assignments........

Day 7. Wedding!

Day 7.
It's been a week I'm here as a student again.
The housemates were invited by Talia to her sister's wedding.
Yon( Talia's bf) pick us up from our house. He came all the way from Putrajaya.
We went and ate alot! and of course had so much fun. kekeke. Thanks for the invitation!
As I'm still new to them and their families (all 3 of them know each other since diploma days), I found myself feels like a fish out of water!
Nevertheless they're sooooo kind-hearted and treat us like an extended family.
I'm so thankful. ^_^

the celebrated pair~

now,Shall I introduce my housemates? Tadaa ( Nabilah was not with us though)

This is Talia & her long time bf,idk,but they call him Yon.
Here is Dayah, though same age as them  (all of them a year younger than me),  they address her as Kak Dayah.
and here's Iylia aka Saloma! She loves retro music.  Owner of Saloma Becok's blog.
There's another girl, Nabilah but she's not with us today. She we…

Day 6. Even me need some rest on weekends~

kkk. The title said it all.
I'm all worn out.
Wow, I was mentally & physically prepared, or I just thought I was..
but I never thought it'll be so tough.
The never ending staircases towards SAAS, the more and more staircases towards house.
Aigooooo.. I can tell my joints are all shacking weakly...
Went on shopping spree with Talia,Iylia & Dayah.
Bought so many stuff that we barely could fit it in Talia's car.
Ate at Barra,cheap! Food at Umi's also great & cheap!

Still doing my best reading the never ending articles..
Iylia seems to loooove reading,envy her..she doesn't mind reading a lot while me, having hard time trying to refocus after every hyperactive self,please learn to focus! F.O.C.U.S!

Let me tell some on my classes.
I'll be taking 6 subjects this semester.
And all 6 of them were made up of 3 long hours class..
Though we just meet the lecturer of each subject once a week, but it's 3 hours straight.
I hope the lecturers…

Day 5. It's moving day.

It's day 5. 13/9/13
Last night, it was 4 vs 1.
All 4 housemate decided to attack me.
The night before they said the issues regarding the house was settled already.
However, last minutes when the next tenants weren't sure about moving in,
they let out their anger on me.WTF.
I did gave them some of my 20cents anyway.
They refunded my deposit but said I have to move out ASAP.
The latest would be by 5pm the next day.

I contacted my brother in IPG Bandar Baru Bangi,he said he could help me,but it'll require him to come before subuh since he got classes later on. I couldn't bother to risk anybody's live. So I asked the wonderful new housemate to help me. They said yes in a blink. Thanks guys. Thanks Allah for sending them.

Then it's moving day! Move out from that hell into my new room.
I paid for the entire room since I want to stay alone, just so my family & friends can sleep over when they come to visit me ^_^)v
Anyway I'm glad that they didn't mind to …

Day 4. I was right!

Damn, I hate when I'm right on my guess!
Yes, issues are coming.
The moment I told about my housemate about moving out,
some of them already had their own ideas & inviting their friends.
*note: I did not said I'm moving out yet.I was just talking about it.
My room mate wanted to invite her friend to replace me,
another housemate wanted to ask her friends.
Ahh,I felt like being chased out!
But anyway,I'm gonna go and see my group member's house..
Then I'll consider about moving or not..

Day 3. Issues are coming.

Most of the presentations and assignments were meant to be done in group.
I did formed group. But the problem,we live far apart.
So she and her housemate suggested me move in with them.
Since there's a room left empty in their house.
I asked to stay alone,and they let me.

I need to talk about moving with my current housemate.
Issues are coming.

Day 2.

Day 2.
Thanks to Fiza, one of the housemate,
she told me on which bus to take to class,
which stop should I be at, and so on.

Rapid KL, Bus 604 (Seksyen 7-Seroja).

Classes will be at SAAS-1122,Quality Room,most of the time.
More assignments given today. Ohmy.
It's about 3 hours each class.
I pray that I could remain calm and focus through out the hours.
Of course,presentation & thesis writing.....pheww

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