Thursday, September 26, 2013

Day 18.

It's Thursday.
Since I change a subject from core to elective,
today will be the first class for ACG 704.

My heart couldn't contain the fact that I had to drop MAC 700 subject.
I admire Prof Datin Dr Suzana Sulaiman. *next sem Dr!*

We're well-prepared for ACC 723.
Talia & Dayah already searched high and low for her requirements.
And today our mission is to get the fee structure from the 'Bahagian Bendahari'..
They promised us yesterday that we could pick it up by lunch..
However, blerrghh... we'll have to come again at 5.

Went to Paksu's Corner for luncheon.
It's yummy and affordable.
The ambiance were great too.
Tonnes of assignment still waiting for me though.

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