Friday, September 13, 2013

Day 5. It's moving day.

It's day 5. 13/9/13
Last night, it was 4 vs 1.
All 4 housemate decided to attack me.
The night before they said the issues regarding the house was settled already.
However, last minutes when the next tenants weren't sure about moving in,
they let out their anger on me.WTF.
I did gave them some of my 20cents anyway.
They refunded my deposit but said I have to move out ASAP.
The latest would be by 5pm the next day.

I contacted my brother in IPG Bandar Baru Bangi,he said he could help me,but it'll require him to come before subuh since he got classes later on. I couldn't bother to risk anybody's live. So I asked the wonderful new housemate to help me. They said yes in a blink. Thanks guys. Thanks Allah for sending them.

Then it's moving day! Move out from that hell into my new room.
I paid for the entire room since I want to stay alone, just so my family & friends can sleep over when they come to visit me ^_^)v
Anyway I'm glad that they didn't mind to let me.

Later on all of us went to PTAR1, berkampung for the whole day, searching for articles & journals for our assignments.

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