Monday, September 16, 2013

Day 8. It's assignments day!

Day 8.
Selamat Hari Malaysia aka public holiday..
Instead of going out melepak sakan and tidur sampai pitam,
all of us,le housemates woke up very early and hugs our 'beloved' assignmentssss..
It's endless and we're feeling weak.....haihhzzzz...

While listening to GD's Crooked, and as well as his other songs from the latest album,
the fingers and the eyes won't stop typing while reading the articles, journals!
But later on, Syafiq called me and says he's coming to visit me aka give me the buah-buahan that Umi posted to him. It was meant to be shared,so..
Anyway, he came and we went out for lunch at Restoran Umi..only RM9 for both of us.Told you it's cheap there. Then he suggested on going to I-City to check out the new wax museum..phew,it was pricy! RM80,shall come later with family.

Then came back to my jib...continue on the love-hate relationship with le assignments........

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