Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day 9. Thank God for the volunteer!!!

Day 9.
It's presentation day for PSA 721, Dr Asmah's class..
Oh my godness...Haven't finished ours but thank God for the volunteers!
Kak Sarah & Kak Masyitah asked to present theirs first because Kak Masyitah is due to give birth anytime from now! The classmates exhaled in peace upon listening to the request...

Iylia & I consulted Dr Asmah regarding our topic. It's HR. Human resource.
It's one damn huge-general topic. and we're like lost in translations..
and sure did we're lost! Dr Asmah told us that there's so many aspects to choose from provided if we could back up our research with data and previous studies.. aiyoo, die die die.... Must review again.... Any topic recommendation?

Am still listening to GD's latest album.. I really enjoy the variety that he gave this time. However, reading the translation of the lyrics...he makes me wonder about him. I mean his personal self. Is he having hard time... Even though he's smiling and keeps on living the lives of young & rich, he penned some depressing lyrics... Whatever it is.. GD, i hope you are strong to face the world. I'm here mehhh..come come!

With that,here's Window by GD..

Among the Prof that taught us, Prof Datin Dr Suzana, I really like her style of teaching and I really admire her! hehehehe.. It's not common for me to admire lecturers.. Her background was impressive that my jaw dropped in awe listening to her self-introduction last week.....i was like WOW.I WANT TO BE LIKE THAT AS WELL.

Ok done with merapu tak tentu hala. time to mengadap assignments..esok nak present lagi,submit lagi..mampuihhhhhh *terjangkit cakap utagha*

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