Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day 7. Wedding!

Day 7.
It's been a week I'm here as a student again.
The housemates were invited by Talia to her sister's wedding.
Yon( Talia's bf) pick us up from our house. He came all the way from Putrajaya.
We went and ate alot! and of course had so much fun. kekeke. Thanks for the invitation!
As I'm still new to them and their families (all 3 of them know each other since diploma days), I found myself feels like a fish out of water!
Nevertheless they're sooooo kind-hearted and treat us like an extended family.
I'm so thankful. ^_^

the celebrated pair~

now,Shall I introduce my housemates?
Tadaa ( Nabilah was not with us though)

This is Talia & her long time bf,idk,but they call him Yon.

Here is Dayah, though same age as them 
(all of them a year younger than me),
 they address her as Kak Dayah.

and here's Iylia aka Saloma!
She loves retro music. 

There's another girl, Nabilah but she's not with us today.
She went back to her hometown,bcuz it's long weekends + public holiday.

Now we're back at our humble crib and sitting in front our respective lappy..
It's been a hectic weekend..and nothing were really get done yet!!! Kyaaaaa.
Till then! ^__^

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  1. wooott woottt ahnyeongsss to le housematess~~
    see you sooonnn yerr~~


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