Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Day 16.Adventurous girls

Today, Iylia and I had something in mind.
We're girls on mission..
and the mission is, going to MARA office in KL, by ourselves..
Of course by KTM lahhh..
Dayah, Nabilah and Talia won't tag along..
There's no morning class slot today, so they decided to rest for tad bit more.
By 8 Iylia & I were already boarding a taxi that stopped at a traffic light, to go to the KTM station.. and nearest station is Padang Jawa.
It's almost an hour away journey.
We're off at Bank Negara station, after that we had to walked for about a km or so, we passed SOGO on our way.,
Arrived to 'Hari Bertemu Pelanggan MARA', what a coincidence!
However, we had to go up to level 2 and deal with Bahagian Penganjuran.
Figure out there's a space that need JKK's signature, I accidentally left it behind :(
Can't submit my loan application just yet.
Back to Shah Alam, Talia & Dayah already waited for us at the station.

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